6 Easiest Ways To Clean Tile Grout At Home

We want our homes to be sparkling clean, and sometimes we need to pay attention to surfaces that we don’t necessarily clean daily. Some of these surfaces will make a huge difference when it comes to the whole look and feel of your home, so you need to maintain them regularly if you want your house to look and feel amazing. Here, we are going to talk about tile grout, and we are going to list some of the easiest ways to clean it in your home.

Start with soap and water

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The first thing you want to start with if you want to clean your tile grout at home is just a little bit of soap and warm water. Create a solution with this, and get a toothbrush or any brush that has strong enough bristles but that would not damage the grout. You can choose to put this solution in a spay bottle for every high surface, or if you want to just clean the floors, you can pour a bit of it on the toles directly and start scrubbing. Know that you need to be gentle and you should never use too much force.

Unless there is too much dirt or grease, chances are, the soap and the water are going to be the only thing you need and you will be able to clean every single part of them without too much trouble. However, if you notice that there is still some residue left, you can check out some of the other methods on this list.

Vinegar can help out a lot

Vinegar is a miracle solution to many of your dirt problems. It is going to dissolve all the dirt and stains and it is going to leave your home looking fresh and clean. In addition to this, it also removes bacteria and you will know that you and your loved ones are always safe.

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If you use vinegar to clean your bathroom, kitchen, or balcony, then you just need to pour a bit of it, leave it to dissolve the dirt, and then scrub everything. Don’t forget to wash the tiles with water after, and know that you should always use white vinegar that is not going to stain your tiles.

Try to remove stains with bicarbonate soda

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If you are looking to clean your property with ease with just items that you have at home you should definitely try baking soda. Some people don’t want to experiment with vinegar because it can color some light tiles, or it may just leave a lingering smell that we don’t want to feel.

You can combine bicarbonate soda with a bit of water to make a paste, or you can add a few drops of lemon, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide for the best results. Put the paste on the grout and scrub gently.

Know that sometimes all these processes are going to take a bit of time, and if your tiles are dirty, then you may need to spend hours cleaning them. If you want to save yourself time, then you should check services like RenueHawaii and see how they can help you with this process.

Use the right products

Using the right products is a must, and sometimes we don’t want to use items that we can find in our home, and we want to go with something stronger that can be found in the stores. The good news is that there are a lot of goods that you can choose to help clean your tiles and grout. However, there are also items that can do more damage than good.

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Because of this, you should always go with products that are specially made for this purpose and you need to find supplies that are made for the specific type of tiles that you have. Don’t go with goods that are just harsh chemicals, because even though they are going to remove the dirt right away, they will also permanently damage the grout and make the tiles more brittle.

Hydrogen peroxide is an option as well

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You’ve probably heard about this trick since it is used to clean almost anything and everything. You can try cleaning the tiles with hydrogen peroxide, and to boost things up, you can also combine it with bicarbonate soda and make a paste with it.

Keep in mind that you should opt for a solution that is no more than three percent since everything stronger than it may damage your property. If you dilute it with water, you can choose the six percent solution, however, it is better to not risk it. Always wear gloves when using it, and use a toothbrush to access all the hard-to-reach or clean areas.

Always let the products work before you clean the grout

The biggest trick that you need to know is that all of the products you can choose to use need time to work. Unless you use an extreme chemical that can potentially damage your tiles and grout, you have to leave the goods to work and remove the dirt. The best thing you can do is apply a paste of baking soda and vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to the grout, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then use a toothbrush to scrub all the dirt out.

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Depending on how clean or dirty your grout is, you may need to go back and repeat the process in order to get everything out. In case you are using store-bought products always read the instructions for use before you choose to leave the product on and never use harsh chemicals that will definitely damage your property.

To clean the tiles the fastest and the easiest you need to do it on time. If you clean these parts only once every few years, you are going to have a much harder time than if you do it several times per year. This process will not take too much time, and if you use proper cleaning brushes you will be able to get everything done within 30 minutes.

Find the best combo that works for you depending on your preferences, test things out, and know that once you see the difference you will never go back to cleaning them only once in a while. If you don’t want to risk damaging your tiles or if you don’t have time to maintain them regularly, you can always seek help from professional services that are going to get everything done for you.