5 Things to Look for When Buying an Oil Press Machine

We have noticed that the trend of healthy living has been increasing in the last few years. People are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of healthy habits, as well as physical activity. Healthy eating is, we will say, at the very top of the scale. Unfortunately, the food industry has provided us with a varied diet, but we cannot say that it is very healthy. Industrial food is rich in additives that harm the health of the body and are often the cause of serious illnesses. It is precisely for this reason that people resort to growing organic food and preparing homemade products as much as possible.

We are witnessing an increasingly frequent occurrence of chronic diseases that are influenced by numerous factors; age, smoking, heredity, stress, diet, etc. We cannot influence some, such as age and gender. On the other hand, we can exercise regularly, stop smoking, eat better… Given that the unbalanced presence of fats in the diet and the disturbance of their metabolism are linked to the appearance of various health problems, it does not matter which oils we use in the preparation of food. When we talk about edible oil, sunflower oil is used most often, but it is also the most unhealthy. Olive oil, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds oil, and so on are considered healthier options. Of course, we cannot say that all these products are tested and completely healthy, because it is still industrial production whose priority is to bring profit to the producers.

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Which oil is best to use?

Grape seed oil is considered good for heart health. Its taste is neutral and is suitable even for those who cannot stand strong smells. It is rich in vitamin E and has a high smoking point, which means that it is suitable for roasting food. However, given that it is obtained by a chemical process, we cannot say that it is the best solution. Sunflower oil is very rich in omega-3 and omega-6, as well as zinc. The taste is a little more intense and goes well with salads. Olive oil is one of those that we consider the healthiest and most popular. A lot of monounsaturated fatty acids, protect our heart, help keep bad cholesterol within good limits and raise good cholesterol. Rich in vitamin E, it contains a lot of polyphenols, and antioxidants that can prevent heart diseases. This oil is not suitable for frying. Sunflower oil is, we can freely say, the worst. At least when we talk about refined oils. It can be extracted using chemical means or squeezed directly from sunflower seeds. However, it is up to you to choose the oil you prefer.

That’s why more and more people decide to buy a home oil press machine because oil is still something we use every day. When buying such a machine for home use, it is important to pay attention to several things.

Do a little research

We believe that most of you have not encountered these machines before, so it is necessary that you do a little research into that field. Take the time to search the Internet to find out which manufacturers are the best, what to pay attention to, which machine met the criteria of the majority of buyers, and so on. This may take some time, but it is definitely a step you should not skip.

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Types of oil

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

We have already mentioned that there are different types of oil, so choose the one that can press sesame, soy, linseed, canola, almonds, peanuts, soybeans, and so on. You can learn more about it if you visit oilpressmachine.co.ke.

Machine power

As with the purchase of any other device, it is important to check the power of the machine. The stronger the machine, the more oil you will get. The oil yield rate is 40-65%, which depends on different raw materials.

Stainless steel machines

Source: coldpressoilmachines.com

Stainless steel machines have a longer lifespan and also produce better quality oil. Who else wants to get rust on the machine that will change the taste of the oil?

Price vs quality

It is not always a rule that what is more expensive is always better, sometimes the brand is what sells the product, and you can often find a machine from another manufacturer that can match it in terms of quality at a much better price. However, do not take those appliances whose price is drastically lower than the others.

As mentioned in the general part, the method of oil extraction by pressing is one of the oldest methods of oil extraction; therefore, the very principle of pressing has remained unchanged since ancient times, only the machines have been rationalized and modernized in the course of time, as a result of the development of technology and industry. Primitive presses worked on a screw that was tightened by hand, and later it was tightened by a donkey or a horse. With this work, high pressure could not be achieved, so the utilization of seeds was very poor.

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Final thoughts

As we see, an oil press machine is not something that you will use every day, but is definitely something that will help you live a healthier life. Contrary to what we’ve been told, industrial plant oils like soybean oil, canola oil, and corn oil are not “heart-healthy” or otherwise beneficial to our bodies and brains; in fact, a lot of research shows us that these oils make us sick. Industrial processing of vegetable oil creates an energy-dense, nutritious oil that contains chemical residues, trans fats and oxidized by-products. According to the principles of proper nutrition, preference should always be given to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and the intake of saturated fats should be reduced to a minimum. The reason for this lies in the fact that consuming saturated fat can increase certain risk factors for heart disease, including LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.