Getting Around Tarrytown

Getting Around Tarrytown: A Comprehensive Transportation Guide 2024

Nestled along the eastern banks of the Hudson River lies Tarrytown, a picturesque village with historical significance and modern allure. Whether you’re a tourist keen on exploring or a resident eager to reacquaint yourself with the village’s transportation intricacies, this guide promises to navigate you through the various ways to traverse Tarrytown with finesse.

Ridesharing and Taxis

Ridesharing and Taxis


Gone are the days when hailing a cab required an arm workout. With the advent of ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft, procuring a ride in Tarrytown is just a few taps away. These services have become increasingly popular due to their convenience, safety measures, and customizable ride options.

Traditional taxis, though, still maintain their charm. Often stationed near the train station and popular tourist attractions, these cabs offer an authentic, local experience. And while ridesharing services are superb for pre-planned rides, taxis are unmatched when it comes to spontaneity. A great taxi service to try out awaits at

Public Transportation Options

Boasting an impressive infrastructure, Tarrytown’s public transport system is both efficient and expansive. Commuters find solace in the Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line, connecting them seamlessly to New York City and other neighboring regions. Not only is the train service punctual, but its strategic station locations also make it highly accessible to the local population.

Should you prefer buses, the Bee-Line Bus System is your go-to choice. Linking Tarrytown to Westchester County and beyond, these buses cater to diverse routes, offering both frequent daily services and cost-effective rides. With the Bee-Line, you’re sure to find a route that aligns with your travel itinerary.

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Tarrytown by Car


While the allure of driving cannot be dismissed, Tarrytown’s road network complements this preference. The village’s proximity to major highways like the I-287 and the New York State Thruway means that driving in and out of Tarrytown is a breeze. And with scenic routes skirting the Hudson River, every drive promises to be a visual treat.

However, if there’s one challenge drivers might face, it’s finding parking. Tarrytown’s compact layout, combined with its popularity, can make parking a game of patience. But fret not, for the village has several public parking lots, and with the 2024 digital parking guide, pinpointing a spot has become simpler than ever.

Biking and Walking in

For those who favor a greener mode of travel, Tarrytown offers splendid opportunities for cycling and strolling. The village prides itself on its interconnected bike lanes and walking trails. One can easily transition from urban streets to verdant parks, making every journey feel like an adventure in nature.

On the other hand, pedestrians are treated to well-maintained sidewalks and pedestrian zones. The Tarrytown Lakes offer serene pathways, ideal for a tranquil walk or a morning jog. And for cycling enthusiasts, the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail remains a favorite, offering miles of uninterrupted biking bliss.

Getting to and from Tarrytown

With its strategic locale, getting to Tarrytown from neighboring regions is a cinch. For those flying in, the Westchester County Airport lies a mere 15 miles away, making it a preferred choice. Several shuttle services and buses connect the airport to Tarrytown, ensuring travelers face no hitches.

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Rail enthusiasts, on the other hand, are in for a treat. With Amtrak’s Empire Service and the aforementioned Metro-North Railroad, Tarrytown enjoys stellar rail connectivity. This not only makes the village easily accessible from major hubs like NYC but also from distant cities like Albany.

Navigating Tarrytown’s Landmarks


Rich in history and culture, Tarrytown is dotted with landmarks worth exploring. The Philipsburg Manor, with its historical significance, remains a major attraction. While it’s easily reachable by car, many local bus routes cater to this landmark, making it accessible to all.

Lyndhurst Mansion, another gem, stands proudly overlooking the Hudson. A masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture, it attracts thousands yearly. While its expansive grounds are perfect for leisurely strolls, its accessibility by public transport and proximity to bike trails make it a favorite among visitors.

Accessible Transportation Services

With an aim to cater to everyone, Tarrytown ensures its transportation services are inclusive. Specialized bus services, equipped with ramps and spaces for wheelchairs, ensure that mobility-challenged individuals can travel without hassles. These buses, with their trained staff, promise a safe and comfortable journey.

Private transport companies, too, offer modified vehicles catering to those with specific needs. With these vehicles equipped for ease of entry, ample space, and safety measures, Tarrytown ensures everyone, regardless of their physical abilities, can explore the village with the same enthusiasm.

Seasonal and Special Event Transportation


The charm of Tarrytown varies with the seasons, and so does its transportation. During the famed Tarrytown Music Fest, additional buses and shuttles ply, ferrying eager attendees. Autumn, with its scenic beauty, sees the introduction of special sightseeing buses, taking visitors on an enchanting journey through the village’s fall foliage.

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Festive periods like Halloween see Tarrytown bursting with energy. Special event transportation ensures that the influx of visitors for the Legendary Sleepy Hollow celebrations is handled with ease. From ghost tours to historical site visits, transportation during these times is efficient and thematic, enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for Stress-Free Travel in Tarrytown

Embarking on a journey in Tarrytown is delightful, but with a few pointers, it can be even smoother. First and foremost, embrace technology. Utilize apps like TarryTraveler, which provides real-time updates on transportation options and any route changes. If you’re driving, consider peak hours; avoiding the rush can make a world of difference. It’s also wise to keep some local currency on hand, as some traditional services might not accept cards. Finally, locals are a treasure trove of information; their firsthand experiences and suggestions can introduce you to shortcuts and lesser-known routes. Embrace these tidbits, and watch as Tarrytown unfurls before you, sans any travel-related stress.

Final Thoughts

Traveling within Tarrytown, be it by public transport, by foot, or any other means, is a journey of discovery. With each mode offering its unique perspective of the village’s beauty and vibrancy, the choice of how to explore becomes a personal adventure. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Tarrytown beckons with its myriad transportation options, each promising a delightful experience. Dive in and let Tarrytown’s roads, trails, and rails guide you through its magic.