Effectiveness Of Small And Large Trampoline Exercises in 2024

If you want to incorporate a sports activity into your life and you have started exploring the available options for the first time, you certainly cannot believe how many different types of workouts there are. There are a lot of workouts for which you need a gym and a personal trainer, and there are also increasingly popular home workouts. They especially gained in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic, because of which all gyms are closed for more than a year now, as well as many other facilities.

In your search for the right workout, you have surely noticed that trampoline exercises are often mentioned as very healthy and effective. It may seem strange at first glance, but it’s only because of the prejudices you have. The first and most common prejudice related to trampolines is that they are intended exclusively for children’s play, which is certainly not true. And if you don’t think so, you may reckon you don’t have enough space for trampoline exercises because you live in a small apartment. It is also a misapprehension. To learn more about the effectiveness of small and large trampoline exercises, as well as everything else related to this type of workout, keep reading this text.


There are so many benefits that trampoline exercises will bring you, and we will list the most important ones, because we do not want to dedicate the whole article only to the benefits, but also to tell you some of the best exercises on both mini and large trampolines.

Helps with weight loss

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Being overweight and obesity are problems that a lot of people face, even over a billion. In theory, it is very easy to lose weight. It just needs to be in the calorie deficit, which you will create by eating less and being active. Still, it’s a big problem for most. While some cannot control themselves to eat less, others cannot be as active as they should be due to various health problems. That is why the trampoline is ideal, because it is a low impact cardiovascular activity that will help lose weight. And not only that, you will also significantly improve health of the heart and other organs because of this activity.

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The joints do not come out under great stress

In the previous paragraph, we said that this low-impact activity is suitable for almost all types of people. We also meant that the joints are not as stressed as when you run or do a similar activity. When you run, your joints absorb the shock of the activity, while here the trampoline absorbs the shock and protects your joints. Of course, your joints remain exposed to slight stress, which is actually beneficial because it improves bone density. It is only important that it is not the stress that, for example, the knees are exposed to when running on hard surfaces.

Helps fight cellulite

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Cellulite is something that most women in the world struggle with, mostly unsuccessfully. All cosmetics and massages together will not help you like trampoline exercises. This activity will stimulate the whole lymphatic system to start to cleanse your body of various things, including cellulite. Also, fighting cellulite is not the only benefit. The lymphatic system is a key part of the immune system, so you will significantly improve your immunity. In what way? Well, the lymphatic system depends exclusively on movement because there is no organ that pumps it. So you need activity to keep it flowing regularly.

Improves digestion

For our gut sitting is very bad. And we all sit a lot, because most jobs are like that, plus a sedentary lifestyle is dominant because we have food available and everything else. Sitting causes many digestive problems in the long run, so this is one of the reasons why we gain weight even though we don’t eat that much. Many other gut-related problems also occur. According to healthcanal.com, if you exercise regularly on the trampoline plus taking in natural supplements packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics, after a few weeks you will feel an improvement in digestion. Food will pass through your intestines faster and thus put less strain on them, and you will also have no more constipation.

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Types of trampoline

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There are mini and large trampolines. Mini trampolines are also commonly called rebounders and are intended for exercise. They are ideal for smaller spaces and you can use them anywhere. The big ones also give you a lot of options, only for them you usually need a yard to install them. There are huge. You will have all the benefits we have listed both if you use a rebounder and large ones, so you don’t have to worry about that. It is up to you to decide which one suits you. To choose the right one, visit trampolines.guide and find guides for all types.

Mini trampoline exercises

Mini trampoline exercises for weight loss are very popular and workouts are mostly based on them. For example, Jumping jacks are an exercise that we recommend you perform. It’s also called star jump, because you make a star shape while jumping. When you are not using a rebounder, you can hardly last more than a minute. But with the help of a rebounder, it is realistic that you can work a minute to three minutes per series. You realize how fantastic this is for your whole body. You can also simulate jogging. And be creative, there are so many variations that you can invent yourself.

Large trampoline exercises

We will also tell you what are the best exercises to do on a trampoline when it comes to large ones. The first thing you need to incorporate into your workout is squat jumps which is a very difficult exercise without the help of a trampoline. It will be much easier for you here, and you will definitely work on the strength of your legs and of course your cardiovascular system. You can also try different variations of twists as it is very good for strengthening the balance and core, which holds our spine.

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All the exercises you can do on the trampoline are very effective. So think about it because this may be the right kind of workout for you.