6 Reasons Why You Should Commute with Electric Longboards

Electric longboards are a fabulous way to go about your daily commute. Their popularity only seems to be growing as their design develops and becomes suitable for different types of city terrain.

There are many reasons why purchasing one for yourself is a good idea. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of using an electric longboard to help you decide whether it suits your commute or not.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of it!

1. They’re eco-friendly

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There’s only one planet that can sustain life in our solar system – our planet, the Earth. Yet, we keep taking it for granted every day as we refuse to lead eco-friendly lifestyles.

One of the easiest ways you can contribute to the perseverance of our fragile atmosphere is by avoiding commuting with your car whenever it’s possible. Petrol and Diesel fueled traffic is one of the leading causes of climate change – don’t forget that.

Electric longboards are an excellent way to remain environmentally friendly while still getting to your office in time. They’re not nearly as slow as regular bikes or walking, and they still don’t harm the environment. As you already know, they’re powered by electricity, not gas.

Either way, if you’re looking into options that will make your daily commute a bit more „green“ and „sustainable“, don’t hesitate to try out an electric longboard.

2. They’re fun!

Skating on an electric longboard is as fun as it seems. Every ride will be fun and enjoyable, especially if you already like skating. We’re yet to meet a person who doesn’t like riding an electric longboard – they’re designed for speed, comfort, and safety.

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Now, if you’ve never used anything similar to an electric longboard, we advise you to practice riding it before you incorporate it into your daily commute. Again, these are not your usual longboards – you’ll need to get used to them, especially if you haven’t even used a regular longboard or a skateboard before.

Still, one thing can’t be denied: these are certainly a fun way to commute! You don’t need to worry about slow traffic and sitting in the heat for hours, which makes it an investment worth making.

3. It’s healthier!

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Riding in a car is not particularly healthy for your body, especially if you already lead a sedentary lifestyle. Electric longboards help you improve your balance, stay a bit more physically active, and reduce stress. There’s nothing quite like feeling the breeze on your body while commuting to work – you’re bound to arrive refreshed and motivated.

If you suffer from back pain and other chronic issues related to sitting, you’ll be able to benefit from riding a longboard to work. You’ll be in a standing position during your commute, which is already an excellent improvement compared to sitting in a car every day.

Either way, if you’d like to find a healthier alternative to commuting in a car, electric longboards might be just what you’ve been looking for!

4. It’s more affordable.

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When it comes to long-term costs, you can’t compare an electric skateboard to your car. Paying for gas and regular maintenance can completely dry your finances, while a motorized electric longboard will barely cost you anything over the years.

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Of course, you have to make sure you purchase a quality model first. Places like lumbuy offer a wide range of electric skateboards, so make sure you compare different models before you make a decision. A poor-quality longboard can get broken quite quickly, which simply doesn’t pay off.

Overall, commuting with a motorized electric longboard is a great way to save money, especially when looking at it from a long-term perspective.

5. It’s extremely convenient.

Even though both have similar benefits, the difference between choosing to simply walk to work and riding an electric longboard is that the latter is much more convenient. First of all, it’s much quicker – in fact, depending on the traffic in your area, you’ll get to your office faster than by driving a car! Secondly, it’s more comfortable. Even if it does require some physical effort on your part, you won’t get to work tired. We advise you to try it before you buy it if you don’t believe us. It’s a fun, refreshing experience that will make your commute much more enjoyable.

Now, of course, there are days when you won’t be able to commute with your electronic vehicle – it’s not suitable for all kinds of weather. During the rainy season, you could always go back to commuting with your car or public transport, but having another option at your disposal is always a plus.

So, overall, if comfort and convenience are among your highest priorities when it comes to your daily commute, investing in an electric skateboard might be a good idea for you. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

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6. Versatility and portability.

Source: evolveskateboardsusa.com

As we’ve mentioned before, electric skateboards are not like regular skateboards – they can be driven on all kinds of terrain, especially newer models. While this article is mainly about your daily commute to work, this doesn’t mean you can’t ride your longboard in other settings!

You’ll also be able to switch between manual and electric, which only adds to the versatility of the device. Again, there are hardly any limits to where you can take them, as they’re extremely portable and lightweight.

Either way, don’t forget to do your research on different brands and their models. Finding something that works for your needs and your budget is of the utmost importance.

The bottom line

There are many benefits of investing in an electric longboard for your daily commute. They’re eco-friendly, versatile, portable, and extremely fun to ride! As long as you take your time to consider different types of models, we’re certain you’ll find something that suits your preferences perfectly.

We hope our article helped you realize the advantages of commuting with an electric skateboard and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.