Impressive BEHR Color Trends for Home Décor 2024

All home décor depends dominantly on the choice of color, used. Homes feature beautiful colors ranging from loud shades to calm ones. Using the right colors for home décor has made many homes highly and spectacularly attractive. You can also make your home décor the talk of the town by using impressive colors for your home design.
However, there has been an improvement in the use of colors for home décor. You have to follow color trends to make your home décor as impressive as it can be. Using unbefitting colors for your home décor can deprive it of its utmost beauty. You do not want to rip your home off its elegance, so you need to follow impressive trends for your home décor in 2024.

BEHR is ready to help you choose the right colors for your home by releasing a highly impressive color trend that will suit your home décor. BEHR releases color trends with top-notch variations of classic hues and shades. Check out this impressive color trend from BEHR below.

1. Sophisticated greens

Do you know each year has its general theme for people? Last year was for us to connect with ourselves, while this year is for us to connect with the earth. You can connect with the earth even with your home décor. You can use sophisticated green color in your home décor to show your love for mother earth.

You can give your home the serenity of nature by using various shades of green in your home décor. You can use several shades of green like orchard greens or green with deep sage tones to give your home. You can even mix the green color with a hint of blue to add calmness and an ultra-modern look to your home. You can also allow the color to reflect on your furniture and other home décor elements in your home.

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2. Warm neutral colors

Everyone is familiar with white, black, grey, and several other neutral colors for their home décor. You can make your home more attractive by using warm neutral colors related to earth. You can use sandy beiges and desert canyon shades of neutral colors for your decoration.

Play with earthy colors to improve your home décor and make it more attractive. You can also make your home décor more inviting by using neutral latte-inspired shades for your home décor. These warm colors will give your home a calm, simple, and elegant appearance. If you have large rooms, using warm neutral colors will make it look cozier.

3. Canyon dusk


You might be too busy to wait for dusk to come. You can give your home the appearance of dusk at every time by using canyon dusk. The canyon dusk is a shade of orange that provides your home with a calm look.
Your furniture can also add beauty to your home décor. Let your home speak of dusk by using a canyon dusk hue. It will also bring out every detail in your home’s beauty. Your home deserves the best color for its décor.

4. Gentle colors

Many homeowners make use of loud colors for their home decoration. Although loud colors give your home a very attractive look, you can give your home a calmer and cooler look, which is better. You can use light blue shades, a different version of baby pink, etc. to give your interiors what it needs.

You can also make use of a smoky white seaside villa shade, pink seashell shade, etc., as gentle colors for your home décor. If you want to add depth to your home décor, you can use deep peach color. These gentle colors will also help your home décor blend with your pastels. With the right set of furniture in your room, your gentle colors will bring uniqueness to your home décor.

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5. Calming blues

Give your home a melt away look by making it a calm zone with calming blue colors. You can make use of a nice collection of blue colors to settle your spirit and calm your mind. There are various shades of blue you can use to control the vibrancy of your home décor. There are different palettes or shades of blue that will suit every part of your home.

You can make use of traditional blues to fit your home décor. Turquoise and mint blues are a good choice of blue shade for your interiors. Using calming blues will help stick with your light and avoid making your space look unserious. You can also use wall arts and furniture that will give your home a spectacular look.

There are several other colors you can use for your home décor. You can follow BEHR color trends to give your home an astonishing look. Whether you are decorating your home for the first time or redecorating it, making use of the right colors is your sure bet to make it beautiful. You can also get more BEHR color trends here.

You have to consider some factors while using color trends for your home décor. You have to know the décor type you want for your home to determine the color you will use. You also have to consider the furniture you have as some colors might not go well with your furniture. The size of your room matters as some colors will suit a larger space better than some other colors.

Other Color Trends to Help with Your Home Décor

Color is highly essential in your home décor, so you should make the utmost use of it. The better you make use of your colors; the more attractive and beautiful your home will be. You do not have to stay on making your home beautiful. You have to move forward to making it spectacular and a source of attraction.


Here are other color trends you can implement for your home design;

  • Black and white mixture

One way you can provide your home with impressive looks is to use high contrast. A good way to give your home that contrast is to use black and white colors. Black and white will give your home a unique beauty, especially under a sufficient amount of light.

  • Vibrant yellow

You can give your home an illuminating view by using vibrant yellow in your home décor. The vibrant yellow will give you color and will give your home a bold and loud look. You can also use furniture with colors that complement your home décor. You can also add a hint of ultimate grey to give your interiors an outstanding.

  • Cavern clay

Give your home a traditional feeling by using cavern clay for its decoration. If you like to have bold and dark hues in your home, then the cavern clay is a good choice for you. You can use it in your bedroom or hallway to create a great accent for your décor. Using cavern clay for your home décor will provide you with adventure and also spike the feeling of old times in your home.

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Several other colors will fit your home décor. You only have to make your choice of hue that suits your home. The right choice of color shade also matters when giving your home it’s deserved beauty.


You can implement color trends in your home decor to beautify it. BEHR color trends will provide you with a befitting color for your interior and exterior décor. Let your home speak of beauty and elegance with an impressive choice of color.