The Requirements of the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

One of the best ways to enhance your profits is by investing. Now, which market to choose for that investment can be a bit difficult, which is why the most common advice is to spread your investments so that whatever happens, you will at least not lose capital. Of course, there are other ways to use your money, and obtaining citizenship in some Caribbean countries is probably the smartest thing one can do. Namely, the citizenship by investment program of countries of this region brings a ton of benefits, travel and non-travel wise, which is why the CBI program is so popular across the world.

On the other hand, before making any decision, it’s good to inform yourself about the specifics of this program of every country, as every single one has different policies and rules for applicants, which is why we will focus today on the requirements of the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program.

Financial demands


Understandably, citizenship by investment program requires a certain amount of money that needs to be invested into a property of that country, and that amount differs from one country to another. That amount is 100.000 USD for the CBI program of Antigua and Barbuda, but the verification process doesn’t end there. Namely, all applications are subject to a pretty rigorous verification process as the goal of this country is to grant citizenship only to people who really can afford this program. Considering how much money one needs to set aside in order to apply for this program, there are two ways to look at it, and while for individuals, the cheapest option is to apply for a CBI of St Lucia and Dominica, for families, Antigua represents an ideal country as it is the cheapest.

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Investing options

There are several options to choose from for your CBI program, and you can either go with a contribution to the government fund, which is a one-time investment and is non-refundable or invest in some property. These two are the most popular options, but one can also opt and go with government bonds, bank deposits, investment funds, or investing in startups. The benefit of these options is that they are refundable, meaning that you can withdraw and count on that money, unlike donation to the government fund. Treasury bonds are probably the best option for you, as they are refundable and can be a great way to invest your money and enjoy all the merits that it brings as you will be granted citizenship, meaning that you can travel across the globe without any restrictions, but also count on payment from dividends every year.

Processing time

Yet another crucial factor when applying for this program is the waiting period, as it differs a lot. Namely, while one has to wait for at least six months until they receive a decision on whether their application is granted or not, that time frame in Antigua and Barbuda is much shorter. For starters, all applicants get an answer within a few months, and the longest waiting period is up to four months, but mostly that’s when it’s required to add some documents. Overall, if you follow the guidelines and gather all the necessary paperwork in time, the waiting period for your application to be processed will take approximately two months. All that, combined with all the other benefits, makes the Antigua and Barbuda CBI program much better.

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No criminal record


Each person who decides to apply for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship will be subjected to a background check, and the first thing that would be checked is whether they have a criminal record. This government is strict about people to who they will give their citizenship, and besides having enough funds, it is even more important not to have a criminal record. Because of that, you will need proof that there are no charges against you, and if you cannot provide it, your application will be denied.

Another thing they check is the applicant’s overall health, as although Antigua and Barbuda has a great healthcare system, it should not be the main reason why someone wants to become a resident.

Everything can be done online

The best thing about applying for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship is that there is no need to visit and stay in this country during the process of getting a second passport, as everything can be done online. While some countries require staying there for some time during a certain period and applying in person, Antigua and Barbuda allows their future residents to finish everything from the comfort of their homes. Understandably, doing so can help them save a lot of money, and, above all, it makes the entire application process much easier and faster.

Contact professionals


For many people, applying for new citizenship is exhausting and a little bit scary because there are many requirements to meet and many documents to gather. Most of them try to find information online, and unfortunately, they find too many of them, so they do not know which are reliable and useful. Because of that, it is always good to contact a professional company that can help you understand the entire process and hire them to make it less complicated and shorter. Since there are many companies available online, it can be pretty challenging to find a trustworthy one to entrust with your money, and it is necessary to do detailed research. If you do not have enough time to do that and want to apply as soon as possible, visit

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Final thoughts

As you can see, although getting Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through the CBI program has some requirements, the entire process of applying is pretty simple and does not last long. Becoming a resident has many benefits, so a person with an Antigua and Barbuda passport can travel to more than 130 countries without dealing with the complicated getting visa process. Besides that, they also have a great healthcare and educational system, which makes this country perfect for families, and a great environment for business development.