7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Gutter Installation Company in 2024

The gutters are simple pieces of metal, that have a huge role in protecting your house from weather conditions, dirt, rain, and are a part of the regular roofing procedure. When it rains outside, the water is falling down from the roof to the gutters, so it can prevent a huge mess that can be done. It gives the water a path, so it can be collected down in the lawn, without causing damages to the building.

Since it’s a huge installment, hiring a contractor should be your priority. It should be done properly, so you can be sure there won’t be any unpleasant situations after the first rain. It’s a simple system that is very meaningful and important and can have a huge protective role for your house. You can click here to learn more about why this installment is important, and how to make the right choice for your house.

In general, we can say that every gutter system is designed as the client wants, and it controls the drainage of the rain, so it won’t cause any damage to your roof. At least it can do is causing water stains on the walls, and mold can appear, so probably you understand the importance of this simple, but still effective gutter system.

But, when hiring a contractor who will install these gutters, you have to ask some questions, including:

1. The basic pricing

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The price depends on the amount of material used and the length of your walls. But, every contractor should have a basic price for one meter of gutters, and how it varies when different materials are used. In most cases, they will measure the needed sides of the roof and can give you a complete offer for the whole project.

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2. Can they provide relevant references and user experience

Surely, you don’t want to hire some contractor with a suspicious past and not enough proof for their experience. But, in most cases you won’t need to ask them, they will show pictures of their previous work. Also, you can always search for them on the Internet and social media, and find relevant reviews for their work.

3. Ask them about the size of the gutters

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The most common size is five inches’ width, which supports an average quantity of rain. But if you live in rainy areas, you may need a bigger one, at least six inches, so they can be more effective. A good contractor will offer a few sizes. If they don’t have that option, and you still need bigger gutters, it’s better to look for other offers. This is important if you have a bigger house that needs advanced guttering, or you need to put a few levels of it. In some cases, in very rainy areas, even seven-inch gutters are installed, but that’s mostly an exception. So, the contractor should give you some choice, and it’s on you to decide which one to take.

4. The tools they use when measuring and installing

You don’t ask if they are professionals or not. But, you can ask them if they use levels to check if they are properly installed. The gutters shouldn’t keep the water and dirt there, but they have to lead it to the pipes and release it in nature, usually in the yard. The more advanced their equipment is, the more quality service you will get from them.

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5. Do they use nails or screws

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As you can see, you need to be informed about gutters when you plan to replace the current ones, or you need to install them for the first time. Nails are still used to stick the gutters to the board, but they can’t handle the weight forever and need to be replaced every few years for better support. But, when it comes to screws, you can be sure they will provide more durable results. They won’t pull or corrode, but you must be careful for them to use long-form screws so the installation can be stronger. And while you are there, ask them to recommend the type of gutters.

According to many users, aluminum ones are the best choice, but in some cases galvanized sheets of metal are used to create them.

6. Technical questions about the employees and the company

How they treat the employees is a sign do you need to hire those people. Are these people hired by need, or they get a regular salary. The most reliable companies always have full-time employees, but there are those who hire outsource manufacturing and installing services. You also have a complete right, as a customer, to ask for drug tests, and forbid drinking alcohol while they work on your object. Another important thing is to check if the workers are insured, just in case. The contractor should know every worker by name, because they will work on private property, and everyone will be assigned a task. Sadly, there are plenty of reports every year that the worker on some property was a criminal who did something bad to the family out of the working hours. It’s for your safety, and don’t skip this question when looking for contractors.

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7. Can they estimate how long it will take until the job is done

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Experienced contractors will always be able to predict this one. Avoid the companies who insist on an hourly or daily payment, because they will postpone the goal as much they can, so they can make more money. It’s a matter of common interest and installing gutters isn’t too demanding a process, that can take weeks until completed. If you are suspicious they want to charge more than the service is worth, then you need to avoid those contractors.

When it comes to your time and money, and for the comfort at your home, you have a complete right to ask every question and get the answers you need. Don’t think that asking can offend someone because if things go wrong, the one who is offended and used is you – so ask these questions and be careful who you hire.