Cool Android Games for Teenagers You Must Play

Sometimes, you have to allocate some time to relax and have some fun. Video games are an excellent way to do that, but not everyone has access to an expensive personal computer or PS4.

However, nowadays everyone does have smartphones, which offer great gaming performance and make it possible to play anywhere you want. What’s more, nowadays teenagers have many opportunities and helpful sites, so why not use them? Every student can get academic help from a professional essay writer from in a short amount of time and excel with grades. The world does not stay in one place and the developers of android games too. They can boast of a wide variety of different games.

It is worth mentioning that not every Android game is worth the teenagers’ attention, so we decided to come up with a list of the most exciting must-play games for young people.

7 Android games that are worth your attention


If you haven’t ever played Android games and have a desire to dive into hot gacha games these days, Raid: Shadow Legends is the perfect choice to start your gaming journey.

The game has impressive graphics and visuals also noteworthy is the excellent soundtrack. Well-developed RPG with a wide variety of heroes with different superpowers, challenging bosses to compete with, and endless customization possibilities of your character are going to bring pure enjoyment during the playing process.



Recently, Among Us, the social-deduction-based game in the indie genre has been at its peak, as everyone was speaking about it. The Internet community created a list of hilarious memes and jokes based on this game.

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As of now, more than 200 million people have installed Among Us to their Android devices, and the number of downloads is constantly growing. In this gripping game, players have to overcome various challenges to fix the ship while trying to identify the murderer within the rank.



PUBG Mobile has conquered the hearts of fans of the online shooters’ genre just right from its launch. Everyone knows this game from the PC version. Many players claim that the Android version of the game is even more optimized and smooth than the one available on personal computers.

The plot of the game consists of the fact that the players are dropped by parachute onto the island, on which up to a hundred participants are fighting with each other. There must be a lone survivor or alone team. Before the match, you can choose how many members there will be in the team, as well as the map on which the game will take place.

PUBG Mobile can boast of a very convenient and responsive touchscreen controls system, which makes battles even more enjoyable. Undoubtedly, the best free-to-play battle royale that is available on Android phones by far.



Are you a big fan of the Dark Souls series or spent hours of your life struggling to complete the mission in the PlayStation exclusive Bloodborne? We have some good news for you, as Pascal’s Wager is a great analog that is available on Android phones. So you can enjoy a thrilling action-RPG game right from your smartphone.

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Offering a pretty interesting 20-hour plot along with a huge open-world to explore, multiple characters to choose from, and a bunch of horrible bosses to beat, Pascal’s Wager will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding player.


It is a great and exciting puzzle Android game. It’s main concept is to navigate your character from the entrance to the exit within the sophisticated architectural structure.

Monument Valley frequently plays around with space and different optical illusions. The amazing sound design makes the game process more of a pure pleasure.



Hearthstone is the type of game that needs no introduction, as it is one of the most popular and influential deck-builders games on Android gadgets. The strong community of players all over the globe is evidence for this.

The main goal of the player in Hearthstone is to collect his own card collection, which is replenished by buying sets of cards or receiving them as a reward. Matches between players are reduced to playing cards with the goal of first reducing the opponent’s health points to zero. The release of new cards is carried out in the form of major additions or downloadable single-user mode «Adventures». Each new expansion is based on a part or location of the Warcraft universe.

Use the great variety of cards with heroes, spells, and units to win your opponent and earn achievements points. Definitely, Hearthstone is worth checking out, as the game develops an analytical mindset and makes players constantly think through their moves.

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Being a trendy game among Android users, Vainglory has to offer 48 heroes to choose from, which are then used in massive battles.

The game also has incredible graphics, a smooth playing experience, and an online mode with cross-platform support. All of these features make Vainglory an appealing variant to spend a few hours playing with your teenage friends after a hard day at school.

Summing up, we hope that today’s list of the most exciting Android games for teenagers will help you decide what game to install on your smartphone next. Play hard, but do not forget about academic performance as well!