Level Like a Pro: Discover the Fastest Skills to Train in OSRS

Here are the fastest skills you can train in Old School RuneScape.

When it comes to training the fastest skills in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it’s important to consider the potential expenses involved. One way to expedite your progress is by purchasing specific resources from the Grand Exchange using OSRS GP. This can be an efficient but costly method, especially if you have OSRS accounts for sale on platforms like PlayerAuctions.

However, it’s worth noting that not all fast skills require spending gold for training. Some skills offer slower but more economical methods that can even turn out to be profitable, allowing you to earn OSRS gold while advancing your character. These methods often involve resource gathering, crafting, or engaging in activities that yield valuable items.

That said, certain skills such as Construction or Prayer require consistent expenditure of money on resources. Whether you choose to buy these resources with OSRS GP or gather them yourself, the cost remains significant. As a result, training these skills to level 99 can be time-consuming and financially demanding.

In summary, while training the fastest skills in OSRS can be expensive, it can provide a platform to facilitate the trading of OSRS accounts and GP. However, it’s important to consider the nature of each skill and explore alternative methods that may allow you to progress efficiently while minimizing expenses or even generating profits along the way.


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Herblore is a fast and expensive skill where you don’t have much alternative other than making various potions. You can also de-grime herbs for small amounts of herblore XP, but no real progress can be made through this option, and it is much faster to use the expensive method. While for the fletching or crafting skill, one could argue that the slower routes are not bad, for herblore, it is, so don’t be afraid to pour your OSRS GP into this skill.

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Once you can start making super combat potions at later levels, you’ll even be able to cover for the invested GP. A less click-intensive method is making Stamina potions since you’ll only have to bank every 27 potions you make instead of every 14. Regardless, herblore is not an ironman-friendly fast skill, and you’ll probably have to do loads of herb runs before being able to train herblore significantly.


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When it comes to Firemaking, one of the fastest skills in Old School RuneScape, there is an initial expense involved if you choose not to gather logs yourself. For the first 50 levels, you’ll need to purchase logs from the Grand Exchange or other players to burn. This expenditure can be considered an investment towards leveling up quickly. However, if you prefer a more cost-effective approach, you can gather logs on your own by chopping trees in various locations throughout the game.

Once you reach level 50, a highly efficient and resource-free method for training Firemaking becomes available: the Wintertodt boss. This boss fight, located in the Wintertodt Camp, provides an excellent opportunity to rapidly level up your Firemaking skill. Not only will you no longer need to bring your own logs, but you’ll also have the chance to earn valuable rewards in the form of crates after each successful round.

These crates can contain a variety of useful items, including valuable resources, rare equipment, and other sought-after rewards. By training at the Wintertodt boss, you can not only level up your Firemaking skill at an accelerated pace but also potentially accumulate wealth through the valuable loot you receive.

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The Thieving skill is also fast without costing anything. After the initial levels, you have two options to train thieving which are both fast: blackjacking or pickpocketing Ardougne knights, with the later method being the method where you’ll get slightly less XP but enjoy a less focused training time.

Having various tiers of the Ardougne diary completed will help you since you can hold more coin pouches before opening them, so even less focus will be needed. Another great tip is getting the Rogue’s outfit as soon as possible since it will double your income.


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If you have the money for it, prayer is a fast skill and one of the best investments you can make. You can alleviate some costs by always using a Bonecrusher or an Ash Sanctifier when killing monsters, especially with the elite tiers of Ardougne and Kourend and Kebos diaries completed.

The two main methods are a lit gilded altar in a player-owned house or the chaos altar in the Wilderness. If you have completed the Morytania diary, you can exchange bones for bonemeal and slime at Robin daily for some extra prayer XP that comes at a lower cost.


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As a regular account, cooking is one of the fastest skills and can also bring you profits. You’ll need to invest money in buying the resources from the Grand Exchange, but then you will sell the cooked resources back more often than not for a profit.

Some good tips are to have the Cooking Gauntlets and Graceful Outfit and also unlock the Hosidius kitchen, where you’ll burn less food. As an ironman catching and cooking Karambwans is an excellent method, especially since you’ll end up using the fish for combat.

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Another skill that is fast but expensive no matter what is Construction. There are two main ways to train this skill: the classic player-owned house method with higher XP rates and more OSRS GP to invest, and the mahogany homes minigame, which is the preferred method for ironman players and mobile players alike, as well as a cheaper method for regular accounts.

Regardless of what method you choose to train this fast skill, you will spend a lot, but doing so will help you unlock various quality-of-life upgrades that could even help you save OSRS gold in the long run. For example, building an ornate rejuvenation pool will give you unlimited free stats restore, including hp and prayer points, or building an ornate jewelry box will give you free unlimited teleports that you’d typically use charges from the ring of wealth, amulet of glory, or skill necklace.