Top 11 Wine Tasting Tours in Margaret River To visit in 2024

Margaret River in Western Australia is known in many circles as a surfing vacation spot. Others around the world know the fame of Margaret River to be the Cape to Cape Hiking Track. To almost everyone though, it’s “wine country”

For international travellers who are looking for the “Best Wineries in Margaret River to visit” for wine tours & tastings, we have put together this guide of some of the more popular spots as well as the oldest vineyards in the region. We will show you all the classic instagram spots!

If you are wondering “What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Margaret River” , well any Perth local will tell you that Margaret River is an all year round vacation spot. The only difference is that in winter, you’ll spend more time at the wineries and breweries rather than the beaches. The wine tours in Margaret River run all year round and are busy even in winter.

Here are all the best Margaret River cellar doors you should visit on your “Margaret River Vacation in Wine Country”. Read more at

1. Vasse Felix


Margaret River’s first vineyard has been the pioneering estate in the region. Its spectacular basement wine cellar, restaurant and tasting room, with a very impressive vineyard in the front yard, everyone needs to visit Vasse Felix at least once to taste the wine from the oldest vines in the south west. Many drop in for a fine dining lunch on regular occasions when they visit wine country

2. Explorer Estate


Voyager Estate is one of the most famous vineyards in the region as their wines are enjoyed all around the world. Arriving at the estate, you will get a grand feeling, well trimmed gardens and rose bushes, floral archways, one of the biggest Australian flags you will ever see, but wait till you get inside!

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Take a seat in the tasting room and enjoy what the estate has to offer, or go on a behind the scenes wine tour and learn about the early days of Voyager Estate and about the organic way of growing they are developing. A lunch at Voyager Estate is considered by many as the most important event of their holiday!

3. Blind Corner


This place is a bit less well-known, yet it boasts the most beautiful natural drops in the area. This is a fantastic spot. Keep a look out for the resident kitten, who is in charge of stunning guests with cuddles all day and takes his job very seriously. The dog will find you if you go wandering around the estate and he will also give you cuddles. He is a happy dog because he lives in this gorgeous organic vineyard. What a great place to live for a dog, they also have chickens and grow a veggie garden. And to pass the time away for the locals, they have a skate half pipe in front of the cellar door haha.

4. Greenery Wood


This place is a big part of Margaret River’s history. Not open for daily tastings, at Moss Wood, you’ll need to book ahead for a personalised guided tour and wine tasting experience that the property is known for. If you are a wine connoisseur, this is one must visit cellar door.

5. Arimia Estate


A boutique vineyard on the Margaret River “Small Wine Tasting Trail” with stunning bushland setting with views of both the sea and the trees. Arimia is a little bit off caves road on a dirt track, so not all the city cars make it here.

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Arimia is one of a handful of organic vineyards in the region.

“We focus our winemaking on translating that farming and fruit into the bottle with as little interference as possible, to produce wines of texture, purity and complexity”

6. Cape Mentelle


This winery is one of Margaret River’s oldest vineyards. When this Margaret River vineyard isn’t busy making some of the country’s most famous wines, it transforms into an open-air cinema, attracting lots of travellers throughout summer to relax and watch a movie as the sun goes down. One of the region’s pioneering wineries, Cape Mentelle’s cellar door is just a short drive from the Margaret River township. The estate vineyards are managed with sustainable viticulture philosophy, meaning they grow their grapes as close to organic as possible.

7. Amelia Park


Amelia park is probably not on the tourism brochures, but to Perth regulars, it’s a must visit for a wine tasting and lunch. With stunning views from the cellar door over the vineyard, you can enjoy some of Margaret Rivers most famous wines. Also a very popular Wedding venue, Amelia Park has a restaurant in Busselton as well as the cellar door on Caves road.

8. Cullen


Cullen Wines is known by wine connoisseurs all around the world. This organic vineyard also has a vegetable garden where they grow organic food for the restaurant. A smaller style setting than other wineries, it’s a great place to sit and enjoy the sun over a meal with friends. You’ll probably find out at the cellar door, that the Cullen family has won many awards for their winemaking over a long period of time, and you can taste the experience in the wine.

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9. Pierro


Pierro has a cellar door on caves road which is too good to miss. This boutique winery produces some fabulous reds and the cellar door is a beautiful picturesque setting. “Warm southern climes, ancient soils, healthful vines and years of skilled hands-on viticulture and winemaking. The magic of terroir, viticulture & winemaking perfectly captured in the bottle”

10. Juniper Estate


Junipers cellar door is just across the road from Vasse Felix, but you’d hardly know its there being overshadowed by such a large brand, still one of the smaller cellar doors, many Perth locals mark this one as a favourite. You’ll be greeted by gorgeous gardens full of every colour flower imaginable as you walk into Junipers cellar door for a tasting

11. LS Merchants


LS Merchants doesn’t have a million dollar tasting room, it’s really a bit more of a farmyard feel here.

“Our aim is to have fun making interesting styles of wine, explore the different sub regions in the south west, throw a dinner party here and there and get involved with other people pushing the realms of food and wine without taking ourselves too seriously”

Taste through a selection of current release wines with the occasional limited release

Our Last Words

So there you have it, the top best 11 vineyards you have to take a tour of in 2024! Plan ahead and book a personal driver for yourself and friends when you visit wine country in WA. Trust me, you will not be disappointed when you visit these places. We have so many other wineries to talk about, trying to do a “Top Ten” of Margaret River is not easy, we had to squeeze in one more and make it 11!