What’s So Special About Italian Leather

Who doesn’t like high-quality leather? Leather accessories, such as handbags, watches, belts, and wallets have that amazing quality, so they can serve you for years. Sometimes even decades. For many people, this is a phenomenal investment, because they do not have to think about buying a new wallet and belt every once in a while. Besides, they look great and in some way, they represent a matter of luxury and prestige, which is always a big plus. Italian leather has long been a symbol of quality and longevity. If you were wondering why it so special about Italian leather, it’s time to solve this mystery.

What is Italian leather and where does it come from?

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As the name says itself, Italian leather originates from Italy, more precisely, from Tuscany. Although the original origin is Italian, nowadays this type of leather is produced in different parts of the world. However, the commitment of tanners and dedication to work and ensuring the maximum quality of all products made of this material. Italian leather is best known for its premium quality, durability, and specific scent. That is why it is loved all around the globe and people choose to buy belts, wallets, bags, and other accessories made of Italian leather because they know that they can trust that these products will serve them for a very long time.

How is Italian leather produced?

Italian leather is obtained from cowhide that undergoes various treatments. These treatments have been used for hundreds of years and ensure the authenticity of Italian leather. They involve the use of plant material that contains tannins – active ingredients that lead to vegetable tanning. This process takes several months and ensures that the material is very durable. It is important to know that, although cowhide is used for production, this does not mean that these animals are sacrificed for the production of leather accessories. In this process, by-products of the food industry are used, so that everything remains within the boundaries of ethics.

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What is so special about Italian leather?

1. Quality that lasts

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As we have already mentioned, Italian leather is of premium quality and with it, you can be sure that you are buying products that you will use for many years. At EmporiumItaly, you can find accessories made of this material that looks beautiful and also last a long time. Investing in these products will make you look elegant and modern, and can also save you a lot of money in the long run. You’ve probably heard of leather products that can last forever. If you thought it was a myth – you were wrong. Some leather products can really last forever. Most damage and scratches can be removed very easily with adequate treatment, so if you are not a person who likes change, this is probably great news for you.

2. Pieces of Italian leather are unique

The treatment used to obtain this material is vegetable tanning. Considering that this is a natural process, all the pieces that are produced are completely unique. No two are the same, which is great news for all those who want to be authentic and avoid wearing things that are in trend and therefore look like everyone else. Italian leather accessories are one of the kind, and you will also be one of the kind when you wear them.

3. A special way of production

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One of the main reasons why this type of leather is so special is the way it is obtained. As we have already said, vegetable tanning is a way to go when it comes to Italian leather. The reason why this is so wow is that the process is completely different from those used for other leather types. In the world, leather tanning is mainly a mineral process that involves the use of chemicals, such as chromium and various acids. Most companies use mineral treatment, because it is much faster and cheaper, and therefore more cost-effective for producers. However, consumers are at a loss in this case, because the quality of such products is much lower. That is why Italian leather is always the best choice if you want the best price-quality ratio.

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4. Never goes out of style

If you want to buy a handbag or belt that will always be in fashion, then you should choose this type of leather. Beautiful leather accessories are a good choice because they are authentic and always modern, which is not the case with most other materials. Once you choose products for yourself, you will be able to wear them for a very long time without fear that they will look old and outdated. Italian leather never goes out of style

5. It is very easy to maintain

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You probably have a few perfect, expensive bags in your closet that are just so difficult to maintain that they are completely impractical. When you need to take care of every little thing to make your bag look beautiful, you will probably eventually give up carrying it, because who in the 21st century has time to tidy handbags for hours? With Italian leather bags, you will not have this kind of problem, because they require minimal maintenance. You will only need to wipe them with a cloth or apply oils that are intended for their maintenance. With a little air ventilation, your bags will look phenomenal and will always be ready to carry them.


Leather accessories are evergreen and really never go out of fashion. A beautiful and quality handbag, wallet, or belt is always a good choice, especially when they are made of Italian leather. This type of leather is obtained in a special way, through the process of vegetable tanning. It is known for its premium quality, longevity, and authenticity because it is obtained by a natural process and each piece is completely unique. Behind every piece made of Italian leather are a long tradition, dedication, and passion. If you want quality accessories that will make you look modern, classic, and with which you ill feel phenomenal, Italian leather products are the way to go.

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