4 Practical Ways to Reduce Legal Fees for Your Personal Injury Case

You will experience something in your life that will require a professional lawyer to deal with it. Therefore, you cannot escape them. Even if you are smart enough to do things on your own, there are certain events when we lose ourselves. These events are usually at a personal level.

For example, you were driving on the road and suddenly a speedy car hit you. Such accidents are sudden and you won’t even remember the details. Likewise, you are working in your office and walking pass by a heavy package. Suddenly the package falls on you while you are on your way and leaves you seriously injured. You won’t be in your senses and won’t be able to think much.
In case of personal injuries, you can ask the company or the other driver to pay for compensation. Usually, the person who is at fault tries to defend himself. Therefore, they will try their best to pay you the minimum possible amount.

Such situations demand a professional lawyer who can deal with such people. That’s why it’s advisable that you have a team of lawyers with personal injury expertise on your side. However, it isn’t an easy task to deal with lawyers as you may have heard. They are experts in their field and even if you are their client, you are just a client to them. So they will also try their best to get the most from you. This is the reason that people avoid legal situations because they have to pay the lawyer’s fee. And this fee is usually too much for a lot of people.

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But wait,

What if we tell you some ways to reduce that fee?

So if you have experienced a personal injury and you fear your lawyer’s fee, here are some ways to cope with it as recommended by Scura Law Firm.

You can talk to your attorney about these things and you might get a huge benefit.

1 – Try to talk openly

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A lot of people feel shy when it comes to talking about money. Therefore, they often pay too much for things that are not that expensive. So if you are one of those people, this is surely a difficult task for you.

What you have to do is to talk openly with your lawyer about his fees.

Usually, some cunning lawyers won’t start the topic of fees. This is when they charge too much and do not want you to know. So if you go to them, they won’t talk about their fees. And once your case is completed, they will ask you for a heavy sum. You will get a huge bill from their side.

That is why it is important to talk about these things before finalizing everything. Even if you are shy and the other person is not bringing up this topic, you should. Ask him about his fee and try to get a discount through bargaining. If you cannot do that try to look for a point from where it is possible for you to get a reduction. And if the final fee is suitable for you, you can finalize the deal with them.

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2 – How does he charges the clients?

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An important question that you need to ask your lawyer is how he charges the clients. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others have a fixed fee for cases. Therefore, it is important to get things straight from the start.

  • By hour

The lawyers who charge heavily are usually the ones with expertise. They know their worth, they have the experience and skills and have a lot of cases. Thus, it is normal for them to charge a high fee. The rates per hour are not the same for everyone. Different lawyers have different fees depending on their expertise and years of experience. The range varied from 50 to 150 dollars per hour.

  • Flat fee

This is the fixed fee that lawyers fix for themselves. If you want them to defend themselves in court, the fee will be different. Likewise, if you want the lawyer to give you some suggestions, he might not charge you anything or a very little fee for guidance. Irrespective, the fee will be fixed for every task.

  • Contingent fee

Usually, the cases that involve a physical injury or property damage, lawyers charge through contingent fees. If they are defending your case then you will pay some percentage of the settlement amount you get. You will pay 15 to 30 or 40 percent to the lawyer depending upon the severity of the case.

3 – Try your best to settle the case

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The best way to work the case to your benefit is through settlement. If you drag the case, you will have to pay your lawyer’s fee. Likewise, you will spend a lot of time in the court. Therefore, it is not a sane thing to do.

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If the personal injury is not of a serious extent, there is no need to drag the situation. If you file a case in court, you will also be paying. Therefore, it is best that you try to settle the situation by yourself. Do not ask for too much. Instead, look for your injuries and ask the amount that you need. Ask the other party to pay your medical bills.

4 – Use a fresh graduate for small cases

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Fresh graduates are usually less expensive because they need experience. So you can ask them for small cases. If the other party is tough to deal with, a fresh graduate could do the job. Only the name lawyer is enough sometimes. Therefore, if you are in any such situation, there is no need to hire an expensive lawyer. Analyze your situation and take the necessary measures to deal with it.