Useful Cannabis Properties Pique Interest of FDA

FDA Stance on Cannabis Products

The FDA has conducted much research into learning about the health effects, both positive and negative, of the use of cannabis products. The organization that it is aware of the “opportunities” that cannabis products may bring about. In other words, the FDA is looking into the many potential uses and benefits of cannabis products.

The FDA especially focuses on learning about the uses of cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. CBD is different from the compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC produces the “high” that people who smoke marijuana experience. CBD, on the other hand, does not produce a high.

The FDA recognizes there is a significant distinction between marijuana and CBD, which is used in many cannabis products. Many people claim that CBD does wonders to address a variety of health problems and ailments, and the FDA is conducting research to see if those claims can be corroborated.

FDA Regulations Regarding Cannabis Products


Currently, there is an FDA approved CBD product on the market. It is a prescription drug that is used to treat seizures that come from Lennox Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome (DS), and tuberculosis sclerosis complex (TSC). This drug is known as Epidiolex, and in multiple studies, the purified CBD was proven to reduce the numbers of seizures that people experienced. It is unclear exactly how CBD helps prevent seizures, but the FDA recognizes CBD as an effective treatment for seizures.

There are also a number of synthetic cannabis products that the FDA has approved. These include Marinol and Syndros, where the active ingredient is dronabinol, and Cesamet, where the active ingredient is nabilone. Dronabinol, a manmade form of marijuana, helps prevent vomiting and increases appetite. It is particularly useful for chemotherapy patients and AIDS patients experiencing loss of appetite or nausea. Nabilone also helps to address vomiting.

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While those are the only cannabis products that have technically been approved by the FDA, the FDA continues to look into the many possible uses for cannabis. It has expressed a commitment to the further development of cannabis products, given the many potential medical uses. Until the FDA knows more about the use of cannabis, it has created specific rules and regulations for the selling of over-the-counter cannabis products.

Given the fact that many CBD products on the shelves are currently unregulated, third-party testing is an amazing alternative for ensuring that the CBD products being sold are both safe and ethical. Here, at CBD ReThink, we take the safety of our customers very seriously, which is why we subject our products to third-party testing. That way, an impartial third party can determine the safety of our products, so our customers can rest assured that these products have been researched and tested.

Uses and Benefits of Cannabis Products

The FDA has expressed “significant interest” in learning more about potential uses and benefits of cannabis, specifically cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD. That is because cannabis contains a variety of properties that may make it helpful in treating a multitude of ailments. People who use CBD claim it could relieve pain, reduce anxiety and do much more. The following list includes the potential benefits to using CBD products.

  • CBD may help relieve pain. Research shows that CBD may cause interactions with neurotransmitters that could help reduce inflammation, potentially leading to reduced pain.
  • CBD may reduce anxiety and depression. Research indicates that CBD also may assist with the side effects of anxiety and depression, that include insomnia and sexual dysfunction.
  • CBD might counteract nausea, especially when associated with chemotherapy patients.
  • CBD could reduce severity of neurological disorders, including epilepsy and schizophrenia.
  • CBD may benefit heart and circulatory system.
  • CBD could alleviate skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and more. The anti-inflammatory properties may soothe and promote healthy skin.
  • CBD has shown promising results in reducing incidents of various types of cancer. In multiple animal experiments, CBD was associated with reduction in prostate, colon, breast, lung and brain cancer.
  • Preliminary research indicates CBD may help prevent diabetes. The study was conducted in mice, but it reduced risk of diabetes by 56%.
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Different Types of Cannabis Products


Cannabis products can be separated into two relevant groups: products with THC and products without THC. To reiterate, products that do not contain THC do not make a person feel “high,” as typically happens with marijuana use. Many CBD products not containing THC can be taken orally, or they may be applied topically in the case of lotions and creams. The FDA prohibits the labeling of oral CBD products as “dietary supplements,” but the selling of such products is completely legal. Many people report experiencing the benefits of CBD products, whether used orally or topically. Below, there are lists of the many types of CBD products available over the counter.

  • Oral CBD Products


CBD taken orally could help people manage anxiety and depression, may promote relaxation and potentially reduces symptoms such as insomnia. It has also shown promising results when given to people experiencing nausea or lack of appetite. The following list includes the various ways CBD may be taken orally.

  • CBD oil, meant to be placed under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds
  • CBD gummies, meant to be chewed and swallowed
  • CBD capsules, meant to be swallowed
  • Topical CBD Products


Used topically, CBD products may promote relaxation and reduce pain in muscles. They could also help with problems involving inflammation, given its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it ideal for treating muscle soreness, acne, eczema and more. The following list includes the various ways CBD may be used topically.

  • CBD lotions and creams
  • CBD massage oils
  • Pain-relieving CBD salves
  • CBD face masks
  • CBD face mists
  • CBD lip balms
  • CBD serums
  • CBD body oils
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Want to Learn More about CBD

There’s a lot to learn about what CBD is and its regulation, FDA stance on cannabis products, why it doesn’t get you high, and what the best products for your situation are. We’re here to help if you need it.

Explore more for more ideas on CBD, using it for different illnesses, and finding the highest quality products you can.