Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in the World

Hair transplant operations have been on the rise worldwide in the past decade. More and more hair transplant clinics have been opening up to supply the increasing demand. As a result, it has become gradually difficult to choose a reliable, affordable and high quality clinic. In this article, we will provide a top 10 list of the best hair transplant clinics in the world.

2024 Top 10 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in The World

1. Hair of Istanbul – Turkey




With peak customer service and a highly experienced team, HairofIstanbul claims its position at the top of the list. Accommodating thousands of patients every year, this clinic has a reputation for making their guests feel at home. Upon arrival, hair transplant guests are welcomed at the airport and transferred to their 5 star hotel in a private shuttle. On the day of the surgery, the professional team and friendly staff greet the patients. Transplant operations are carried out by using only the most advanced FUE technology available. Along with years of experience of the doctors, this method ensures flawless results every time. Combining most affordable prices with the best before and after outcome, Hair of Istanbul gets full marks from patients. Hair of Istanbul has performed more than 13.000 procedures in 8 years and continues to serve in 6 different languages.

Moreover, the clinic has an active social media presence. To see before and after pictures, surgical procedures, aftercare and many more, visit their Instagram and Youtube pages. It also includes the comments of its guests.

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2. Motion Clinic – South Korea

Offering only the FUE method since 2003, Method Clinic is the leading transplant clinic in Asia. Moniton Clinic located in Gangnam, Seoul. They have implanted more than 25,000,000. Being one of the first clinics to get certification in FUE, they provide satisfactory outcomes. By pairing affordable prices with a safe destination and reliable results, this clinic draws many patients from around the world. Maintaining communication throughout arrival, procedure and departure, Method Clinic provides a sense of trust for their patients.

3. HairSmith Clinic – Thailand


The HairSmith Clinic based in Bangkok – Thailand is ran by Dr. Prima Tossaborvorn, an ABRHS certified doctor. This clinic has treated over a thousand patients and has a staggering success rate of 100%. Using safe and proven techniques ensures that the patient is protected and that the results will be long lasting. They use an Implanter Pen for their hair transplant operations. It will reduce damage to hair follicles during the operations and will produce excellent results that changes their patients life forever. In addition to transplant operations, they also give various treatment and physical therapy sessions.

4. Harley Street Hair Clinic – U.K

Treating celebrities among thousands of patients, Harley Street Hair Clinic has made quite a name for themselves. Additionally, located in the heart of London, the clinic accepts guests from around the world but mostly from Europe. Steep prices of transplant operations are compensated through the quality and end result. The clinic has a hair graft calculator available on their website for patients unsure of transplantation graft amount. By taking into consideration desired hair density and region, the calculator estimates the number of grafts required.

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5. Eugenix Hair Sciences – India


In Eugenix, doctors that have specialized in hair transplant for years operate regularly on patients. Primarily performing Direct Hair Transplantation which is a modified version of FUE, they offer great results. Most importantly, Eugenix Hair Sciences ensure optimal and most natural outcome in terms of density, coverage and overall look. Similarly, they provide services in eyebrow, mustache and beard reconstruction as well as reconstructive hair transplant.

6. OT.CO Clinic – Poland

This clinic was founded by Dr. Piotr Turkowski who has over ten years of experience in the field. Using a hybrid punch to carry out transplant operations, OT.CO clinic has successfully done thousands of surgeries. Doctors use a technique called Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) which leaves no visible seams or scars after the operation. The clinic has made it their goal for their patients to regain their confidence.

7. Wolfeld Hair – U.S.A


Located in Park Avenue – New York, Wolfeld Hair is a more sophisticated and high end clinic. Notably, Dr. Wolfeld who is certified in both plastic surgery and hair restoration has a unique perspective of hair loss. Using state of the art technology called ARTAS iX, transplant operations are carried out with robotic systems. This method is highly accurate and virtually pain-free, making it very desirable for patients with sensitivity issues.

8. Phaeyde Hair Transplantation Clinic – Hungary

The Phaeyde clinic which is located in Budapest has provided transplant services to guests from over two hundred countries. The clinic offers free consultations to potential patients online, by e-mail or in person. Two main methods of hair transplant are used: FUE and SHE (Single Hair Extraction). Last but not least, free aftercare products are given to patients following each operation.

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9. Bizrahmed Clinic – U.A.E


Bizrahmed Clinic has become a hit by offering services such as rhinoplasty and body contouring as well as hair transplantation. Subsequently, the clinic has become a leading cosmetic center in Dubai. On top of excellent customer service, the clinic offers complimentary follow-ups for any operation given.

10. Vinci Hair Clinic – Brazil

As one of the most popular clinics in Brazil, Vinci Hair Clinic draws many patients from all of South America. Offering Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) along with FUE method, Micro Scalp Pigmentation (Non Surgical Hair Loss Solution), Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Laser Cap, Platelet-Rich Plasma the clinic gives patients the opportunity to choose their preference. Moreover, mesotherapy, SMP and PRP treatments are offered in addition to hair transplant (Natural Hair Restoration). They have 25 clinics all around the world. Vinci Hair Clinic consultations are free of charge (with the exception of VIP consultations)