The Importance of Combining Nutrition and Physical Activity in 2024

Health is probably the most precious value and the strongest need of every person, regardless of gender, age, or level of education anywhere in the world. There are more and more obese children and adults, the death rate from cardiovascular diseases in people older than 50 is increasing, as well as the number of people suffering from diabetes and other similar diseases. These conditions can actually be prevented and controlled if we make the right choices when it comes to our habits, which primarily concern diet and physical activity – armed with the knowledge that we will use for the rest of our lives!

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete health physical, mental and social well-being. Based on the degree of health risk, it is necessary to determine the goal (what we want to achieve with physical activity) and plan a physical activity program based on that. After the achievement, it is important to maintain the obtained results in continuity for the rest of your life. Physical activity is any form of exercise that increases energy expenditure above consumption in peace, ie. all activities that require physical exertion. It can include a variety of activities, from housework through exercise, training all the way to professional work and competition. Exercise is a category of physical activity in which they are structured, planned and repeated body movements are performed with the aim of improving or maintaining one or more components of the physical forms. Well, let’s take a look to see why a healthy diet is not enough if you do not engage in physical activity and vice versa.

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Why is proper nutrition important?


Proper nutrition is the best health method and way of preventing many diseases carried out by each individual, creating the foundation for optimal health and a healthy lifestyle, and therefore it is best to eat wisely. Proper nutrition can prevent heart disease and blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes – the leading diseases in the world. Human health, creativity, efficiency, and mood directly are conditioned by the diet he applies on a daily basis.

Healthy nutrition in the family enables much more proper physical and spiritual development for children and more joy and love in mutual communication and common life. A healthy diet is based on a balanced intake of nutrients. There is no such thing as bad and good food, you can only make a mistake if excessive intake of certain groups of food products.

Which food is the guardian of our health?


Taking as many different foods as possible, but properly combined, there is essential for proper nutrition. In order for the organism to function normally and healthily, all the ingredients necessary for recovery must be introduced to cells in as ideal quantities as possible. To eat properly, it is very important to adhere to it adequate time for a meal and not to take food uncontrollably, at any time, without thinking. However, meals should not be skipped and bring the body into a state of starvation, because then it comes the destruction of certain brain cells, instability of the nervous system, and reducing the resistance of the whole organism. It should always be borne in mind that for proper nutrition, it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the food.

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Why physical activity is important?


You have probably heard countless times that physical activity or sports are good for health. Regular physical activity can raise personal energy levels and even improve mood, which is important for achieving overall health. So, regular physical activity or sports will certainly affect the good health of the whole body, not only physical health but also mental health. Learn more about it on

Physical activity is known to lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, alleviate the effects of diabetes, and regulate body weight. You can exercise in many ways: from light running to fierce fitness. However, regardless of the type, exercise must be regular. Its application affects health by reducing blood fats, prevents high blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, strengthens the lungs, strengthens immunity. In psychological terms, the impact of physical activity is somewhat different. Through physical activity, a person creates a feeling of satisfaction, and with the observation of the achieved results, his self-confidence increases. Also, physical activity releases endorphins, a hormone that creates feelings of happiness and euphoria. Research has shown that exercise can even alleviate the symptoms of clinical depression and is recommended for people suffering from anxiety. In some cases, exercise acts as an antidepressant. Some examples of activities to successfully combat depression are walking, running, cycling, tennis, hiking, and weightlifting.


Many go on a diet when they want to lose a few pounds. This is not a wrong step if the diet involves proper nutrition, but also physical activity. Take for example a person who likes fast food and snacks. The pounds will be unevenly distributed throughout the body. If that person understands the diet as a lower intake of the same foods, rather than a lifestyle change, there is little chance that they will achieve the desired results. Also, if we have a skinny person who wants to gain a few pounds, you must know that overeating will not achieve the desired effect. In both cases, the key role is not only diet but also physical activity.

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Everyone should know the basic division of foods, that is, to distinguish between carbohydrates, proteins, and foods rich in fats. Only the right combination of foods and exercise is the right path to health and good looks.

Final thoughts

An old saying goes that a healthy man has a million wishes, and a sick man only one – to get well. Take care of your health, walk, run, find a sport that fulfills you, train, get healthy. Of course, treat yourself to some chocolate or ice cream from time to time. The key is in moderation.