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How You Can Properly Re-Open Your Sports Club after the Lockdown –

Sports clubs are certainly affected by the recent embargo, as are companies and other institutions, and while the pandemic is undoubtedly still going on, some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have begun to reopen. Sports clubs now face the great challenge of reopening – how can they return to normal if the future is still somewhat uncertain? Of course there may be different stages of reopening in your own community that you should be aware of before trying more activities and getting back to work, but here’s your guide on how to properly open a sports club after a closure

reopen a sports club

Do it via your website

Actually, it’s very simple – start with your website. Nowadays many more people go on the internet, which is understandable. So make it easy for your members and other members of your sports club to see what’s going on and check your updates. The first thing you can do is send a clear message directly to your homepage: We’re open! And provide visitors with information about what you do in the event of a pandemic and the measures you have taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

Once you have announced the opening and resumption of operations, you can continue to convince your members, sponsors and other partners that you are at the top by sharing information about the training program and other updates. If you are planning a meeting in the near future, keep everyone informed and don’t forget to give details of the security measures you will take during the event.

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Reopening or management of events

As mentioned before, it would be a good idea to organize a reopening or an event that everyone can attend and enjoy. It’s a good way for your sports club to start communicating again and also a good way to raise money when you need to generate income for your club. Since it is summer season, it would be a good idea, for example, to organize a barbecue, provided it is announced in advance and everyone is aware of the safety they can attend.

Making proposals for new paragraphs

Treating members – and attracting new members – is an essential part of your club’s continued success, so think about how to attract new members. A great way to attract new members to your club is to create discounts and special offers. And if you want your members to renew their membership, you can also give them more value by seducing them with prices, discounts, etc.

Make the best use of your website and the right technology.

If you want to encourage new members and renew your membership, don’t forget to make full use of your website. Write constantly updated information about what’s going on, and if you need to ask for payments and fees, make it easy for participants by offering them the right online payment methods. You can send requests for payment by e-mail using the membership software. This kind of software can also make it easier for you to keep track of your participation, organize your planning and so on.

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After all, you want to reassure everyone that your sports club is a safe place and ensure that everyone can contact you and get the information they need.

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