5 Different Uses of Aluminum Tube in Industry

Choosing the tubing type can be pretty complicated if you do that for the first time, because every material has some physical features and mechanical properties, and it can be much confusion when the offer is too big. Most of the industries are choosing aluminum tubes, because of their low density, corrosion resistance, and durability, properties that make the material pretty useful for so many products. According to CHAL, you always have to look for a high-quality product that allows you to customize the aluminum profiles, for a competitive price. Also, you can check the previous user experience to see if they deliver the fully integrated products on time.

Aluminum tubing is used in many industries, including the production of windows and doors, cars, bed frames, outdoor tables, and chairs, but also go wheelchairs, refrigerators, fuel lines, hydraulic systems, HVAC systems, fences, and even electric equipment. We all consider stainless steel as a good choice, but aluminum is also good because it provides similar properties, but it’s more affordable and lightweight.

Aluminum is an element in the periodic table system, and it’s one of the most lightweight metals, commonly used for many different purposes, which makes it the second most-demanded metal in the world, right after iron.

These are a few industries in the aluminum tubes that can be used:

1. Vehicles

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This is the industry where aluminum tubes are used for so many different purposes. Starting from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, and even trains, every one of them has at least one type of aluminum tube that can be used for different purposes. For example, in the trains, the heating system units are connected with these tubes. In general, the whole vehicle industry is using them for wiring, electricity transmission, air conditioning, radiators, and many other components that are needed in order for the vehicle to work properly.

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2. Electronics and appliances

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Every electronic device has even the smallest and tiniest tube that is used for some purpose. On the other hand, they have a wider usage in home appliances, like refrigerators, stovetops, electrical grills, microwave ovens, and so on. The battery lamps, the chandeliers, air conditioning systems, computers, smartphones, and every other thing you use every day and require some specific wiring to work better. This material combines functionality and efficiency, and still looks nice and sophisticated, something that is highly demanded in this industry.

3. Power lines

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Aluminum tubes, no matter their length or thickness, can be great when building and wiring power grids and power lines, improving the conductivity and distribution of the power. That’s why you can often find it as a part of the power constructions, even though it less conductive than copper, but it’s much cheaper and lightweight, with similar electrical resistance, and gives a better financial perspective. Also, high-rise buildings have a similar construction approach, due to the flexibility, durability, and great price-to-quality ratio, and due to these properties, the installation of these buildings and power lines doesn’t consume too much time and money.

4. Window and door frames

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Probably you already know, and maybe you have them at your home, but in recent years, aluminum makes a great material to provide exceptional solutions for windows and doors. They are easy to be made since the metal is lightweight and simple to reshape as you need. These tubes usually come in a rectangular shape, and they can provide great support for the glass, and ensure the heat will be kept inside the home.

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5. Spacecraft and aircraft

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These are very specific industries that are expensive, no matter what you do. In this case, they aren’t choosing aluminum because it’s cheap, but because it can easily be used for different parts, wiring, and tubing. These parts are important in the aircraft industry because of the strength, durability, and corrosion. The first try to make a flying object included wood too, but people didn’t wait for long until they realized there are many better options to build a plane.

Benefits and advantages of aluminum tubes

They are strong, but lightweight, which makes them great material for different types of constructions. According to FastMetals.com, the material is very durable and resistant to environmental conditions and corrosion. There are different alloys that can improve the durability of the product. Also, it’s completely recyclable, and can be reused for a different purpose.

Also, you have to calculate so many things, like how much aluminum you need, and can you afford the total value. Keep in mind that in some cases stainless steel can be a better option. If you want a more aesthetic effect, then you can go for aluminum too. In many cases, you need a lightweight material to produce something, and this one can be the best choice for that. Aluminum tubes and pipes are used fur building purposes and can be easily incorporated in almost every construction that requires durability, and flexibility at the same time.

When you have to choose the provider, you have to check their background, look for a relevant user experience, and compare different prices and offers, so you can find the best one for you. Even though aluminum tubes are mostly used in the industry, they can take part at homes, especially the heating system or ensuring there is warm water for the household.

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As you can see, many industries are holding to this material, because of its physical, chemical, and mechanical features, which are really great considering the price and the quality of the alloys and the production process.

We mentioned that different alloys provide different properties, but the most popular types that are used are alloy 6061 and 6063. The first one is more about strength and flexibility, and the second one for a better aesthetic appearance. You can choose them depending on what do you need, but since tubes don’t have some appealing purpose, you can always go for the alloy 6061, and be sure you won’t make any mistake with your choice.