Best step counter apps for Android and IOS of 2024

According to the MayoClinic, your body burns calories when you walk. If you don’t have to move because of your work, you can use the application to lose weight or stay in shape. The statements encourage you to leave and force you to take part in the tests. They show a small bar in the notification bar. This panel is updated in real time with step numbers and other useful calculations.

Best pedometer applications for Android and IOS

Pedometer – Pedometer without steps and Calorie gauge

Free pedometer and calorie meter

SCP invites users to enter information about their physical health before they can use the application. It calculates the steps by gender. Once you have chosen your floor, you will need to enter your height and weight. The CPS supports two weight formats – pounds and kilos. The application takes effect after you press the Next button.

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The application interface has 4 tabs – Today, Report, Health, Details. In the Reports section you will find a histogram that highlights the actions you have taken in the course of a week, month, etc. HC also allows you to display bar graphs of calorie consumption, distance and runtime, etc. By default, this application uses its internal settings to create these graphs. If you are using a portable fitness tracker and your phone is switched off for some reason, you can enter the data into the PCS manually. This pedometer application has a built-in BMI calculator. It allows you to create personal goals, change the motion sensitivity level used for the step recording, change languages/groups, and so on.

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Pedometer– Free Pedometer and Calorie Meter


With the PSC you can determine the size of the step. In addition to counting the steps, it proposes 9 different exercises and displays their description.

If you do not want this application to run in the background, you can start and stop the pedometer manually when you have finished running. The PSC has a miniature activity tracking system. This tool creates a pie chart that shows the time spent on walking, taking a break, and so on.

Although registration/registration is not mandatory, you can see your position(s) in the ranking list when logging into the application. The PSC has the possibility to reset the data on a daily basis.

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Pacer is a popular application for the IOS/Android pedometer. You can use it by entering the call code, clicking on the Start Tracking button, or by logging into your Facebook or Google account. Whichever option you choose, you must indicate your height, gender and weight. You will then be asked whether or not you want to synchronize Google Fit’s data with the application.

With Pacer, you can view routes on a Google map and participate in pedestrian programmes lasting between 8 minutes and 8 weeks. The application records all paths you have taken during use. This allows you to set different goals for each month of the day. Pacer displays the pedometer data in real time in a diagram. When you log in, you can share the pedometer data with other users.

EasyFit pedometer

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The EasyFit pedometer is a great pedometer. Unlike the above applications, EasyFit does not ask you to enter weight, height, etc., so you do not need to enter the weight, height, etc. of the person you are trying to reach. It also offers the possibility to stop the measuring instrument and resume operation. EF has predefined tasks that are automatically initiated and tracked. So, if you pass 3000 steps, you do a job and you get a badge. EF rewards users with up to 25 badges. To prevent EasyFit from discharging the battery in the background, it has an energy saving mode.

EasyFit has a history section where you can find all the steps you have taken, the calories burned and the distance covered. It contains an interesting feature, Around the World, which calculates the percentage of the distance between two known cities based on the number of steps you take.

Application steps

Stacked landscape

To use StepsApp, you must select your preferred device and enter the following information:

  • Paul, cross.
  • Weight, year of birth and height.

Like the other pedometer applications I’ve presented here, StepsApp shows you in real time the usual steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burned and the miles you’ve driven. It also calculates and displays the average of the total number of steps you have completed in a week. The other features of StepsApp are the same as in the above applications.

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Itinerant float

Walk Tracker allows you to select the goal you want to reach and enter your height/weight during the race. It also asks you to define the target steps you intend to follow. Once you have entered the data, the application will create a custom program that you will need to follow. For example, you may be asked to take N measurements.

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The body sweats when you walk for a few minutes. Make sure you use one of the above applications if you want to get in shape or lose fat.

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