Is Hiking in Military Boots a Good Idea?

Hiking is a great outdoor activity. Like camping, it is another way of ditching city life and going out in the wilderness, mountains, etc., to get close to nature. When you talk about hiking, no that it is not something fun! Hiking is a serious business. You can just get out of bed and go hiking in your casual clothes and shoes. You need preparation and proper gear.

Among all the things you require for hiking, boots are crucial. Because hiking requires you to walk on different trails, you need shoes that offer support, stability, and comfort. Hiking is feet work. So, if you don’t have the right pair of shoes, you are going to be in so much trouble.

Several types of shoes are made especially for hiking. These shoes are built around unique features that offer a high level of comfort and support to the feet. As a result, they make hiking so much easier and more fun. If you are looking for such premium quality hiking boots, click here.

Among the many kinds of boots, military boots are often used as hiking boots. Although both are made for different purposes and have somewhat different features, the debate whether combat shoes are suitable for hiking or not is as hot as ever. So, if you plan on going for a hike and have an old pair of military boots laying around, here is everything you need to about these two types of boots:

What are military boots?


Military boots are also known as combat boots. These are specialized boots that are worn by military officers during combat. Because they have to run, work a lot with their feet on different surfaces, these boots are designed to provide ultimate support to them. Here are a few noticeable features of military shoes:

  • They have a very secure grip.
  • They offer protection to the foot as well as the ankle.
  • They provide stability to the feet.
  • The internal panels are made from premium and technologically advanced material, which makes them breathable and comfortable.
  • They are long-lasting
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Here are a few negatives of these shoes:

  • They can be heavy
  • They might not be suitable for specific surfaces like sandy or slippery surfaces.

Why military boots work well for hiking?

Now, if you are wondering why are combat shoes a perfect choice for hiking, here are a few reasons:



When you are out hiking, your feet the ones that do all the work; the whole pressure lies on your ankles and feet. So, you need a pair of shoes that offer you a high level of support. Not just to your feet but your ankles as well. Military shoes provide support to your whole feet plus ankle. That’s because it is designed by keeping in mind the activities of the military officers. So, this boot ticks all the boxes for support. Whether the hiking surface is slippery, rocky, or steep, you have got the proper support.

Grip and stability

These boots are designed to ensure grip on different surfaces. So, if you wear these for hiking, you won’t have to worry about slipping at all. Furthermore, with support and grip comes stability as well. Your foot feels stable on different surfaces, and the support to your foot and ankle is just right.


These boots are made from premium-grade material. Most even have an anti-corrosive or anti-weather shield over them. So, no matter where you are going for a hike, these shoes won’t wear out quickly, whatever the weather conditions are. They are super durable and last very long. Because of this feature, it is an excellent long-term investment. You can hike as much as you want. These shoes won’t ditch you.

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Because military officers have to wear these shoes for a very long period of time in different environments, comfort has a top priority. These boots have special material insoles and panels that ensure comfort. As a result, the shoes are breathable. So, when you are out hiking in a hot climate, you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet. However, you have to remember that military officials are used to wearing these shoes. So, they find these comfortable with time. However, for someone, new the comfort level might not be the same.

Why don’t military boots work well for hiking?

Here is why having a military boot for hiking is not a good idea:



Military people are trained to be comfortable in combat boots. It’s part of their attire. However, people like you and me might not find these very comfortable, especially when hiking. Hats because the insole is relatively inflexible, stiff, and tight. Which can be uncomfortable while hiking. If you buy bigger size boots for more comfort, you will need good insoles that will give you easiness during hiking. Check out the review of the best insoles for the too-big shoes on and find durable insoles that will help you endure the adventure.


Combat boots are hefty. When we say heavy, we literally mean heavy. When you are hiking, you want shoes that feel light and easy to move in. Combat shoes don’t feel light at all. It can result in fatigue, make you uncomfortable and turn your hiking experience into a bad one. It’s better to go with something like Ergonx Arch Support Work Boots, that are specially designed for this type of surface and rough terrain.

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Not so fashionable

Military boots have nothing to do with fashion. There is no relation between the two whatsoever. So, if you like your trail shoes to be colorful, stylish, and a bit fashion-forward, military boots will disappoint you in this regard.

Whether military shoes are good hiking boots or not is a fifty-fifty equation. There is no definite answer to this. It depends upon the hikers. If you are habitual of using military boots or have a pair lying around, or don’t want to spend extra cash on a hiking boot, and find it convincing enough for hiking, you can go for them. However, if you are a beginner and looking for something comfortable and lightweight, we recommend getting yourself a pair of trail shoes. After all, why choose military boots when you can find a good hiking boot in the same price range?