Handling Pain After PRK Surgical Procedure: 9 Tips And Tricks

After a laser view medical procedure, a victim can feel gentle to arbitrate agony. As long as the misery is acceptable, it is a normal constituent of the improvement method. Nevertheless, there are various stages in which people can prefer to control their pain after photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) surgery.

These actions can still aid them in recovering more speedily. Conforming to the CDC, postsurgical undertreatment of the problem is connected to surgical complexities and extended restoration.

It will also fetch about the beginning of endless misery. Thus, pain supervision in PRK improvement must be an arrangement for both the victim and the surgeon. Find here all the details if you are looking forward to knowing more about PRK surgery.

PRK Medical Procedure

Source: healthline.com

This is a surgical analysis process generally used to correct blind spots – also known as familiar-sightedness or short-sightedness. The method applies a ray of light to change the cornea and the overlook of the eyeball.

PRK is complementary to the ray of light-helped in-situ keratomileusis abscission – the added surgical method utilizing lasers to fix eyesight issues. These two processes correspond because they are certified to repair blind spots, vision conditions called as far sight, and astigmatisms.

The National Library of Medicine wrote a news asserting that the influence of these two processes is corresponding. Still, the operation, restoration, and pain supervision vary significantly.

Directing Pain After PRK Medical Procedure

Torment after ray of light eye medical procedure is mainly a development of the therapeutic method. All the while before, analysis is compassionate, and victims should prevent actions that commit hardship in their eyes. When mending from the PRK section, victims concede the possibility to try to rest approximately attainable.

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It’s likewise affiliated with following the post-active concern directions given by the doctor. Usually, a sufferer will experience PRK torment assistance within seventy-two hours following in position or time process. Max of the problem happens inside the early epoch or two. The harshness of the agony is usually stated on the pain range as a seven from 10.

9 Tips And Tricks

Though it is hard to handle the pain after PRK surgery, with a few tips and methods, you can easily control and reduce the pain

1. Take Assistance

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You can get a companion to help and aid you in some processes after the surgery. However, you will need help to perform few tasks. You cannot even drive on your own.

Once you catch home, you’ll also express gratitude to have a companion who can insert you into bed, help with your eye drops, or arrange a portion of food for you!

2. Comfortable Outfit

After enucleation, you can feel sluggish from the leisure of drugs and likely have a few hazy views. So, a suggestion of correction trying to find a change of attire, you will enjoy being intelligent to reform to bed.

3. Plan Your Meals Before The Operation

This is specifically real if you live separately. Imagine biting up salads with hazy foresight: not so relaxed or secure. To avoid broiling, you can boil food before, accumulate on microwavable suppers, ready-to-bite salads, or just pre-order transfer dinners.

Consider purchasing paper plates and cups so you don’t ought to wash trays for the early few days of postoperative care.

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4. Meal Intake Before Surgery

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As PRK doesn’t need all-purpose anesthesia (you get dazing eye drips and possibly medicine to control apprehension, if required), you need to consume a decent meal on the morning of your operation.

It is because you cannot expect the postoperative senses or feelings, and you might just need to rest for numerous hours. It may continue even the next day to relax your eyes.

You may wake up starving if you did not consume something significant before the operation.

5. Storage Of Eye Drops

Your PRK specialist will direct you to your place with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops. You will feel relaxed, and gentle eye drops on your eyes. As you may sense dry eyes before your therapeutic procedure, you will often be directed to grease your eyes with storage-free mock tears.

So, having them handy and storing them in the refrigerator will be more beneficial.

6. Cover Eyes With A Shield

Source: verywellhealth.com

As you will not have a prior experience with eye surgery in most cases, it is best to cover your eyes with a shield. It will help you from dust, debris, or any other minute particles which harm your eyes.

It will also aid you in unnecessary rubbing while you sleep to prevent irritation. It also stops the other particles from our hands from entering the eyes.

7. Look For Entertainment That Doesn’t Need a Screen

Avoiding screen timing for a couple of months after the operation is more beneficial. Though you use some spectacles, it is not a best practice to use mobile or laptops as they emit harmful rays.

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As the eye’s ability will also be fragile to receive them soon after the surgery, stay away from screens for more than two months. You can listen to some relaxing podcast that distracts your pain and controls your anxiety.

8. Lightweight Cold Compressors

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Eye compressors will help you to relieve the pain and also the irritation. You can place the frozen compressors on the eyes or the forehead. However, contact your surgeon before practicing this process as it may only be suitable during postoperative care.

9. Shower Your Hair After The Surgery

Soon after the surgery, it is best to avoid the shower. However, you can make your eyes wet with a damp cloth. After a few days, go for a hair wash that automatically wets your eyes instead of directly cleaning your eyes or face with water.

If soap or particles enter the eyes, do not immediately go for a face wash. Remove them with the prescribed eye drops or artificial tears.


PRK is one of the significant surgeries for most people worldwide concerning their eyes. However, postoperative care is critical in this case. If it is not treated adequately, problems may progress with the same vision for which the surgery is done.

So, if followed in a prescribed manner, the tips discussed above will undoubtedly relieve you from the pain. It will also ensure a smooth recovery after reaching home from the hospital.