Best Low Cost Rechargeable Hearing Aids Under $500

Ever wonder what it would be like if you had to change the battery on your iPhone all the time? It would be a pain and expensive to replace batteries every few weeks or months.

As we’ve seen with the development of smartphones, rechargeable devices are convenient and make our lives easier.
Recent innovation in the hearing aid world has led to rechargeable hearing aids. These, like smartphones, don’t require regular replacement of a battery. Simply, ‘dock’ your hearing aids to their charging device as you would your phone.

When you’re ready for use, they are charged up and allow you to live your life without concern of whether your hearing aid battery is going to die on you abruptly, without concern to whether you are at a party with family or driving through a construction zone.

With greater convenience often comes higher costs. As we’ve used a smartphone for comparison, Apple almost always raises their prices for the latest technology and it’s no different for hearing devices.

As you may be searching for the right rechargeable hearing device, we’ve compiled a list of the top rechargeable hearing aids that don’t break the bank. Before we dive into our list, there are a few things you should be cautious about when making your decision.

Four Things to Watch Out with Cheap Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help individuals, especially older people, communicate effectively by recovering their ability to hear and understand conversations in quiet or noisy environments.

Rechargeable hearing aids are suitable for individuals who prefer greater ease of use and portability. If you’re frequently on the go or engage in activities that require extended hearing aid use, these options provide reliability minus the hassle of spare batteries.

If your loved one is a retired military personnel, these hearing aids may also be a great choice.

Hearing loss poses a major health issue for veterans, as they endured hearing damage due to prolonged exposure to loud noises during their service. Fortunately, hearing aids help improve their quality of life. Learn more about it here:

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As you can tell by now, not all hearing aids are the same. It’s important to check the following things when buying rechargeable hearing aids:


When searching for affordable rechargeable hearing aids, there are several features to consider in getting good value for your purchase.

Genuine hearing aids process sound by focusing on speech, while suppressing other noises in the background. Many cheap substitutes, including sound amplifiers make everything louder and speech even harder to comprehend.

In the product description, check the battery life specifications of the hearing aid. Look for a model with sufficient battery life to last your typical day without frequent recharging.

Some hearing aids come with a charging dock or case, while others may use USB or other convenient charging methods. Choose a model with a charging option that suits your preferences.

In addition, look for hearing aids that offer wireless connectivity options, such as Bluetooth. This feature lets you connect your hearing aids to compatible devices like smartphones, TVs, or audio streaming accessories, enhancing your listening experience.


You need two hearing aids, one for each ear for the system to work properly, and these should be evenly matched for quality sound. Some affordable rechargeable hearing aids price for one only, so you have to double up the price.


Digital hearing aids need power supply to energize their electronics. Rechargeable batteries can last for years, and that’s a positive to slow global warming. Single-use batteries may last less than a week. Then they clog landfills and their added cost stacks up.


Modern digital hearing aids pack a punch of technology in a tiny case. It’s hard to imagine how a hundred dollars could buy you even one genuine rechargeable aid. Shop with your eyes open on the internet and check the reviews.

The Five Best Low-Cost Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Here are some of the best low-cost rechargeable hearing aids:

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Blue Angels Hearing has been in business for eleven years. They sell direct without e-shop levies and delivery charges and have over 30,000 successful customers to prove their product and model works.

They charge the best prices in the U.S. hearing aid industry by shipping directly to customers, and turning over the highest volumes in the industry we have seen claimed anywhere.

Right now, your pair of genuine, rechargeable hearing aids could be waiting for you at our super-low special offer of $297.00. This is for a pair of these fine hearing aids including shipping directly to you.

These are the best low cost rechargeable hearing aids with money-back guarantee we have seen anywhere. We invite you to place your order now.



We were attracted to this one because it clearly is a genuine hearing aid. It ticks all the boxes with high-tech noise cancellation, and audiologist-designed lucid sound. It’s fully rechargeable too and seems to have a user-comfortable shape. It looked a steal at $280 until we looked closer.

The price does not include shipping according to the small print. But the big catch is the $280 only buys you one hearing aid, although you could put it in either ear. The giveaway was in the words ‘rechargable aid for seniors’ when we read the description a second time



We thought this might be an over-priced personal sound amplifier at $499 a pair at first. But then we checked the product description and discovered it has custom programmable listening profiles, with noise reducing and tele coil functions. The claimed battery life of 30 hours between charges is also one of the better ones we have seen.

However, we balked at the high price, despite the 30 day return policy and 6 month warranty. We decided to look further because we know there’s better value than that to be had on the internet, in the way of cheap rechargeable hearing aids.

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Luxato prices its hearing aid pairs a little cheaper at $429, although this is still more than we would expect to pay for affordable rechargeable hearing aids on the web. We were also somewhat bemused by the words ’rechargeable hearing amplifier’, and were left wondering if these were genuine hearing aids.

But the description set our concerns aside by mentioning ‘noise cancelling and hearing assist’. If we had the spare cash to spend more than we should have to, we might give this a go in the comfort there’s a 60-day risk free trial, and a 1 year warranty.



A low price of $115 a pair for ‘digital rechargeable hearing aids’ made us wonder could this be true. After eleven years in business we know $57.50 each is not enough to stay in business if this is a rechargeable hearing aid in the true sense. The flat shape and size of the inserts is simply too small, to our mind to accommodate the technology.
Of course, that’s not to say this could not be a hybrid hearing aid / amplifier. Unfortunately, we did not see a mention of ‘money back’ or ‘guarantee.’

The Winner:

As we prefaced this article with some tips on what to watch for, now you see why. Paying for individual hearing aids or paying around $100 for amplifiers that seem to do the same job, can create a setback and force you to wait even longer for the right pair to come to your door since now you have the hassle of returning them in the mail.

We believe Blue Angels Hearing has the best value—where quality meets price. They have incredible reviews online and are one of the safest companies to order from as they offer guarantees and returns.