4 Ways to Experience Amsterdam Nightlife for Solo Travelers

Choosing a new destination to travel to is always an exciting moment because you are literally picking between different experiences. While going anywhere is fun and interesting, some places have a lot more to offer in certain terms. It is definitely not the same to visit a city in your own country and travel to a capital of a neighboring one. Speaking of capitals, visiting them is one of the most popular forms of travel. If one wants to experience most things that a nation and a culture have to offer there is hardly a better place than the most important and usually the biggest city. And when it comes to touring the capitals, Europe has always been the queen. The tight concentration of unique cultures, languages, and traditions in these world-famous countries is unlike any other region on the planet.

The Nightlife Capital of Europe

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Europe is small compared to other continents, and its countries are small too. This presents the travelers with a great way to visit multiple during a single trip. Among the most iconic is certainly the Netherlands and its capital city of Amsterdam. This place is beautiful, rich in history and culture, as well as friendly to the tourists. However, it can also be considered as one of the nightlife and party capitals of Europe. Young people adore it and so does anyone who likes to go a little crazy from time to time. The fact that many things that are illegal in other places are perfectly legal and widespread certainly helps.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at Amsterdam and its nightlife, particularly when it comes to solo travelers. There is a lot worth knowing and being informed about if you are to enjoy all of the things this city has to offer. Going in without educating yourself first about the best parts will not make your trip as productive and memorable as it can be. Read on to learn more and get ready for your trip to Amsterdam the best way possible.

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1. Get Some Company

Although you are traveling alone, it does not mean that you should be alone for the entire stay. Amsterdam is best experienced with some great companies because it has too much to offer that cannot be done solo. Perhaps the best thing to do if you do not know anyone there is to book an escort. Amsterdam is popular for its escort services, particularly the ones located in the De Wallen, the popular Red District. The Netherlands is one of the rare countries where prostitution is legal and regulated, so escort services are perhaps the best you can find. International sex tourism is a very popular industry, but it cannot be done everywhere. In the Dutch capital, it certainly can and it would be the best way for you to find someone local to show you a good time. It does not even have to be sexual in nature. Many people book escorts for company, as an actual date with an intimacy not being the only reason to do it. If you treat it as such and ask the escort to show you the best places in the city, it will surely be a memorable trip. Furthermore, who knows where the night will take you. Learn more about this by checking out escort-service.nu.

2. Walk the City at Night

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Walking may not be the most exciting and interesting thing to do, but bear with us here. Amsterdam is a beautiful place full of magnificent architecture, monuments, and channels. This makes it a great place for anyone who likes sightseeing. However, this is done mostly during the day. Doing it at night is not that effective if you want to take photos, but it is when the city comes alive the most and when all of the lights are on. This city is amazing at night, with some even comparing some of its parts to Paris. One of the best things to experience the nightlife in its purest form is to just start walking the main streets, as well as those less traveled, and see what is going on. It is bustling with people regardless of the time of day and night, so you will definitely have numerous places to visit and things to do until the morning.

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3. Eat the Food and Drink the Beverages

Dining out alone is definitely something a few people do. Food has been one of the things that bring us close together for thousands of years. Going to a restaurant, or even a café or a bar with friends is the way to do things and it is a no-brainer. However, on your solo trip, you should still try to enjoy the place as much as possible and that implies trying the local food. Eating alone does not have to be daunting or feel lonely. On the contrary, you can think about it in a positive way all the way through. The food will arrive quicker, you will get to talk a bit more with the waiter and the staff and perhaps learn something, and you may meet another lone tourist or a local. There is nobody to influence your decision on what to get, nor how much of it to get! Amsterdam cares for everyone and there are some amazing places to eat alone. We highly advise trying out Instock, Kerrencafe Kopjes, and ZincBAR. When you become thirsty and feel the need for a buzz, make your way to Café Hoppe, Amsterdam Roest, or ADAM Tower.

4. Light Up

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Prostitution is not the only thing that is widely regulated and legal in the Netherlands than other countries still look down upon. If you are a marijuana enthusiast or if you want to try some of the best it has to offer without hiding and worrying about the law, you can. The use of cannabis in the country is decriminalized for personal use and actually available in coffee shops and many other places. For the best kind of night and the most relaxed feeling no matter what you plan to do until the morning, it is great to light it up and free your mind a bit. Nothing beats high-quality, legal marijuana when you want to take a step back, put a smile on your face, and feel good. Just make sure not to overdo it or mix it with a lot of alcohol. Stay within your limits and keep it reasonable, or else your night may not end up that great!

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