Create A Personalized Interior Decoration in 2024

For Centuries, Posters have served as a means of promoting ideas, products, or events. They are usually a means of creating awareness and attracting people to certain subjects of interest. Popular commercial uses of posters include entertainment, religious, cultural, and political uses. Beyond the aforementioned purposes that they serve is the artistic significance and importance that they carry. In recent times, posters have gone beyond just being mass communication tools, they are now of much more artistic relevance. Art is indeed a form of communication.

Modern artists and designers have incorporated city monuments, engineering, and cartography into poster designs. City posters such as the London Map Print are now more of artistic importance rather than just being communication tools as they are used for various artistic purposes including interior designs and decoration. This article will cover the history of posters and Discover Mapiful as well as how to use it to create personalized interior decoration.

Brief History Of The Relationship Between Art And Cartography


The use of maps started about five thousand years ago. They are geographical tools used to record locations of interest. In the early ages, maps were of great artistic value and are secondarily reference documents. This is because they were expensive to make and were a symbol of elitism. A few examples of mapping in the early ages include the Egyptian maps for documentation and record-keeping, Babylonian sketches on clay surfaces, Chinese sketches on silk among many others. In the middle ages, most of the known global mapping works came from Asia and were religiously influenced. They however did not lack important artistic details.

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After the middle ages, significant improvements were recorded in cartography and this was accompanied by great artistic improvement in the development of maps showing a great relationship between geography, art, and cartography. In the modern era, technology has aided cartography as high precision types of equipment are deployed and higher accuracies are achieved.

Use And Significance Of Maps In Modern Day Art


Modern artists have brought cartography into contemporary art in a much more advanced way as a great tool for communication, design, and decoration. Modern art is constantly challenging the limit of creativity and redefining the concept of art.

Art is a graphical translation and representation of thoughts, this has made contemporary art flexible and well fitted in every discipline of life. The aim of this is to communicate the purpose of the disciplines to their audience in a way that pleases the eyes.

Cartography and art are two inseparable twins that cannot do without each other. The relationship between them is one of mutual development. Deploying artistic methods have helped to amplify the effect and purpose of a map. Artists have used this avenue to enhance their craft in different ways. This concept has been taken to the next level.

The incorporation of maps into fine art has changed the concept of maps being utilitarian and are of great design and cultural significance. Recently, interior decorations have taken a new dimension and map designs are now employed in the beautification of interiors. Indeed, there is no limit to creativity, Cartographic designs have influenced interior decoration, shaped values, and pleasures the eyes.

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The design platform.

It offers different categories of designs that include Street Map which allows you to design your own personalized map poster, star which lets you create personalized prints of night skies, Line art which allows you to create vector arts of different kinds, Zodiac which lets you create a design that suits your astrological beliefs and Text art which lets you convert words and pictures into beautiful wall arts.

Create a personalized interior decoration


You can view and explore these options on the landing page of the site. Before creating a design for yourself, it is important to pick a country in which the poster or frame will be delivered and also the language you wish to navigate with. On the top left-hand corner of the site is the options button that looks like three horizontal lines. Click on the button and a drop-down menu will appear. The first option on the menu allows you to pick a language, currency, and the country your design will be delivered to. You can now personalize a poster or frame after that.

To create a map poster, go back to the landing page and click the “design your own” button. A menu will pop up showing the five categories of design, click on the “design your own” button under the Street Map option. A new window will pop up where you can add or remove elements to make a design.

Contained in the window is a frame where you can simulate your design, a bar containing edit options like location, labels, style, size, and also an extra bar below the edit bar that brings out details when you click on any option on the edit bar.

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If you click on ‘location’, the bar below turns into a search bar and it lets you search the map of any location of your choice. If you click on labels, it brings a bar that lets you add captions to the design. If you click on Style, it brings two submenus; the ‘popular styles’ and ‘customize’ menus that allow you to select filters and colors. If you click on the “size” option, it lets you select the size and orientation of the design.

When all is done, a button that carries the price of the design is displayed at the bottom, click on the button to finalize your order. The design process in other categories is the same except for a few differences in editing.

It takes very little time to complete an order. In a few seconds, you can create designs and shape the look of your interiors in line with your thoughts and important moments in life.