8 Reasons to Visit the Ardennes for Your Next Family Vacation

If you’re looking for some fun trips to take in the near future, why not consider Ardennes? This is the perfect spot for nature lovers, as well as people who wish to travel with their families. Big or small groups, it doesn’t matter, you are going to have a blast! This region of France is filled with fun activities, potential, as well as some of the best scenery & food! Keep on reading to find out more, as well as to understand all the beauties & must-see location spots & reasons why we believe that it is a good go-to.

8 reasons to visit the Ardennes for your next family vacation

1. Your kids will enjoy the paddleboard time

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Located in France and only a two-hour drive from Paris, this spot has it all! For a lot of people & parents with kids, paddleboarding is a must-do! Simply hit the water on a canoe or paddleboard. In 1-2 hours you will sink in all the beauty of nature! Surround yourself with greenery, forest, bushes & the quiet flow of the river to enjoy a picturesque day. Book a family-sized canoe or a 2 person canoe and take loads of pictures with your dearest ones.

2. You can see so much & soak in the beauty by cycling

One of the most fun activities & longest trails is the Trans-Ardennes cycle path that you can take. In fact, you can enjoy 120km of flat ground! Some people enjoy and gravitate toward adventure parks and even camping along this road. If you own bikes or if you can rent them, give it a go with this opportunity. Make sure that you are up for some vicious cycling since this type of activity is not for everyone. In the end, you will have the time of your life and you will also enjoy exercising with your family.

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3. A bit of everything for everyone (adrenaline junkies should try out the Zipline)

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If you are an adrenaline junkie and your kids are not too scared (they have a wild & free spirit) go for a bit of zipline action! There is the TerrAltitude zip line that is set over 110m high over the River Meuse. Once you head out, you are looking at the fun of 1km at 100km/hour. Make sure that the weather is not too cold or windy since there’s a chance that the zip line might not work during poor weather conditions. Check this information out before you head out.

4. Beach day for those who want to truly relax

If you find yourself visiting Ardennes in the summer period just know that there’s a chance that you end up having a blast on the beach. The place called Lac des Vielles-Forges also offers water sports, a playground, and a list of activities for sporty people or families with children. If you’re a fan of high heat, picnics, as well as tanning moments- this will suit you. Heads up however since the beach is quite small, so make sure that you head out to it early in the morning to catch your spot.

5. Learn more about its colorful & vibrant history

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Charleville-Mezieres is the world capital of puppetry, believe it or not! If this is something that interests you, you’re going to have a blast. Visit the museum to enjoy the wonderful marionette exhibition that also has the Van Gogh piece and the city’s ‘cuckoo’ clock. If all of you are eager to learn a bit more about the city & its past, hit the library to read some books, talk to locals, or spend a day at the museum.

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6. Explore the city

The capital city of the French Ardennes is Charleville-Mezieres. It is quite small yet perfect for in-depth and lengthy excursions. You can check out Place Ducale, art shows, or some shops with vintage & antique items. Make sure that you make space for at least one day just for shopping activities & to browse around. You will find loads of different interesting corners & great places to take pictures with your little ones!

7. Enjoy your lunch & delicious foods

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Adults can enjoy their beer, but let your little ones try out a hot chocolate within this region. Combine the best of both worlds and make sure that all of your needs are satisfied and met. Book yourself a place at a nice restaurant and have lunch or dinner. Make sure that you go with some homemade meals or French specialties. Go out of your comfort zone and leave that pizza on the side! You’ll be amazed by their national dishes, as well as their tastiness.

8. Enchanted forest exploration

Choosing a holiday park as your base is a great idea since what kid doesn’t love to explore & mess around with full freedom?! There is a vacation park that leads straight to the heart of Ardennes. The magical forest, home of many myths and tales, is one of the best places to explore with your kids or teens! Also, you will have a blast yourself. You will end up stumbling upon the castle while also soaking up the beauty of small medieval villages + you will get to enjoy true, fresh & untouched nature.

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Time to book your next trip!

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