11 Basic Tools You Absolutely Need in Your Home

Every home should always have a few basic tools, just in case. Even when the residents aren’t into fixing things, they need to know how to operate with the basic tools, so they can fix some things until an expert comes and resolve the issue. No matter if you are a new homeowner, or you want to upgrade your current place where you live, you should get a tool kit, or buy the pieces you need separately. It’s one of the first investments you need to do for your home, no matter if you live in a house or apartment.

There will always be projects you will want to work on, and they require a proper tool in your hands. Even if you don’t know how to operate with them in the first place, you will learn it, and then you will proceed to more advanced projects, that will upgrade your skills. There is nothing wrong with getting handy when it comes to your home. You can check on toolvee.com before you stock up your kit, so you can choose the tools you really need, and learn what they are used for.

But, in general, every house should have:

1. Screwdrivers

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You can buy them one by one, or you can invest in pre-ready sets, that include different sizes and shapes, to ease your job at home. They can be very useful when you tighten the furniture, or you need to open a door when you don’t have the key for some reason. You need it for most of the home improvements. Also, one of the good solutions is to get a base, and only adjust the heads according to your needs. You will eventually need to tighten or remove some screw in your home, and having the proper screwdriver is a part of the solution.

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2. Drill

The drill will help you when you want to place new shelves, pictures, or mirrors on the walls. You can get a drill with a cord since it’s more powerful, but there are also cordless drills, that are easy to transport. When there is no cord, you can reach more spots in your home. Additionally, it can be used on different projects when a plug socket is not available around. The portable devices are an excellent choice if you want to move your projects remotely, in a weekend house, or friends’ homes.

3. Universal toolbox kit

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This is a portable box you can take with you, no matter where you are going. There are basic versions with a few tools available, but also you can find pretty exceptional boxes, with plenty of tools inside, you can use for everything that comes to your mind. Also, it provides an additional capacity for screwers and other things you may need.

4. Hammer

The basic one is enough, so you can use it to put and pull out the nails. Don’t go for heavy hammers, because inexperienced people can’t really use them properly. Metal ones are more durable, but heavier. Wooden handles can easily damage. So, try to find the balance and get the tool you want, depending on your particular needs.

5. Pliers

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What’s a home without a few pairs of pliers inside? They can be very useful for a lot of things, to the point you will ask yourself how you lived without them until now. And yes, you can even cut wires with them, or loosen metal parts in your home.

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6. Measure tape

Every time you need to buy something, you have to measure if you have enough space to fit it in your home. From carpets to curtains, and other pieces of furniture, you have to measure the available space in the room exactly, but also the door width, so you can know if it can fit through it.

7. Duct tape

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In the movies, they are using this one for reasons that aren’t understandable to us. But for the usual person, it’s good for quick fixes, until a professional comes and sees what’s happening. An additional benefit is that it easily rips off, so you can remove it from the surfaces it’s placed on. You can even use it on broken taps and pipes, to temporarily fix the issue, so it won’t cause huge damage.

8. Hand saw

It’s a good choice for home projects, to cut wooden pieces off, while it’s easy to handle and operate. Ask the sellers which models are the most practical for home use, so you can avoid buying a few of them, and not knowing what to do next.

9. Flashlight

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This is another tool, that is not a tool at all but can be very useful in darker places, while you work on some issue. Maybe you think you can use the phone’s flashlight, but keep in mind that it will suck up the battery and may leave you without a light at the most critical moments.

10. A roll of sandpaper

Every home project comes to the finishing phase, especially when you work with wooden pieces. Sandpaper comes with different levels of granulation over the surface, for adjuster brushing over the woods or walls, to make them flat and smooth.

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11. Utility knife

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It can become your best friend for ambitious home projects. It’s good to cut wires, cardboard, or thin wood pieces. It’s a favorite tool for every person, because it’s really useful, and most of the things can’t be completed with a usual knife.

Owning a home means you have to be ready for smaller or bigger projects every now and then. You can’t expect that everything will work smoothly, and sometimes you will need to fix some things by yourself before a professional comes to resolve the issue completely.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to prevent the collapse that may happen if you don’t fix things on time. Having proper tools to do that is very important. If you don’t have them, you won’t be able even to hand a picture on the wall.