Top 6 Clever Hacks for Removing Pet Hair From Everywhere

No denying the fact that pets are great companions and this is why most people have them in their homes. However, these furry companions shed a lot of hair here and there and you have to struggle every day to get rid of it. However, with a little know-how of removing pet hair and some clever cleaning hacks, you can get the job done with greater ease.

At times, the amount of hair that your furry friend sheds on clothes, beds, sofas, mats and everywhere else is frustrating. Pet owners are often seen opting for end of lease cleaning quite often to get rid of pet hair. However, spending such huge costs regularly to get rid of pet hair is not an economical option.

If you have been looking for ways to get rid of pet hair cleverly, you are at the right place. Today, we have shared some clever hacks for pet owners to get away from the worries of pet hair.

Getting away from pet hair will make the indoor air cleaner and relaxing. At times, you will have to opt for professional cleaning since no matter how hard you try, your level of cleaning cannot match that of the professionals. Visit to get the task of cleaning done.

Without further ado, let’s get started with pet hair cleaning tips.

1. Employ the Correct Vacuum Cleaner:


Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the most effective and easiest ways of getting rid of pet hair found everywhere. Unlike dusting, the equipment will suck all the dirt present here and there on the surface of your furniture, and hence, the germs won’t get spread. However, as far as removing pet hair is concerned, you need to pick the right vacuum cleaner, as you will find several available options and some are more efficient than others.

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Though the suction power is significant, there are several other features that you need to take into consideration, such as the belt’s endurance, user-friendliness, the effectiveness of the agitator-brush, etc. Some manufacturers also provide special brushes to specifically clean pet hair, so make an informed choice.

2. Window Squeegees Are The Best Option:

Even after using a vacuum cleaner, you might not obtain satisfactory results. In such a scenario, you can effectively get rid of them with the help of a window squeegee. You need to look for a squeeze that has a long handle for effective results. To use the instrument you need to hold the handle and move it back and forth on the carpet so that it collects the dirt that is present there on it.

It has a rubber attached to it which helps in effectively removing pet hair. It helps in removing the layer of fur from the surface. The fur gets accumulated at one place from where you can pick it.

3. A Roll of Tape Will Work Great:


One of the cheapest and the best ways of getting rid of pet hair is using roll tape. A thick roll tape works better than a majority of other options, no matter what type you are using. You are just required to roll the tape on the surface and then pull it off. This way the dirt will get pulled by the tape away from the surface. You need to continue the process until the area gets completely cleaned.

Tape works effectively and even the most minute strands get pulled off easily. Based on the power of glue your tape has, you can choose to use the tape upto two times. You will get different types available and can make a choice depending on the area of the surface you want to clean.

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4. Use A Washing Machine:

If you want to get rid of bacteria, germs, dust mites, pet strands, etc from different things your pet uses in your household, we recommend washing them off in the washing machine using hot water. Also, either add white vinegar or a liquid water softener to get your clothes and other things washed. This will help lose the grip of pet strands. When the wash cycle gets complete, ensure to pick the strands present in the machine and throw it away.

This process is very beneficial as it is not only effective in getting rid of pet strands, but also works well to remove germs and dirt. Allow the things to get dried in a closed area, or else the animal strands can again stick to them.

5. An Anti-Static Spray Works Great:


If you have animal hair on pieces of furniture, that includes expensive wooden pieces as well, such as chairs, study tables, etc. using an anti-static spray is recommended. You will only need an anti-static spray and a clean cloth to get the job done. It will help keep animal hair away from your furniture and it will stay on the cloth itself. This way, you will not have to opt for end of lease cleaning quite often to get the task done.

Not only on the furniture, the anti-static spray can be used for the carpet as well to get pet hair pulled away. You can then choose to run the vacuum cleaner over the things to get rid of animal hair completely.

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6. Use A Pumice Stone


If none of the above mentioned methods work, you can try using a pumice stone. With this stone, you can remove animal hair from tricky surfaces including your car upholstery. All you need to do is gently rub the stone over the areas where pet hair is present. However, make sure to wash the stone well after every use. This is your best bet to remove those stubborn hair.


If you have a pet at your home, it is quite natural to find pet hair everywhere you turn. Pets go through a heavy shedding season during the spring and winters. We hope following the above mentioned tips will help you get rid of these stubborn hair.