What Is The Fastest Way To Gear Up In WoW Shadowlands?

World of Warcraft is one of the rare games that have managed to stay popular for almost two decades. One of the main reasons is that the developers are constantly introducing new updates and add a lot of new features after every few months. The biggest success of Blizzard is known for a huge number of fans and players who are enjoying playing WoW for over 10 years and even more.

The unique structure of the game allows you to build your character by resolving quests, killing enemies and neutral creatures, and much more. They are expanding the map over time, add new heroes, new characters, new items, and a lot more that keep people so interested in playing this game for such a long time. The only titles that can be compared to WoW in terms of popularity for so many years are Dota and Counter-Strike.

The most recent expansion is called Shadowland. The main theme of this update is related to ancient forces that are trying to break into the real world. When it comes to updates and new features, the game is now compatible with three controllers, there are new rouge towers, soul binding, covenants, more items, new zones, and compression of levels.

When it comes to the main objectives in the game, along with the challenges, they are the same. The most important thing is to focus on building your character, leveling, and getting proper gear. However, it will require a lot of effort, especially at certain points when quests are more challenging.

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On the other side, you can always buy some upgrades that will help you to perform better, and pass over some difficult missions. For example, you can visit lfcarry.com and buy Mythic+10 gear, which will provide you with LVL 229, a lot of points, new items, and more. There are other methods for faster gearing as well, and we are going to present you some of the best ones.

Player vs. Player

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This is one of the best ways to get more resources and level up, especially in case that you are struggling with missions like Dungeons, Renown, World Quest, and others. It provides an excellent return with the Just for Honor feature, where you can gain more leveling and reach LVL 160 much faster.

Also, it will help you to upgrade the gear to level 190. If you want more powerful items, you will need to combine this feature with Conquests. The most important thing about this method is that you can manage to gain more gear by only playing in Battlegrounds mode.

The Covenant

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First of all, you will need to achieve a Renown feature to be able to buy this campaign. If you complete it, you can get gear up to LVL 190. Also, you can upgrade additionally with player vs. player in combination with this option. You can upgrade the Covenant to level 197. However, we suggest you complete the Maw of Torghast mission as well. Moreover, you will gain new tokens that will help you to buy high-quality weapons, shields, and other items.

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Collect Legendaries

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It can be difficult to collect these items, but you have to know that they can apply special features and more power to your character. One of the best methods to gain legendaries is through Torghast. When you enter it, you should focus on Soul Ash. When you are trying to reach a legendary in the Covenant, the Soul Ash can provide you with an item up to level 235 which is amazing.

After that, you will need a lot of gold or a max crafter. Besides that, you must unlock the Runecarver as well. Also, you need to know that only one legendary is allowed at the time. Therefore, you should learn more about the features you can get with these special items to make the best choice.

Complete Missions

Another efficient model that will help you to collect more items is the standard model of the game where you should focus on completing quests, dungeons, kills the bosses, be part of the raids, and more. After you kill a boss, you will collect a level 207 item.

One of the best dungeons in this expansion is Mythic, where you might collect items up to level 190. The Timewalking dungeon is very hard, but you could get gear up to level 200. However, certain dungeons and missions require you to have a hero at higher levels as well.

Another important feature to know is that you will collect the Valor points through the game. With a combination of Mythic+ resolved campaigns, you will collect enough points to buy premium gear. Rank 12 will lead to the ability to choose a level 220 item.

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Great Vault

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Another interesting feature in this extension is that you will have a chance to gather a premium item once per week depending on your previous performances. Therefore, more bosses you defeat and complete more dungeons and quests will provide a higher rank and score that will influence this weekly reward.

The Bottom Line

Acquiring a lot of high-rank weapons is not easy. Still, you can combine various methods to be more efficient. It can be struggling, and it depends on the time you will spend while playing. Also, previous performances are crucial. If you have a low-rank hero, it will be even harder. In that case, buying an upgrade is maybe the best solution.

On the other side, if you have a decent hero, you will have a great chance to collect gear at rank over level 220. The weekly reward is also very impressive. If you have been successful in previous week, you will have a chance to acquire more points and better equipment.

Also, keep in mind that raids are very effective as well and that they have a big influence on your score related to the Big Vault feature. In that matter, try to find a group of good players and complete various quests to get the best items.