What Is The Best Thing To Mix With Kraken Rum?

If you’re into mysterious, classic, and dark genres of things, you must like the aura Kraken rum gives off. With its peculiar yet hooking taste, brought upon by 13 highly kept secret ingredients, this rum brand must be one of the easiest drinks you can recognize at a party. Not only is it highly praised for its taste, but the Kraken rum also attracts a lot of liquor collectors for its elegant and stylish bottle – looking like a pirate’s drinking container. For those who like their drinks topnotch both in taste and in appearance, Kraken rum is a match made in heaven for them.

LiqourLaboratory offers a highly informative guide for those who want to experience the sensation of drinking Kraken rum, from its different bottle sizes to different styles and mixes on how to drink it according to various preferences.

However, if you’re already familiar with the product and want to try something new with it, we have prepared just what you need. Listed below are some of the most recommended mixers you can add to your usual Kraken rum to create an incredible drinking experience.

1. Make it “stormy” with Ginger Beer.

Source: delish.com

Also known as the “Kraken Storm,” this mix is done by easily pouring one glass of Kraken rum and three glasses of Ginger Beer in a highball liquor container. This will not only make your Kraken experience spicy but will also give off a certain dark and stormy flavor. The ginger beer will help make the beverage achieve a full flavor and balance out the spiciness brought upon by the Kraken.

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To smoothen the inherent richness of the spiced rum even more, consider using a dry ginger beer. It gives a big difference in taste compared to using the usual ginger beer. Spiced rum and ginger beer might not be a little like Dark’ N’ Stormy drink, but it still offers an exquisite taste. This is the perfect pint of spice you need for those who like to enjoy time in bars and enjoy the howdy vibe.

2. Create a black roast rum with your favorite coffee.

Source: unsplash.com

Hello caffeine lovers out there, this mixture is the perfect one for you! With just a glass of your favorite cold brew coffee, one glass of the Kraken Rum, and a creamer of your choice, you’ll be able to re-create the well-known Kraken Black Roast Rum!

A drink with a rich flavor and strong aroma will help you start your weekends right. Make yourself feel alive with this creamy, powerful, and savory drink.

3. Can’t get enough coffee? Try the Kraken rum espresso martini.

Source: concreteplayground.com

We’re not yet done with giving you the perfect alcoholic beverage, coffee lovers! Because we have prepared the perfect drink that can fit into your favorite coffee cup. Mix 2 glasses of Kraken rum with single shots of espresso and a coffee liqueur of your choice. Blend all the ingredients, add some ice, and ta-dah! Your Kraken rum espresso martini is done cold and ready to serve.

When you add The Kraken Rum to an Espresso Martini, its ingredients complement the flavors of freshly made espresso, and you know you’re sipping a strong beverage in such a small coffee cup. If you’re feeling too tired with the tough reality, you can give yourself a break and live a day with caffeine, alcohol, and fun.

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4. Keep it classic with cola.

Source: sweatpantsandcoffee.com

A classic Rum and Coke is among the most well-known pub orders and has been in the sipping dictionary since the 19th century in some form or the other. Spice up the typical cocktail by using the Kraken spiced rum. The vanilla and cinnamon taste in the rum complement the traditional Coca-Cola depth of flavor and offer the fizzy drink a flavor boost with the strong and fierce “Booz.”

You can recreate old school drink by mixing a glass of Kraken rum with three glasses of cola and a lemon wedge for some finishing touch. Add some ice as well to have a refreshing effect. The beverage takes on a richer, deeper flavor when you add The Kraken Black Spiced Rum to the mixture. Rum and cola may be a legendary nautical combo that has been passed down through generations of drinkers, but this mix remains superb.

5. Have some tropical taste with the Kraken rum x Pineapple juice combo.

Source: thrillist.com

If you like to have the “island feels” and want to be the envy of every passing city people, all you need to do is purchase pineapple juice. Or, if you like it better all-natural, buy some pineapple and take its juices out to glass. Add a glass of Kraken rum to it, and you’re done! You just made a refreshing Kraken rum x Pineapple juice combo.

Spiced rum goes well with anything tropical, for real. But, if you like to go extra posh, the combination of pineapple juice and rum with ice is the key! Just mix it until it’s lovely and bubbly. Pro-tip for better visual presentations: carve the pineapple you used and place the mixture there. Just add some straw and pineapple cuts for finishing. Life on the island has never been this easy, isn’t it?

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6. Experience a relaxing vice by adding some iced tea to your rum.

Source: tastemade.com

On a sunny afternoon, on your front porch, reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie. Suddenly, you have this urge to grab a drink not too hard for the daytime but also not too bad at quenching your thirst. What do you need? A mixture of Kraken Rum and Iced tea.

You can effortlessly spice up a light iced tea with the Kraken rum. For what? This is to bring life and flavor to your usual chill afternoons. Use a potent iced tea for better results. Products like Twisted Tea or Not Your Mama’s Iced Tea are highly recommended if you want a better drinking experience and decide you want your afternoons to be crazy. Add a dash of lemon juice to your blend, or combine your spiced rum with a half and half share of iced tea and lemonade. It’s your choice, but either way, the after-product will never go wrong.

Do you think you’ve had enough of the classic Kraken Rum? Think again. With these incredible and easy-to-follow mixes, you’ll never get “too much” rum again.