Your Guide to All Types of Adult Toys: Things to know

Whether you’re single, dating, married, or in a relationship, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to expand your collection of adult toys. Most adult toys come in two basic varieties: vibrators and dildos. Vibrators are designed to stimulate sexual arousal through vibrations, whereas dildos are designed to stimulate sexual pleasure through penetration.

But those who are more into this industry, know that there are a lot more things to explore.

However, not everyone wants to buy their sex toy, as they may think it’s expensive or awkward to use. Therefore, people often turn to buy sex toys online. For more details, please visit Tantaly.

To sum up, adult toys are a fun way to satisfy your sex drive without having to rely solely on your partner. There are many types of toys out there, so check them out today:

Vibrators and vibrating devices


Vibrators offer a wide variety of options to users. These toys are similar to a penis and create vibrations throughout the user’s body when they are turned on, providing pleasurable sensations to both men and women.

While they may seem simple, many models feature a number of different speeds and settings so that individuals can customize their experience. When purchasing a vibrator, make sure to consider its size, materials, durability, and power setting.

Also, look into what kind of batteries it uses to ensure that you purchase rechargeable batteries. If you don’t want to purchase batteries separately, then purchase a model that comes with charging stations.

Dildos and other masculinity substitutes

Dildos are sometimes referred to as “masculinity substitutes”. These items are meant to simulate a male member and stimulate the clitoris just as a man would do. Many models come in a range of sizes and shapes, offering a variety of experiences to consumers.

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Because they are meant to mimic human anatomy, dildos should always be cleaned after use. To clean your toy, simply run warm water over it and wipe off any residue with soap or toy cleaner. Do not submerge it in water and avoid direct sunlight because it could fade over time. Dildos can also be sterilized using steam cleaning methods if necessary.

Anal stimulation toys


There are two major categories of anal sex toys: butt plugs (which can be inserted directly into the anus) and anal beads (which are inserted into the rectum). Each category offers unique advantages to users.

Butt plugs are typically larger than anal beads, making them easier to insert into the anus. This can help prevent discomfort, especially if the toy is too big. On the other hand, they tend to last longer than anal beads because they stay inside the cavity for a longer period of time.

Butt plugs also allow for greater control over insertion depth, while anal beads are less likely to slip out of place. Both kinds of toys can be purchased in person, online, or from specialty stores.


Many couples enjoy role play as an addition to their sexual life. Sometimes, they wear animal costumes, to mimic the sexual behavior of the wilderness.

We often see how women wear rabbit ears in the movies, to refer to Playboy bunnies. Rabbit ears are designed to look like the ears of a rabbit. They resemble soft silicone rubber and come in different sizes and colors. Rabbits’ ears can be worn out of doors or indoors. People wear them to add humor to any situation.

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Sex dolls


We don’t even need to explain this a lot. It’s an inflatable piece of rubber and silicone to mimic another person, for increased sexual pleasure. It was mostly related to males, but we all know sometimes women may enjoy alternative intercourse activities with dolls.

The best thing is that you can choose the exact looks you like, and increase the overall sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

Useful tips for sex toy care

You must take care of your toys, just like you take care of your body and genitals.

Wet sex toys thoroughly with warm water (not hot) to remove any dirt or debris before you use it, and of course, after you’ve used it. Place in a bowl and soak for 15-20 minutes. Rinse in warm water. Squeeze out excess moisture. To disinfect a toy, submerge it in a solution of 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol mixed with 2 cups water. Allow the toy to soak overnight. If you want to sterilize a toy without ruining its feel, add a drop of dishwashing liquid and mix thoroughly.

Make sure you washed them properly with lukewarm water. The toy must be completely dry when you store them.

Store your sex toys somewhere discreet. Keep them in a cool, dark place where they won’t be bumped around or exposed to excessive humidity. Make sure to wash them often.

Some sex toys may have a smell or even odor, depending on the materials and the way they are used. That’s why you must keep them clean and dry all the time.

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Also, you need to know a few things more. First, consider your partner’s preferences and interests before purchasing a toy. Second, never share toys or have sex while wearing them. Third, make sure you wash your hands well before and after sex with a toy.

We recommend replacing your sex toy once per year if you use it regularly. If you don’t use them too often, make sure you clean them regularly, to prevent infections.


For those who love having fun in the bedroom, sex toys are great because they allow you to explore different positions, bring out your partner’s kinks, and even take risks without breaking the bank.

There are also plenty of resources online to help you choose between the various types of sex toys and figure out how to use them properly and safely.

But most important is to be open-minded, and of course, take care of your toys properly.

We hope that this article was helpful for you to get to know these things better, and not be afraid to embrace your sexual desires.