Can You Put an Automatic Movement in a Quartz Watch?

Finding a timeless watch means that you have found something that perfectly fits every trend, every generation, and every style. This may seem like an impossible task to do but if you see pieces that were made decades ago and they are still some of the most popular and even luxurious pieces you can find on the market, you will see that locating a timeless and elegant piece like that it’s not that difficult. There are several things that come into play for a piece to become a hereditary watch. The first thing is the overall look, next we have the materials that it is made of, and finally, we have the movement. In this article, we are going to tell you if you can put an automatic movement in a quartz watch. Keep on reading to find out if this is something that is going to be better for your piece of jewelry or if this is something that is frowned upon.

What are the things you need to know?

First, we are going to talk about the things that you need to know before you start exploring changing the movement. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you decide on this and it mainly all depends on the layout of the case.

The modern quartz movements are pretty thin, so one way or another, chances are, you will be looking at a headwind movement, and that is not always practical for users that are interested in automatic watches.

You have to consider the height, the weight, and the diameter of the movement and you need to be aware that the stem has to line up. If this is not lined up and if the movement is too high for the piece of jewelry that you have it will not work properly and there will be just no room for it. Be aware that not every quartz watch can be changed easily to an automatic and you should always do deep research depending on the exact model of the watch before you decide to make this change.

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A silver lining in this is that nowadays there are a lot of different options on the market and if you find the right movement and the right company, you should be able to easily replace the current movement that you have with an automatic one.

In case you have found the right model for your watch you should know that this is a pretty inexpensive way to change the system and to have the automatic version on your jewelry. In case you cannot easily change it, you should know that the Boderry model is an automatic watch that offers timeless elegance and you can choose any of the models that are going to fit your personal preferences and style.

Can it be done?


Now let’s see if this is something that can be done and if you can easily put an automatic movement into a quartz watch. The short answer to this question is that yes, you can do this, and no matter when you bought your watch and how old it is, chances are you should be able to replace the movement and the mechanism.

The question here is not if you can do it, it is mainly if you can easily find the mechanism that is going to allow you to do this. The problem arises when the movement is too thick, too high, or weighs too much for the specific piece that you have. If the mechanism does not fit perfectly into the piece that you have it will not function properly and it may even cause further damage to your watch. Because of this, you have to be extremely careful and you should not try to cram a new movement into a watch that is too small for it.

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If you want to do this you should never try and do it on your own, especially if you have a luxurious piece or something that has been in your family for generations. Chances are, you don’t know how to do this on your own and even if you watch all the tutorials that you can find, you most likely don’t have the needed tools and equipment to finish this task on your own and you may just end up losing all the small pieces that are inside your watch.

The best thing you can do is go to a professional and take your jewelry to a shop where they work with the exact type and model of the piece you have. The professionals will be able to estimate if changing the movement is an option for your exact watch and they will help you figure out what is the best way forward depending on your preferences. When you find the perfect replacement, they will change the movement for you and you will know that everything is done properly and professionally and that you don’t have to worry about the movement getting damaged with time or damaging the other parts of the watch.


The main reason why people want to change the quartz mechanism to an automatic one is that they don’t want to have to change the battery and they want the piece to be useful for generations without anyone having to open the piece up and change the system. However, if you cannot change the movement into an automatic one then the best thing you can do is invest in good batteries that are going to last for several years. Note that nowadays most of the batteries available on the market will last for at least two years however there are also types and models of batteries that can last for more than a decade. Even though the latter option will be a more expensive one. At the end of the day when you’re investing in something that is going to serve you for a long time, the investment will be worth it.

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The bottom line is, yes you can replace the quartz movement on your wristwatch with an automatic one, as long as you find the right type and as long as you have someone who is able to change it properly. In any other case, you can easily invest in a new model that he’s going to put a smile on your face and keep you and further generations happy.