What Is The Most Fun Class To Play In WoW Shadowlands?

The most interesting fact related to World of Warcraft is that this game is still popular even after 18 since its introduction. One of the main reasons for that is that the developers are constantly improving the story by making various changes to this virtual world. The most popular method is by introducing new expansion by every few years.

This title represents an evolution in gaming and it is responsible for the expansion of online multiplayer games, especially in RPG format. The key is to build a strong character and resolve all kinds of quests and side-missions. There are some interesting formats where you can play with other players in groups, like dungeons and raids.

The main focus must be on proper development of your virtual character, and you can do that by collecting gold, killing various creatures, and gathering valuable items. Still, it can be quite challenging at some point. In case that you are struggling with some instance in the game, the best solution is to get a boost. You can read more about this feature at https://buyboost.com/wow.

Moreover, there are different types of characters that are called classes. When it comes to the most recent expansion, Shadowlands, there are 12 classes available. Each one of them will require a different approach. In this article, we are going to introduce you to classes that can be the most entertaining.


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The first thing to know about this class is that it is not recommended to newbies. The reason for that is that there are some complex mechanics that you will need to learn, and if you are just starting with this game for the first time, it is a better solution to start with some other class that offers more passive abilities and easier play.

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On the other side, players with more experience love playing with rogue since there are various combinations that you can create to make serious damage to your opponent. The main features of this class are stamina and agility, along with abilities like critical damage, speed, and combo actions. The downside is that you cannot use any shields.


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This option is perfect for those players who prefer using a lot of keybinds and casting various spells and abilities. It can be especially valuable if you are playing dungeons and raids since it is common that many people are focusing on DPS or tanks instead of on support classes. The main features are a lot of health and various spells that can make a lot of damage. On the other hand, be aware that this class is very weak in close combat.

Dead Knight

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The best part of this class is that you can play it as both tank and damage dealer. Also, it is perfect for beginners since there are some simple mechanics, and starting position of this class is more powerful and easier to play when compared to most other options. When it comes to abilities, it has a lot of strength, stamina, and decent spells. The most important ability is Blood, which you can use to apply significant damage to opponents while healing at the same time.

Demon Hunter

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When it comes to specifications, you can choose between damage dealing and tank play. Most players are choosing to play it as a DPS in Havoc mode. If you are interested in playing Demon Hunter as a tank, you should choose Vengeance. This class is perfect for close combat since it has a great combination of abilities that you can use to apply damage, heal, and shield. It is especially good in raids.

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You can choose different types of druids in this game, such as balance, which is a type of damage dealer that is using range attack, and feral, which is a melee option. Also, guardians are perfect for tanking, while there is an excellent support option as well, the restoration. Moreover, the great thing is that you can use a lot of addons, call up the forces of nature, get neutral creatures to fight on your side, and more.


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It is an interesting combination of a damage dealer and spells caster. One of the main abilities is debuffing, which is excellent against bosses who can cast various AOE abilities to harm the whole group over time. On the other hand, this class is perfect for those who rather play solo quests. It will help you to complete the main quests much faster when compared to other options.


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Hunters are one of the best damage dealing classes in WoW. There are various abilities that you can use, like guns, bows, arrows, and more. It is especially good for group play since you can achieve a high consistency of dealing with the damage all the time. There are many abilities with low cooldowns. Therefore, we suggest you bind the keys around WASD so you can cast them even faster.


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Paladin is an all-in-one class since you can choose all three models, damage dealing, healing, and tanking. Even when you are playing as a DPS, you can use various healing abilities. In most cases, these healing spells can also hurt your opponents at the same time. Another excellent feature is related to defense with various shields, decent armor, and a lot of health.

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According to most players, this is the class that provides the most excitement. It is not a surprise since there are some powerful abilities and mechanics that you can use. The main features are strength and stamina. Also, it is considered as the most powerful class in the game.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing is to learn more about the abilities of different options. When it comes to the selection of class that can provide you with most fun, it depends on your preferences and type of playing you prefer. For example, some players might prefer playing with range classes instead of dealing with a close combat all the time.