All You Need To Know About Exterior Lighting and Smart Outdoor Lighting – 2024 Guide

Dusk beckons the evening breeze and the darkness that comes with it. And as activities take a slower pace and you get home to unwind, it is critical to mind the kind of atmosphere you create in your residence. offers you the opportunity to adapt exterior and smart outdoor lighting. These products will announce the end of tripping along the pathway, fumbling for the right key in pitch darkness. It will also set a homely aura around your residence. Here are excellent ideas you can choose to enhance visibility, and beauty in your pathway, backyard, balcony, and other areas.

Automated lights

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You no longer need to walk to the porch to bring life to your lawn area. Smart lights allow one to set a routine to have them on or off when there’s a need. Additionally, automated lights come with a hue app that adds to your aesthetic taste by using the sunset splendor as your guide. If you love the splendor of the evening sun, you’ll fall in love with the features in this app.
You no longer have to make the dewy trips to the yard to switch them off, thus saving you high energy bills. It also allows you time to sit, rest, and attend to other duties.

Enjoy nighttime events with kaleidoscopic light

This option adds a dash of resplendent lights to your outdoor activities. LED effortlessly creates the perfect ambiance for your loved ones and friends.
Life is full of colors but darkness can be a downer. Exterior smart lighting allows you to paint your pathways, backyard, patio, and more by adding splashes of exciting colors to your home.
Additionally, you can choose LED bulbs to add the wow factor to all your events, no matter the purpose of the activity. You also get to add a touch of elegance with subtle warm glowing options.

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Set your bulbs to sense your presence

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Forget the frustrating key searching routine any time you’re home. The smart outdoor alternative allows your outdoor power to honor your presence with an elegant light salute. Long before your pet welcomes you, smart multicolored bulbs can sense you’re home as you approach the house.

Smart lighting comes with a Hue App that navigates your routine. The lamps go on when you arrive and go off as you leave.

Link indoors to the outdoors with smart lamps

Once installed, you can link indoor and outdoor lamps with an app, making it easy to determine your routines. For instance, you can set your living room bulbs to go on at dusk simultaneous with the porch lamps.

You can also use a sensor to trigger the outdoor and indoor lights. This option is an excellent way to beef up security. If someone approaches the main door, the entry lamps too sense their presence and go on.

Seamlessly match your style and taste

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Home is where the heart is. Light fixtures come in a wide variety of styles, classes, and tastes. You can complement your home’s exterior décor. For instance, you can illuminate the porch area to lead your backyard to achieve a pristine outdoor area.

Your home can come alive with trendy exterior options. Forget tripping along the pathway, fumbling your keys in the dark, or walking in the yard to switch on the lamps manually. Add life to your night hours with these tips.

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Factors to consider when choosing outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is as critical as interior details. Installing the most appropriate lighting allows you to accentuate interior aesthetics. It also captures the best features in your lawn, patio, or backyard. Have the following in mind when choosing the exterior lighting for your home.

  • Go for pronounced fixtures but not too big

The outdoor area has too much space to fill. One may be tempted to pick enormous fixtures to fill the space. However, oversized fixtures ruin the outdoor ambiance and block others from illumination. Instead, choose fixtures that cover about a quarter of the doorway.

However, if you only need one fixture, you may purchase a large piece. On the other hand, medium-sized outdoor fixtures are better and appealing than enormous ones. Medium-sized pieces provide light in the focused area.

  • Explore the beauty in colors

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Outdoor lighting is not different from indoor in matters of color. The most desirable effect is to have a seamless combination of outdoor fixtures, walls, ceiling, and floor. Aim to complement aesthetics on the exterior walls, floors, and landscape. For more information, you can visit

Consult an interior design expert to advise you on the best color combination. The expert will also offer advice on creating a suitable landscape that complements other installations.
The most desirable outdoor lighting is the one that perfectly fits with the lawn, landscape, color, taste, and the chosen fixtures. A perfect balance appreciates and balances the aesthetics of the entire house.

  • The style of the house and home

To strike a balance between the exterior light options and aesthetics is a demanding affair. If you do not trust your judgment, you may consider hiring a design expert. The insights and opinions of such a provider save you money and the embarrassment that comes with failed combinations.

  • Durability and performance of the fixtures

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Outdoor fixtures should be strong enough to survive adverse weather conditions. The lamps and fixtures outside endure sunlight, storms, winds, and other harsh weather elements. Whereas few outdoor fixtures last for weeks, many more remain there for seasons.

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Choose outdoor fixtures treated to withstand sun rays, rain, and more. Choose long-lasting materials that maintain color, beauty, luster, and performance when left outdoor for a long time.

  • Right wattage

Choose fixtures with high wattage to give the desired bright effect. Consider having enough bulbs for the pathways. Other places have lesser bulbs because the space outside is not always busy. Choose the appropriate fixture for the target area.
Exterior lighting options are excellent for bringing your home to life after dusk. Choose the light fixtures according to your need to create a balance between purpose and beauty.