3 Benefits Of Reverse Hyperextension For Your Back Problems

A huge number of the US population suffers from back problems. Back problems come in all shapes and sizes. But a reverse hyperextension might be the solution for it.

When we talk about eliminating back problems, we have to look at the underlying issue. Namely, the biggest reason why back problems plague our society is poor lifestyle choices.

More and more people are sitting at home without doing any exercise. We’re here to change that by giving you the benefits of reverse hyperextension for your back problems.

With all that said, let’s start.

What Is A Hyperextension Machine?

First things first, the best way to perform this exercise is to use a machine specially designed for that. Nearly every gym has one of these and that is a huge benefit when it comes to eliminating this problem.

The great thing about this machine is that it allows users to perform a hyperextension exercise. Not only that, but the primary focus of this machine is to strengthen one’s posterior chain by working on the most important muscle groups located in the lower back. In addition, you also train the hamstrings and glutes.

With a hyperextension machine, you can say goodbye to back problems as it directly targets the muscle groups that have the biggest impact on our lower back.

Working with a hyperextension machine for some time will allow you to improve and develop dynamic strength in the spinal area. So with all that said, let’s look at how this exercise solves your back problems.

Benefits Of Doing Reverse Hyperextension

1.   Better Hip Extension

Source: mygymmachines.com

Every athlete understands the importance of having better hip extension abilities. It is something that every athlete works on, and something that a hyperextension machine allows you. When you get on one of these machines, you will do more than get the body of your dreams.

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You’re also doing all kinds of movements that positively impact your back. Not only that, but better hip extension ability gives you more strength, control, and makes it easier to perform many other exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and more.

2.   Puts A Stop To Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is probably the worst type of pain to be had. Not only can we do nothing about it, but it can turn into a nuisance. BY doing reverse hyperextensions, you are directly impacting your lower back pain.

Trust us when we say this, exercise is one of the most effective ways to eliminate lower back pain and prevent injuries in the future. One thing to note is that the exercise does this is by targeting the many muscle groups that play an important role. One such muscle group is the hamstring. A strong and flexible hamstring will prevent lower back pain in the future. It will allow you to perform other exercises in the future without having to fear spinal injuries. Deadlifts are a prime example of this.

When doing a deadlift, the spine takes a lot of pressure. Your spine and the lower back area won’t feel the additional pressure you’re putting it under by performing reverse hyperextensions, according to gym-expert.com.

3.   Better Hamstring and Glute

Source: maleultracore.com

There are so many exercises out there that strengthen our hamstrings and glutes. But even more so, these two areas are vital for solving back pain. By working on every muscle group that impacts your ability to feel back pain, you are making it easier to manage it all.

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Since every athlete understands the importance of having a strong glute and hamstrings, there is no better way to work on both areas simultaneously than with reverse hyperextension. Whenever performing the exercise, you are impacting various areas, not just the hamstrings and glutes. Most importantly, you are impacting your lower back. The more you work on it, the higher the chances to solve all of your problems.

In addition, you’ll make it much easier to do other exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and more.

Rep Schemes for Reverse Hyperextensions

If you’re thinking of starting with the exercise, then it’s important to know how to do it, what to work on, and for how long. Below are 4 rep schemes you can follow for a flawless back.

If You’re Looking To Improve Form

When it comes to improving form, it’s all about starting slow and gradually increasing workload. Thus, you can start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you can’t perform this workload, then start even smaller, 2 sets of 8 repetitions.

·      If You’re Looking To Build Muscle

Source: barbend.com

When it comes to muscle building, you’ll need to put in the work. That means you’ll need to increase your workload by as much as 30%. When it comes to actual numbers, experts suggest doing 15 reps of 10 repetitions with a 30-second break between each. At the end of it, you’ll feel like you’ve done the exercise of your life.

·      If You’re Looking To Increase Strength

For greater strength, look towards 3 to 4 sets up to 10 repetitions. You’ll notice this is actually the same as improving form. Again, if you can’t do that, switch to a lower workload.

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·      If You’re Looking To Improve Muscle Endurance

Source: fitandnice.net

Muscle endurance is highly important. Without it, we wouldn’t last a single minute out there. Naturally, you should also look towards improving this aspect. With reverse hyperextensions, that is certainly possible. In terms of sets and reps, experts advise doing anywhere between 15 to 20 sets of 10 reps. This way, you are working your muscles to the absolute maximum and not giving back pain a chance to be a problem. Between each set, rest for around 30 seconds.


Reverse hyperextension is an excellent exercise that impacts various muscle groups. But what we can use it for the most is to strengthen our lower back and put an end to back problems. In addition to working on our hamstrings, glutes, and hip area, performing hyperextensions will give you the body you’ve always wanted – pain-free!