Tips for Eye Health With Glasses, Frames, Fashion

We all love going outdoor and we know it. No matter what sort of outdoor activity you like or love. This is the right time of the year to pay extra attention to your eyes. Most of us already know that ultraviolet radiation are very harmful, and they can cause different types of damages to the eyes. Ultraviolet radiations exposure to your eyes will affect your vision, and it can cause tons of diseases, it also include macular degeneration.These diseases lead to skin cancer.

Vision and outdoor activities


Today in this article, we will discuss major points that can help you protect your vision in any way you do activities, whether it is going to the beach or going to the jungle.

Keep your eyes safe when going outdoor. You can do it either by wearing hat or wearing sunglasses. The ultimate reason to do this is to create a shade in front of your eyes. Check out SmartBuyGlasses vast range of designer glasses. They guarantee the lowest price on any of their glasses, so you won’t find them cheaper anywhere else. They sells nothing but authentic products, and is one of the most trusted eyewear retailers online.

Ultra violet radiation labels


Ultra violet radiations pose a great threat to the health. To avoid these radiations there are specially designed glasses to block them. While you choose your favourite glasses look at UV rays label. On this label the amount of UV rays blocked, is mentioned. Sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays provide the best protection against these health risks.

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It is very important to know all the options you have. This thing is more obvious if you have an active lifestyle and you want to do some fashion. It would be best if you understood all the difference between glasses lens and materials.

  • Material

Choose glasses with better material. You can choose glasses according to your choice. There are glasses that provide better clarity, while other provides better protection. The choice is all yours. Here are some materials used in glasses and their advantages:

  • Glass

Glass is the most common type of eyeglass material. There are glass lenses that provide scratch resistance and high visibility, but they are also very heavy.

  • Polycarbonate

There are polycarbonate lenses that have a little bit less clarity than glass lenses, but on the other hand, polycarbonate glasses have a very high resistance to scratches. Polycarbonate glasses are also very lightweight.

  • Polyurethane

There are also polyurethane glasses, these glasses cost more than normal glasses, but they are excellent and also considered to be impact resistant.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic lenses are released expensive, and they are widely used in cheap glasses. These glasses are less durable and have less clarity. You should know all the basic differences between the lens coatings

  • Mirrored lenses

These glasses can reflect the glare but not the ultraviolet radiation.

  • Coatings with anti-scratch

These coatings can prevent the surface of the lens.

  • Coating to repel water

There are hydro-phobic glasses that can repel the water.

  • To prevent fog

There are coatings on the glasses that keep the lenses clear when there is fog. When you are sweating, when there is a lot of humidity outside.

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Color tint of the glasses


While choosing the tint color of the glasses, be very conscious. Sunglasses tint color is more than just a choice for fashion. Visibility can be improved with the help of different colors of tint.

  • Orange and yellow

These tint colors can help indoors or outdoors in hazy conditions.

  • Red or rose

When the weather is partly cloudy or sunny, but it changes the color of what you see.

  • Brown and copper

These tint colors can block the blue light. It helps to see the bright skies or green grass.Always buy the glasses that are a good fit for you.

Glasses look good on people, but can also look worse if it does not fit well. The glass thickness is very much important, and if you are using glasses in the fashion accessory, it can become more important for you. So as much you fit your glasses to your nose, it will look better.

Always consider the adaptive lenses

What exactly do you mean when you say “adaptive lenses”? Even if your prescription glasses are photochromic, that will assist you in protecting your eyes whenever you go outside where the sky is darkening. These lenses are excellent and can help you minimize UV rays by up to a hundred percent. These glasses also provide glare protection. You can find more details on

Try to switch to contact lenses


Suppose you are wearing glasses for a long time. In that case, you may already know that contact lenses are much better and much more convenient and play a very supportive role do your busy old lifestyle is compared to normal eyeglasses. There are many different reasons why you should use contact lenses.

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The first major reason is that these contact lenses have better clarity and better peripheral vision. These contact lenses provide benefits to you look very hot. These contact lenses are not even affected by sweat and make it very easy to wear regular sunglasses.

But as there are many advantages of contact lenses, there are also many downsides that we should not ignore; the first downside is that you should have to learn how to wear the contact lenses and how to take them out. A simple little speck of dust between your eye and contact lenses can make a bigger problem for you and irritate your eye. If you are getting affected by such an element, re-inserting and draining it with some fluid can be a good idea.

Always take care of your eyes and pay attention to your eyes.

No matter what type of eyeglasses you’re wearing, what type of glasses you have. Dry and watery eyes are a major sign of eye problems. It a sign that your eyes need a lot of attention.