How To Tell A Perfect Pineapple Joke

The ability to tell a good joke and not mess it up can avoid a very awkward situation. And there are plenty of jokes to be told about everyone’s favorite tropical fruit, the pineapple.

Pineapple cracks are very niche but also very cleverly thought out. And if you want to learn how to perfectly tell pineapple puns, then you’re at the right place.

With all that said, let’s start.

Understand What the Punch Line Is

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The whole point of telling jokes is about delivering the punch line in such a manner that others will find it funny. But this is where most comedians mess up.

Messing up the punch line is not something you want to go through, especially if you’re telling a joke to a bigger crowd. To tell the punch line, you have to first set up the scene. This is all basic comedy and something that you have to learn how to do if you want to tell perfect pineapple jokes.

The punch line gets the laugh and the setup will build it up. That’s why it’s important that you know how to set up the gag.

Setting Up the Joke

When it comes to building up your pineapple pun, it’s all about setting the scene. Think of it as a movie. You can’t have a good ending if the buildup to the ending is bad or flawed.

The same can be said about telling pineapple jokes. To perfectly set up one, you need to tell the listeners everything. Don’t forget to leave up crucial information as that can make or break the gag.

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But this is yet another area that comedians mess up quite regularly. Forgetting crucial information will leave your listeners confused. And that’s certainly not something you want to go through as well.

When it comes to perfectly set up a pineapple joke, a perfect setup always leads to a perfect punch line.

You Don’t Have To Be A Stand Up Comedian

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A lot of people that aren’t used to telling gags think of it as a stand-up gig. Yeah sure you will be doing that in front of an audience but nothing the size of comedy shows.

Furthermore, comedians are used to working in huge crowds where expectations are super high. You, on the other hand, are telling a simple pineapple joke to break the deadlock in the room. No one has high expectations from you nor do they expect you to tell the joke.

So naturally, you should feel much more comfortable. Comedians know all too well how difficult speaking in front of a huge crowd where you’re supposed to make the audience laugh constantly for 5 minutes is. This isn’t the same thing.

Just be natural and be yourself. Gather the strengths and just say the crack. Whenever telling pineapple or any kind of jokes, it’s important that you arm yourself with plenty of ammunition. And for that, make sure to visit

Always Come Prepared

Familiarizing yourself with a few new jokes is always helpful when the first one fails to deliver.

This happens quite often with people that aren’t used to being comedic. A bad pun can make the antagonist of the story. It will also make things uncomfortable, especially if you’re in a group of people that aren’t that comfortable with one another.

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When this happens, and the whole point is for that not to happen, it’s smart to have a backup. Every comedian has a plan B when it comes to performing on the stage. If you tell a bad pineapple crack that doesn’t get the laughs needed, then always go for another one that will break the silence.

But simply jumping from one to another won’t do you any good. You need to have a way to naturally connect the bad with the good joke. For this, you can say something like “That’s not my pun”, or “ this is my wife’s joke”.

Saying these things is a natural way to break the silence and even get a few laughs from your friends. Having a plan B and coming prepared with more than one joke is quite handy in difficult situations.

How To Tell The Joke In 3 Steps

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While tips are good and all, it’s important that you understand how the joke-telling process goes. Let’s do that.

1. The Set-Up

First and foremost, we have the setup. We talked about how to set up the pun in a previous section, but this is a vital part of the joke-telling process. The setup can grab the listener’s attention and make them invested in your pun.

2. The Storytelling

Storytelling in comedy isn’t always used. If your pineapple gag is meant to be longer and come with a story, then the ability to tell that story will make a difference. This is yet another part that can make or break the punch line, so you better work on that. Luckily, storytelling and jokes are two things that go with one another.

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3. The Punch Line

The punch line is the delivery of the joke. It is the pun at the end and what gets the laughs. This is the third and most important part of the joke-telling process and you can deliver it in a few ways.

The most common way is to do it in the short and snappy style. Pineapple puns with short punch lines are the most common ones out there. They’re meant to be the twist at the end that get’s the laughs.

You cannot tell a joke without perfectly delivering the punch line. You would be surprised to find out how many hours comedians spend perfecting this part of the process.



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Pineapple jokes are lighthearted and are meant to be interesting. With plenty of puns in them, our favorite tropical fruit can be the butt of the joke sometimes. And what better way to end this article than with our favorite one: “When life gives you pineapples, just add rum!”