How to Create a Smart Bathroom With the Latest Technology

Technology has come a long way. These days everything is powered by some sort of AI. As we love to put it – it’s smart tech. You have smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, and many other things. You can remember a few more. Right? Smart houses have been around for a while now. But here, we’re not going to talk about smart houses in general. Instead, we’re going to focus on one important room in the house. We’re talking about the bathroom. Bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms in our homes, but they can be powered as high-tech as any other.

Have you given any thought to this idea? If you haven’t this is the right way to do it. The best part is that it’s not too difficult. Technology has become very accessible, and it’s not like you need to recreate a movie-like setup. No, you just need a few simple ideas. This is what we’re going to lay out for you in the article below. So, how to create a smart bathroom with the latest technology? You know how people who don’t like to share the spoilers of popular fantasy books say: read and find out.

Smart Flush Plates


Now, this is a controversial take, but we need to start somewhere. Why not with flushing? It is a great way to make your bathroom smarter. Here’s how. These plates come with sensor technology which makes the process much more hygienic. You can also opt for the kind that allows you to do this remotely while not even being in the room. The higher-up kind even comes with sensors that recognize what were you doing in the bathroom. This is a great way to save money on your water bill.

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Digital Showers


Praise be the man who invented showers. If you didn’t know his name was William Feetham, and the patent for showers belongs to him. Look, this was back in 1767. How far have we come, people. It is quite unbelievable that we have various types of digital showers at our disposal. If you ask us, every bathroom needs one. If your bathroom is still sitting without any type of smart etch in it, starting with a shower might be a great idea. They come in various shapes and sizes and are powered by various amounts of smartness. The biggest advantage is that you might customize the hotness or coldness of the water for every member of the household, or create them by the time of the year. The best part is that you could make everything work through a set of simple voice commands. If you’re already eager to get your hands on one we can sincerely recommend that you visit

High Tech Toilets


Toilets are our friends. Sometimes reaching one is like seeing a long-lost brother. You know what we’re talking about. While the old-fashioned ones still do the work, maybe it’s the right time for an upgrade. This part of bathroom remodeling has been revolutionized some time ago. Today you have so many choices that we don’t know where to start talking to you about them. For example, you can get your hands on those that don’t require you to use your hands or even paper. How about some light features or bench warmers. Yes, there’s all that. On the plus size, you could also go with toilets with motion sensors or even self-cleaning properties.

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LED Mirrors With Interactive Properties


LED mirrors are not a novelty. But, their ability to interact with the person in front of them is. Now, relax all of you Disney fans. We all know about the mirror from Snow White. But the magic is long gone, and our world knows nothing about it. Unless you see this tech advancement as magic, then you have it. An interactive LED mirror can do so much. It can show you the time and date, and weather too, just like a smartphone. Furthermore, it can be created in a way that it answers your question being it through a separate software or due to your possession of systems such as Alexa. You could also make it as a digital keyboard which would allow you to control any other device in your home. Anyway, our every day starts in a bathroom, so why don’t make it your control center.

Automatic Leak Detectors


Safety and security matter in every department of our lives. Bathrooms are no different. Leaks are the enemies of your property. You wouldn’t believe it but the damage that various leaks cause throughout the country amount to millions of dollars. So, the best route to take is not to fix the leaks, but to prevent them from causing any major damage. Amazing idea, right? It is, and it can be done. Today you have various systems and devices that can be installed to control the leaks in your bathroom. Of course, it is also possible to install them in any part of your home where you have plumbing installations. Better be safe than sorry. These sensors can be connected to your smartphone device so it’s possible to know about the leaks the moment they happen. This way you will never be in danger of reacting too late.

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Smart Taps

Let’s not forget about the taps. Some bathrooms have more than two taps. Now, imagine having more of them, all under your control. It is possible. The number of customization you can achieve with your taps is amazing. The best part is that they can be integrated with the rest of your bathroom and the house too. When you make your taps smart you’ll ensure that you always have the right water temperature, and you’ll also be saving on your bill. Don’t think any second longer. Make your taps smart.


As you can see there are numerous ways of making your bathroom smart or smarter. The best part is that you don’t have to have all of the upgrades we listed. You can start with one and upgrade slowly. But, if you’re a fan, as we are, get your hands on everything. Where are you starting your bathroom smart-remodeling?