Your Most-Googled Sex Toy Questions: Answered!

Google is our most trustworthy friend when it comes to our most secretive, delicate, sex questions. Google knows everything about us: it knows what brand of vibrator we googled, the time we searched to find out if our nipples were normal-sized, and when we dipped our toes into the waters of BDSM or anal sex, looking for answers about our wildest fantasies. However, can we trust google when it comes to answering our most intimate questions?

With the help of sexpert opinion over at Bedbible, we took a look at the most googled sex questions to help you get informed!

Your Common Sex Questions & Sex Toy Queries: Answered

1. “How to clean a sex toy?”


When it comes to cleaning a sex toy, it’s not always as simple as a bit of soap and water. Depending on its material, certain sex toys will require more extensive cleaning methods in order to be able to be safely re-used. Non-porous materials such as silicone or glass are much easier to clean, while porous materials such as certain soft plastics can harbor certain bacterias. If you want an easy-to-clean toy, our sexpert advice would be to opt for non-porous toys and materials.

2. “How to prepare for anal sex?”

Some of the most-googled sex questions concern anal sex – and it’s important to be clued up before exploring this particular fantasy! When you decide to go for anal sex, it’s important to make sure both parties prepare adequately. Use plenty of lube, relax beforehand and warm up with lots of foreplay. The anus is technically a muscle, so it takes time for the delicate sphinter to relax. Never force it – sometimes, it just won’t play along.

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3. “What is BDSM?”


This sex question was googled more in 2024 than any other year preceding it – sex trends come in waves and 2024 might be the year of BDSM! To answer this question, BDSM stands for bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism, and masochism. BDSM is a sexual practise in which couples engage in pre-agreed acts of sexual power-play: this can include anything from restraining partner, as well as roleplay and humiliation play. BDSM is something that requires a profound level of complicity and trust between partners. While many still consider BDSM a taboo subject, sexperts argue that a healthy exploration of BDSM can be beneficial for some couples, especially when it comes to establishing trust and an emotional connection.

4. “How to use a vibrator?”

Some of the most common sex questions asked on the web are simple: how do I use my sex toys? When it comes to using a vibrator, it all depends what kind of vibrator you have. If you bought a small, bullet vibrator or a wand massager, you’ll want to use that mostly for the external body, as these toys are usually not intended for internal stimulation. When it comes to larger vibrators such as rabbits and vibrating dildos, you can use these internally with a generous bit of lube to stimulate your G-spot or prostate. If you want to use a vibrator for anal stimulation, make sure it has a flared base for safety purposes – you don’t want to be making any embarrassing trips to the ER!

5. “What’s the best vibrator for beginners?”


When it comes to investing in your first sex toy, there are lots of variables to take into consideration: the material of your first toy, the style of your first toy, whether or not it’s battery-operated. Maybe you want to use your toy in the shower, so is it waterproof? You travel a lot for work – does it come with a safety travel lock? According to sexpert opinion, the best beginner vibrators will be slim in diameter, below-average in length and come with lots of different customizable speeds and intensities – this way, you can change up the rhythms according to your needs.

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6. “Are vibrators loud?”

This is a commonly-asked sex question: many of us live with family or friends and don’t fancy waking the household up testing out our new vibrating wand! For the most part, the majority of vibrators will make a slight buzzing noise at the minimum, so if you’re sharing a room it might not be the ideal sex toy for you. Some vibrators claim to have “whisper mode” options, but this is mostly for loud, rumbly toys that make a lot of noise otherwise. Bullet vibrators will be the quietest, if you’re set on a vibrating toy. Love eggs are also a good option, as they are placed inside the vagina, slightly muffling the sound.

7. “How much are sex toys?”


Just like any other global market, the sex toy market is variable when it comes to pricing. You can find high-quality, basic sex toys for less than $20 from reputable sex toy retailers, while more luxury brands will offer expert-designed (or should we say sexpert!) toys for up to $200. When it comes to the sexpert bottom line, we advise users to invest in basic, well-made products like these when starting out experimenting with sex toys.

8. “Are sex toys safe?”

The sex toy market in the USA is unregulated, which means that many toys offered to consumers will not be 100% body-safe. Materials such as PVC are common in sex toys sold on Amazon and other global (often Chinese) retailers, but PVC is not recommended for sex toy use. PVC contains phthalates, a toxic chemical which can sometimes leak from your toys and has beenlinked to hormone imbalances, cancer and even infertility. Be wary when shopping online for sex toys – stick to trusted brands and non-porous materials to be fully safe.

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9. “What’s a good couple’s toy?”


There are plenty of couples’ toys on the market if you’re looking to spice up your relationship: cock rings, double-ended dildos, sex slings, position enhancers, nipple clamps, hands-free clitoral vibrators – the list goes on. But our sexpert belief is that any sex toy can become a couples’ sex toy: if you love using a toy solo, incorporate it into your intimate time with your partner and you’ll be sure to love it even more!

10. “Can I make my own sex toys?”

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to buy your sex toys from reputable sex toy retailers. Making your own sex toys can be dangerous, although some toys (such as a sex doll) can be made from existing, body-safe sex toys and other materials. The sexpert advice would be to refrain from DIY toys, and to certainly avoid placing any DIY toys internally into your body.


When it comes to all your sex questions and sex toy queries, you should always seek expert – or should we say sexpert – advice. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, Bedbible’s sex toy reviews and blog posts can help you make informed choices about everything from anal fun to the best clitoral vibrator.