How to Find a Reliable Garage Door Installation Contractor

It is hard enough to find a reliable garage door service technician to repair your garage door, and it’s even harder to find one that can install a brand new overhead door for you. Finding the right company from the start is a good idea to prevent dealing with out-of-balance doors and unnecessary wear and tear due to a slappy installation.

A proper garage door installation means the rails and spring/cable system are perfectly aligned using laser and level tools. Otherwise, the whole assembly could be leaning to one side and cause countless service calls or unnecessary damage.

Smart consumers choose a company that specializes in garage door installation from start to finish. These professionals already have years of experience and can handle any unforeseen situation that can come up during the installation process, and as a bonus, they are licensed and insured. That gives you peace of mind, knowing a reputable company has handled your investment and offered a warranty for the job done.

So how do you find the right overhead garage door installation company for your next project?


It all starts from simple research on the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, you can find garage door companies located nearby and check their ratings or reviews. In order to find a good one, you can go to Google and search for “garage door installation [your city name] reviews” and see what comes up. Choose the company with the biggest number of 5-Star reviews, as that drastically increases the chances of success. You can also do a search for the company name and see what comes up. We suggest you do a local search to find out about the company’s reputation before you hire them. Focus on Google reviews, as those are the most difficult to fake. Unfortunately, reviews from websites like Homestars or Yelp aren’t very reliable and can be easily manipulated.

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Searching for a garage door business in a small town or rural area might mean you have limited options to choose from. Large companies are often so busy in the heavily populated area that they simply do not come out of the City, as that makes no sense from a financial standpoint. In that case, we would suggest you offer them to pay an extra fee to come out to your location, instead of hiring an unknown and unverifiable contractor to handle your garage door installation project.

Many smaller contractors will offer free estimates just so they can secure the job, but remember, compromising on quality can cause you extra in the long run. A reputable contractor will have perfectly written contracts with all the details present in the paperwork. The initial contract must present things like the type of door to be installed, color, design, and even lead time. In that case, both parties know what the expectations are and have a written contract to refer to if things go south. By checking all the information and requirements on the contract to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction before you sign on the dotted line, everything will go off without a hitch.


Garage doors are installed so that the door sits flush with the frame to provide the best insulation and prevent the heat from escaping or particles getting inside the garage. In general, the frame has a minimal impact on the door if installed properly. However, if the weather stripping does not sit tight, you can have hot air escaping your garage during the winter, or particles like leaves or dust getting inside your garage. When the door is nailed into the frame, there should be enough room for the weather stripping to slide over it. Otherwise, the seal won’t last long due to continuous friction.

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Experienced installers will pay attention to some easy-to-miss details like the condition of the door frame and will determine whether the wall will be able to withstand the weight of the new overhead garage door it is installed.

A proper amount of headroom above the frame is required for a torsion spring system installation. Typically your garage door installer will need at least one foot above the frame in order to mount the bearing brackets, spring bracket, and the spring assembly. In addition to that, the garage door opener rail will be mounted above the spring line, so the more headroom your garage has, the easier the installation will be.

In some cases where there’s not enough room to mount a standard overhead door opener, a product called ” Jackshaft opener” can be installed as an alternative. This type of opener sits on the side of your garage door, and rotates the shaft instead of pulling the door up and down to operate.


The amount of “homemade” products sold on the Internet is not worth the investment, and any experienced contractor will be able to point you in the right direction. Not all garage doors are made equal, and some are way worse than others. That’s why doing thorough research is essential when it comes to such a significant investment.

Today’s manufacturers are making aluminum and steel garage doors to suit any customer request. An abundance of color options, door designs, window types, and even decorative hardware can get even the savviest shoppers hopelessly confused. Therefore it is essential to get a proper consultation with your chosen garage door contractor before you decide on the new garage door.

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An area that should not be overlooked is what parts will be installed as a package with your new door. Some garage doors come with light-duty hardware, which will be cheaper, but it won’t offer the longevity that more expensive models can provide. Some good garage door manufacturers that produce high-quality residential and commercial garage doors are: “DoorStat,” “Amarr,” “CHI,” and ” Clopay Doors.” Those are some of the most trusted brands across North America that offer an outstanding quality product at a reasonable price.

Unfortunately, with current worldwide supply chain challenges, most manufacturers were forced to increase their lead times from only four weeks a few years ago to over sixteen weeks now. Therefore if you’re planning on buying a garage door with a special color or design, you need to take that into consideration.

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