What Do You Really Need in Your Kitchen?

We put a lot of effort into decorating our home. It is a very pleasant task, especially when we move into a new house or apartment, but also very challenging because there are so many things we have to pay attention to. We are thinking about what our living room will look like, to be as comfortable and functional as possible. We also want a comfortable bedroom and bathroom where we will be able to equally relax and do everything quickly when we need to get somewhere.

But we often neglect the importance of the kitchen. We think it’s just a place where we’ll prepare and store food and where we’ll spend the least amount of time. While it may be true that you will spend less time in the kitchen than in the living room for example, the kitchen is very important. It has to be functional so that you can finish everything quick and that you can prepare any dish you want. So you have to have a variety of things, but also not too many of them, to avoid making your kitchen overcrowded with furniture, appliances and other things. So we will tell you what you really need in your kitchen.


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Let’s start with furniture because it is the most cumbersome, so it is necessary to arrange the furniture first before proceeding with other kitchen necessities. It is essential that you have a workspace where you will be able to prepare the ingredients for the food you are preparing. Remember how important this is, otherwise you will realize that you made a mistake the first time you prepare a dish.

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After the workspace, implement hanging kitchen cabinets. They are very useful because they do not take up space and do not block your movement around the kitchen, and you can place a large number of dishes and other things there. You will need more shelves so our recommendation is to choose free standing shelves like 5-tier kitchen bakers rack with hutch. Such a multifunctional piece of furniture can be enough for everything you have not placed in kitchen cabinets, as well as for appliances such as a microwave that should be easily accessible to you. Since it will be exposed to a large load, be sure to buy from reputable manufacturers like Tribesigns otherwise you risk collapsing and creating chaos in your kitchen. If your kitchen also serves as a dining room, then add a hundred and a few chairs and then you will have all the essential kitchen furniture.


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Then come the appliances equally because of their importance and because they are the second bulkiest in the kitchen after furniture. We have to draw your attention not to fall into the trap of buying a lot of unnecessary appliances that are available on the market today. Think carefully about whether you really need another smart appliance that you will use once every three months and it takes up a lot of space and is also very expensive.

What you need are a refrigerator, freezer, stove and microwave. You can also buy a separate stovetop and oven, thus saving extra space. Of course, we are not saying that some other appliances are unnecessary, but consider whether you will use them. Everything you use every few days is useful, and everything you use every few months just takes up space, regardless of price.

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In addition to these few major and large appliances, you will also need some kind of food processor, mixer, blender, hand chopper, toaster, juicer, while pressure cooker and water heaters are very useful too. You can place most of them on the 5-tier kitchen bakers rack with hutch we mentioned in the previous paragraph.


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Remember that you are not opening a restaurant and that you do not need 20 different types of cookware. But also don’t think that one pot and one pan is enough for you if you plan to cook different types of meals and not just most basic ones. It is essential that you have 2 or 3 pots of different sizes, one small, one medium and one extra large. That will be enough for you whether to boil eggs or prepare something more complicated. In addition, you will need several pans, and we recommend that you buy those that have a non-stick surface coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Muffin tin and tempered glass baking pan are also very useful. That should be enough to get you started, and if you notice you are missing something else, you will buy later.


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Perhaps the most important tools in any kitchen are knives. Chef’s knife is something you have to buy, and you will also need a Santoku knife, a bread knife and a vegetable peeler. Each knife will eventually become dull, which is why the knife sharpener is essential in every kitchen. Then you need a cutting board, so as not to damage your new workspace. We also recommend that you buy a can opener, as well as various tools to help you measure liquids, flour and everything else. If you’re a cheese fan, don’t forget the grater.

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It happened to each and every one of us that we had to store food in unsuitable containers, because we didn’t have proper storage container. In order for everything to be neat, and also to protect food from moisture and other things that can impair its quality, it is essential to have several types of food storage containers. Buy jars where you can keep nuts, seeds and many other things that will be edible for months if you keep them in dry good containers. Buy small jars for spices, and we recommend that you buy glass storage containers, instead of plastic ones. There are many reasons why glass containers are better than plastic ones. You can wash them at high temperatures, and the smell of the food you kept there before is not retained.


We did our best to mention everything you really need in your kitchen. You can use this article as a checklist, and of course everyone will buy something else they need and we did not mention, because we all have different needs.