How Quickly Can You Get ISO Certified – 2024 Guide

Launching a new business has never been an easy thing to do. Even the smallest of details can become an obstacle that cannot be overcome, no matter how much you try. Not to mention that fulfilling all the standards imposed by various regulations is an absolute must in a vast majority of industries.

In most cases, you will come across standards that focus solely on the production process. It means that a certain product needs to be made of certain ingredients. While it may seem like a somewhat simple description, it is pretty accurate. But some problems can start to appear when standards don’t address the product itself.

For example, we are talking about standards that encompass the whole procedure, from the management system to the documentation procedure. We are talking about ISO certification. If you need to obtain ISO certification, be sure to pay a visit to

Now, we would like to present you with the process itself. Buckle up, and let’s begin.

What is ISO Certification?


Before we are ready to discuss the procedure itself, we want to talk about what this certification means. We are talking about the procedure that covers all the major processes relevant to the company’s modus operandi, no matter what industry we are talking about. Some address it as global due to its nature.

What needs to be said is that ISO is an international, and independent organization that provides the manufacturers with a chance to meet all the standards in order to ensure the safety, efficiency, and quality of the products. Naturally, some of these standards will see to the benefit of the workers as well, not just the owners and managerial staff.

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Probably the most significant aim of ISO certification is to ensure the consistency of all the processes out there. Besides that, all the organizations out there that have obtained these documents will have their own, unique numeric of the agreement. They can use it for the promotion of their business. It can add a significant jump to the company’s credibility.

How Fast Can You Obtain It?

While it may seem that obtaining one of these is a lengthy process that requires too much of your time, due to the bureaucracy and all the formalities we are used to, you don’t need to be afraid of the procedure itself. It is possible to get it within a certain timeframe, without wasting too much of your time.

As is the case with almost any similar procedure out there, you need to start by filling out a certain application form. Thankfully, you can do it online these days. The insurer will provide you with all the details relevant to meeting the standards. Also, you can expect some advice on how to conduct it most efficiently.

When you get all the details, you can start with the implementation. Sometimes, this process will not take too much to be fulfilled. At the same time, there are situations when this implementation can take to a couple of weeks, if not months. The timeframe depends on a wide array of conditions and circumstances.

What are the Expenses?


We’ve already stated that the procedure’s length depends on numerous factors. Also, it should be said that the costs also depend on numerous conditions. For instance, the complexity and size of the organization play a pivotal role in that regard. Also, internal processes are taken into account.

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The costs can be categorized into three different groups. The first one encompasses all the developmental costs. When we say this, we think about the implementation costs and documentation. ETQ’s Document Control Software ( can make this step easier as you standardize your processes and procedures. The second one refers to the expenses of training the employees to understand the standards and comply with them.

The third and final group refers to the costs related to the registration. It means that you need to conduct the audit and register the management system. If we are talking about a large company that works in a couple of countries, registering all of them can get rather costly.

Factors that Determine the Timeframe

Now, we would like to provide you with a couple of factors that determine the certification timeframe.

Internal Resources


Any implementation requires a significant chunk of the company’s resources. You cannot think that it will be cheap. Therefore, you need to understand how much resources you have to invest to make it worthwhile. Before you are ready to undergo the process, you need to understand how much you can spare.

Naturally, it is possible to get some discounts that can make the costs somewhat lower. Nevertheless, knowing exactly how big your budget is should be an absolute must. Also, be sure to pay attention to other resources, like worktime. They can get wasted pretty easily if you are not careful.

Analyzing the Gaps

Another significant aspect to take into consideration is analyzing all the gaps that can pop up during the process. Some fields can be covered easily without too many obstacles, and some others would require quite a lot of time on your behalf. Finding the gaps and overcoming them is quite beneficial thing.

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Consultancy Budget


Many people make the mistake of considering the consultancy budget a part of the internal resources. In reality, these two factors don’t go hand in hand. Consultancy budget is a whole new category that needs to find its place in your budget. There are numerous reasons why this should be done this way.

In most cases, these costs are considered through time spent on a certain procedure. It’s rather obvious why this is the case. The consultant will help you understand all the aspects and possible shortcuts that can the implementation significantly simpler. Not considering these would be a huge mistake.


Getting ISO certification requires some time on your behalf. That’s why you need to arm yourself with patience and conduct the process thoroughly. Here, you can take a look at all the relevant factors of this process, from the lengthiness to elements that affect the timeframe. We are sure you will find them useful.