What Are the Essential Camping Equipment

Are you a camper, and do you have a passion for “do it yourself”? Do you want to know what the essential features of a trailer are? Are you curious to know which gadgets can make your life easier? You are in the right place. Here you can finally find everything you need!

This guide will always be a complete list and a general point of reference on the essential equipment on the camper, especially for living in it.


120W monocrystalline photovoltaic panel

Indispensable to be autonomous from an energy point of view, portable solar panels for camping are at the top of the list of essential camper equipment, regardless of how we use it. More information you can find at Renogy.

MPPT 20A charge controller for photovoltaic panels

Since I started my journey, I have been using this charge controller and can vouch for its quality and reliability. For the sizing, it is necessary to understand the power of the panels installed on the camper and the consumption expected in the cell itself. This model can handle a current of 20A and goes well combined with the board always on the list.

It has an onboard display, but a remote control unit must be installed if we want complete load management. The convenient solution as the regulator can be installed in a hidden compartment, and the display, which allows us to manage consumption 100%, will be positioned comfortably in sight.

MT-50 remote LCD

Display to be combined with the charge regulator. It allows us to select the type of service battery supplied on the vehicle (to recharge it with the correct voltage), checks daily consumption and energy production, set time slots for the activation and deactivation of the loads, and know the status of our system. You can view the battery charge level, understand if the panels are working correctly, and see if there are anomalous absorptions in the cell.

Renogy 12V 100Ah AGM battery

The RV battery is the beating heart of our cell, and we recommend buying at least one of approximately 100Ah.

Renogy is an essential and reliable brand, and this battery is one of their low-profile models. All this makes it easier to install under the passenger seat.

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3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The inverter is essential to have on board, especially if, like me, you will be doing much more free parking than camping!

Its task is straightforward: it transforms the voltage of the service battery into the classic 220V, essential to use all the appliances, just like at home.

The inverter I recommend is in the “pure wave” category as it is the safest from the point of view of reliability. The most important parameter to choose now is power. If we have to use equipment with significant absorptions (hairdryer, microwave, etc.), we will need an inverter that delivers many W.

Otherwise, you can choose a model with lower power, such as 300W (laptop, drone, hair clipper, etc.).

Industrial 220v extension cord for connection to an electric column

It is a simple extension with a 3-pole cable, essential for connecting our camper to the 220V column of campsites and rest areas. The plug/socket is of the industrial type. If we want to arrive prepared in any camps with standard/schuko sockets, we must purchase two additional adapters.

Turbo vent porthole for air recirculation

Turbo vent: from personal experience, I find it very useful. It allows you to extract air from the cell (for cooking odors or smokers) or to introduce air from outside to refresh the environment (in free use under the sun, it is exceptional). It has a fan speed regulator and an environmental thermostat, allowing us to program it in the best possible way for each need.

The turbulent is a “Fiamma” brand, a guarantee for this product.

“Fiamma” external and internal locks

Source: fiamma.it

The essential camper equipment in terms of safety is the additional locks to be fitted inside and outside the doors. The most robust outdoor series model is the “Safe Door Magnum,” which comes complete with an assembly kit that includes an internal contemplate, essential for guaranteeing tightness in the event of attempted burglary.

As for the interior lock, the Fiamma model is straightforward to assemble and just as effective.

Trivalent 12V gas detector

It is an essential accessory from the point of view of safety. This sensor can simultaneously detect the possible presence of gas, carbon monoxide, and ether inside our camper.

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For gas and carbon monoxide, no explanations are needed. As far as ether is concerned, this is a substance often used by ill-intentioned people to make our sleep heavy and act undisturbed during a theft. This sensor, generating a powerful sound alarm, will wake us up before this happens.

NB – it will be sufficient to power it via the 12V voltage of the cell to make it operational.

Powder extinguisher 1kg

Source: firefighter.com.my

An excellent investment, in terms of safety, is undoubtedly a fire extinguisher. This model, complete with a convenient storage bracket, is lightweight and ideal in an emergency.

This model is powder. Alternatively, you can get a mini foam fire extinguisher.

Bullock universal steering lock

Among the essential camper equipment, there is him. One of the best-known manual steering locks is the “Bullock.” It allows us with a single maneuver to lock the brake pedal and the steering wheel of our vehicle, preventing any theft of the same.

There are several models on the market, and the universal model fits almost all vehicles on the road.

30Mbar gas regulator

Source: practicalcaravan.com

The regulator is the element that allows all our gas utilities to work correctly.

This model is suitable for cylinders with an Italian connection. The outlet has a thread on which to connect a low-pressure gas pipe.

Trauma Duo Control pressure regulator

Pressure regulator that allows us to connect two gas cylinders at the same time. He will change automatically from the empty cylinder to the reserved one.

From a safety point of view, this regulator also has a crash sensor, which prevents the gas from escaping in the event of an accident. For this function, it will be mandatory to use a special anti-break gas pipe.

Clearwater loading kit

The kit I’ve been using for some time now includes everything needed to connect to the different types of taps that are around to be prepared for any load condition!

It is a retractable tube (when at rest, it collects in a handy plastic bag, thus taking up very little space) that, under pressure, reaches an extension of approximately 15 meters.

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It is complete with fittings, a filter cartridge, a sediment filter (helpful in making sure you load water with zero impurities), a gun with different spray modes, and a sachet of sanitizer for systems.

I recommend adding a universal fitting to this kit.

Collapsible tank

Source: campingcollections.com.au

Convenient folding tank to store in any corner when not in use. Substantial, light, and space-saving.

Available for purchase at this link.

Flame expansion vessel

The expansion tank is an essential element of the water system. It avoids the pulsating operation of the pump, preventing its damage over time, and provides a constant flow of water in the required quantity, leaving the taps.

Leveling wedges

Leveling wedges are not essential but very useful because they allow us to “level” the camper, i.e., they help us to eliminate any slopes in the area where we park, in favor of livability, the functionality of the fridge, and no lateral accumulation of water in the shower tray and sinks.

There is a cheap but decidedly fragile model (I managed to deform it on the second day of use), so I recommend this model with an excellent value for money, which I tested in various conditions.

220V table fan

This 220V fan can be adjusted to 3 speeds to be powered by the solar panel inverter.

Unlike the turbulent, we will be able to move it from the living area to the sleeping area as we please and, in addition, with its only 70W of power we will ensure a powerful recirculation of air in case of too high temperatures, or when we find ourselves parked in where it is forbidden to open the windows. Besides, you can read this thorough guidebook if you are interested in RV inverter recently.

Not only equipment but also camper accessories

This is the list of essential camper equipment which, in my opinion, should not be missing from those who live in campers or who generally do a lot of free parking.

I repeat, everything always depends on your needs, which are probably the most diverse.