6 Tips for Decorating with Oriental and Persian Rugs in 2024

Some people prefer their home decoration more traditional, or even inspired by other cultures. We all know that the rugs and carpets can make the rooms cozy and comfortable, and we can easily get inspired by the Orient. When we talk about oriental rugs, we are talking about knotted creation, by using silk, wool, or cotton, and the patterns are often inspired by the Islamic world. We shouldn’t mix them with the Persian rugs and carpets, since their origin is strictly related to today’s Iran. On the other hand, almost all of the Islamic cultures in the Orient have a long tradition of making rugs and carpets. Most of these creations and traditions are protected under the UNESCO heritage program, so probably now you have some image of how important are they.

Oriental rugs and carpets are made in Morocco, China, Turkey, Iran, Tibet, and even India and Pakistan. The making process is very long, but the result is a quality and expensive handmade product, that have aesthetic, historical, and cultural value. Also, Persian rugs are also known as Iranian rugs, and they are similar to the Oriental designs, but have a more specific approach in the making. All the colors are natural, and there are a few sub-types of them. Their patterns are related to the traditional culture of the ancient Persia, but they are used all around the world.

If you want a modern and futuristic look to your home, these carpets aren’t the best solution, because they require more traditional and rustic interior design. Keep in mind that these rugs are created with a lot of love and dedication, in the spirit of the tradition. So, it’s not just a simple accessory to your furniture – it’s a little treasure, and it’s easier to incorporate it into your home design than you think. You can check persianandmodernrugs.com to get some inspiration, and until then, here are a few tips on home decor with Oriental and Persian rugs:

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1. Measure the area you want to cover

Source: decoratorist.com

No matter the size of the rug, it’s always better to measure the area you want to put it at, so you can know what you are looking for. Both types come in different sizes, and you can even order a custom one if you want to. You can decide to get a bigger one to cover a larger surface, or even split the floor in smaller areas and get a few different, but still similar and compatible designs, to create even more authentic look. Sometimes it’s good to leave some areas uncovered, to show the floor, to create a balance in your room. But, once you have the exact measures, it would be easier for you to find the right one at the store.

2. Choose the style that will fit the interior

If you are sure you want to invest in Oriental or Persian rug or carpet, then you really have to appreciate the tradition, and make sure you want it to be the focus of your interior design. It’s pretty expensive and valuable, and it’s not good to replace it. Once you have it, you should treat the rug with respect for the Oriental tradition, and all the effort and time that were put for it to be created. Most of the people who already have it, consider the Oriental or Persian rug as a love for the lifetime, and every time they redecorate at home, they are fitting the style following the carpets.

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3. Don’t cover them with furniture

Source: therugshouse.com

No matter what design you choose, it’s completely wrong to cover the rug with the furniture. You can still place smaller pieces like club table or something like that, but massive furniture will hide its beauty – and there is no purpose for that expense, if you want to hide it. As we said, the Persian and Oriental rugs are a little piece of treasure, and a significant example of tradition, culture, and labor, and once you decide to have it, then you should be proud of it. It’s both accessorize and a functional piece, it’s warm and cozy, and gives your home a beautiful rustic atmosphere, that your friends will love.

4. You can find them in modern variations

Today, everything is allowed, and you can find beautiful rugs manufactured by using the oriental approach, but with modern patterns. It’s also a good choice if you still want the original quality, but want to adjust the looks to fit the modern interior designs. Don’t stick to the traditional patterns if they don’t fit your preferences. It’s understandable if you can’t incorporate it at your home, because the traditional colors and designs are very specific, and you really need to adjust the whole interior to them. On the other hand, you can find one-color designs, with the quality of the Orient, and that’s maybe the best solution if you want to have it, but still can’t mix the styles together.

5. Find the right color scheme

Source: imall.com

The color scheme is more important than the design itself. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that, but once you find the color scheme that fits your home, it would be easier to choose your beloved Oriental or Persian carpet and put it in your living room.

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6. Give the love and attention it deserves

Don’t hide it in your bedroom, but don’t risk ruining it in the dining room. Generally, we can say that the right place for a piece of tradition is the living room, where you spend most of your day. Also, this is the place where your guests stay, and they will also have a chance to appreciate it, as it deserves.

As you can see, it’s not hard to use Oriental or Persian carpets at your home. You only need to be aware of their value and give them the whole appreciation in the world. There is a reason why they are more expensive than the other products on the market, and you can say that you own a little treasure once you buy it.