Why Is Blue Light Bad For Your Eyes?

We all live in an era where we use devices all the time, whether for our work or just to spend our free time doing something entertaining. Using our devices, but more important their displays, we are getting exposed to blue light that somehow is harmful to our eyes. Even when we were kids, we were always told to stay away from the displays because they will damage our eyes, and that is true. Our eyes are really fragile and might be damaged by something that you can’t even imagine that it’s harmful.

On the other hand, if you didn’t know about the blue light itself, you have surely come across glasses that are meant to prevent those lights from coming to our eyes. They are pretty good at doing that, and if you spend most of your time in front of a display, you should get them to prevent additional damage.

In this article, we will talk about what blue light is, how does it affect your eyes and what should you do in order to protect them.

What it is?

Basically, these lights are just a part of the whole spectrum. There are other colors as well, but they are not as bad as these. When we see all of those lights, we actually see the white color, and that is pretty amazing. Blue lights are affecting your health in a way that they go through your eyes without any obstruction and they tend to make your eyes fatigue.

How does it affect vision

Source: healthline.com

Because these lights have waves that are not as long as the other ones but have energy higher than them, they are more prone to cause health issues. The interesting thing is that our eyes have the power to stop lights that are unwanted or some that are too much and that can overwhelm the eye. However, this is not the case when it comes to these lights. They go directly in there and they cause constriction to the eyes muscles that will lead to fatigue.

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Manifestations that may occur are foggy vision, pain, and regular irritation. Also, they tend to dry out your eyes faster, so you will have other problems if you don’t find a solution for this problem fast. There are problems that may last forever, like impaired vision and you will have to wear accessories to boost your sight like glasses or lenses. Other than making your muscles work more than they should, they directly damage the part that is doing the seeing process. That can lead to serious problems like these from above and if you don’t solve them when needed, they may get only worse.

Children have a bigger issue with this compared with adults because their eyes are still not developed fully and they can’t stop these lights from entering the eye. Their sight will be most certainly damaged if you don’t control their usage of devices properly. Other than the eye damage, they will have trouble sleeping as well and that will not only disrupt their well-being, but it will also keep you awake and you will not be rested as you should. If you still want to let them use those devices, at least get them some kind of protection.

Other health problems

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Other than what is the most obvious, there are many problems that are initiated by these lights. First, the sleeping experience is worse after using a device a few hours before bedtime. Therefore, you should not use any device if you happen to have a problem going to sleep. They are waking you up even if you had a little exposure to them.

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There are also problems with the behavior when exposed to these lights, especially at night. They lead to depression because it changes the rhythm of the day and the night. We are thought to see these lights only during the day, and when we see them when it is not supposed to, it is natural to become a trouble.
If you want to know more about those other health problems, click here.

Things you have to know

You should really know that you can’t get rid of this light because it is around everyone, every time. The biggest exposure to this is when you are out during the day, but the worst one is from the displays. These lights are the one responsible for damaging the inner part of the eyes because it goes through with ease. There it makes direct contact, and causes damage that can lead to losing your sight, surely with an extended time of exposure, let’s say multiple years.

There are situations where you have to protect your eyes more than before because of the sensitivity. This most commonly is recommended after an operation. You will have to protect them against these lights because the eyes are still sensitive and you might make a bigger problem otherwise. When it comes to exposure, you have to know that it is really important how much you get in touch with it because it is not bad if you had a little bit.

How to prevent this

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This is important for you to understand how to do it because it is crucial when it comes to protection. There are multiple ways that you can block these lights. Firstly, you should limit your use of displays no matter what the utensil is. There are timers that measure your time exposed and you will know that you have to have a rest. Secondly, if you need to use displays, especially if you work with that, you can implement a filter that blocks these lights. There are made for every device and they are really easy to be installed, you just have to stick it on and that is it.

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Thirdly, there are glasses that can help with reducing exposure. According to Muunel these come with specially made glass that blocks harmful blue light, leaving you without harm. If you have to work in front of a monitor, consider getting them because they will help you.