Why Standing Desks Are Best Option for Your Home

So, you are going to change some furniture in your home office and upgrade it? It is a perfect idea because now, you can get whatever you want, including a new height-adjustable desk!

Why a standing desk? You might have heard about the plenty of benefits that it brings. Among them, significant improvements in health condition which alone is important enough. Add such pros like increase of work productivity, more pleasant working environment, a nicer look of your office, and you will understand why a standing desk, a modern option, is the best choice for your home.

So, let us have a look at the selection process.

Check the Desk Shape and Size

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Do you have a big home office or just a small corner where you work? On it, the size of your new desk will depend. Measure accurately the place where the desk shall fit and choose the option depending on it.

The shape is not less important. For a small corner, you are recommended to choose a solo-ryzer, a small one. It fits in a corner or any other space. Another option is to pick an L-shaped desk. This shape is the best if the space is scarce but you need to accommodate a lot of things there. A desk with such a shape also allows using the space more efficiently.

Move on with Technical Features

Most desks are standard. Whatever you purchase, you can be sure that it is going to satisfy your needs if there is nothing special about them. However, what if you use heavy equipment for work? Or what if you hate any noise? It is better if you check some technical features of your future furniture piece in advance.

  • Lifting power: it is a mandatory specification to check if you use several monitors, heavy printing equipment, or some other devices that are heavier than on average. If the lifting power of your desk isn`t sufficient, it might either not lift the equipment at all or it might be overheating constantly. It is going to shorten the desk service life sufficiently. So, if you know that you need more items that normally people need for office work, check the lifting power of the desk you are going to buy.
  • Noise generation level: the majority of desks are pretty silent. You can hardly hear them moving up and down. However, consider please that a top-quality desk will work much smoother than a desk of average quality. So, choose a desk from a specialized manufacturer.
  • The movement speed: yep, it is important. Some users believe that it takes just some seconds for a desk to move. So, some seconds more don’t matter indeed. But count how many times you lower and lift the desktop during one day.
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Check how much time it takes if you work one week, one month, and so on. This is wasted time, time that you could have used to complete one more task or to have rest, or whatever. To avoid such a time waste, choose a desk that moves fast.

What about Compliance with the Ambient?

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If you have already an established place where you work, you for sure have arranged it according to your taste. The tones are those that you like, décor elements are chosen with love and care. So, your new desk shall match. If you want to create a stylish and structured workspace, check ExpertEasy article for the guidance of buying standing desks.
Before purchasing your new item, have a look at:

  • The desk top colour: the desk might create a contrast point in the office or its colour might be matching with the prevalent ambient colours.
  • The desk top material: the most frequently chosen option are MDF panels. This material is lightweight, durable, looks nice. It is also affordable. Some people prefer wood. It is heavier and much more expensive.

A Desk Builder Will Help to Create the Best Desk

If you doubt what shape, size, colour to choose, build your perfect desk with a special tool called Desk Builder. The tool is available online on the websites of the majority of desk manufacturers.
By clicking on the offered desk components, you are building your desk step-by-step. Normally, the price changes are also displayed. You can follow the price and adjust it by choosing one or another component.
Finally, when the desk is built, you will be offered to choose accessories for your new office item. You can also add them by clicking on those that you would like to buy.
Once the selection is completed, you can place your order.

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What if You Cannot Afford Buying a Height-Adjustable Desk?

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A height-adjustable desk is not a cheap item. Not all people can afford to purchase it. Even if you are among those who cannot buy a ready desk, you can build one.

To create your own standing desk, you need to get a lifting frame first. Make sure you are buying an item with sufficient lifting power.

Now, take care of a desk top. You can remove the one from your old desk. Another option is to make one or to order one.

When the frame is delivered, assemble the item. Lifting frames are delivered with all the needed accessories in one set. You need to fix the top to the frame, test whether the system works properly, equip the desk with the needed accessories, and enjoy your new item.

Bottom Line

A standing desk is going to replace traditional office desks. While many people still stick to usual desks, you might start using all the benefits of a standing desk right now, without waiting too long. You can be sure that within a couple of weeks, you will see the first results. After several months, your pains in the back and neck will go, you will get rid of migraines, and you will be losing your weight if physical exercises become a part of your working routine.
Does it seem too good to be true? Well, with a standing desk, you can test all the benefits on your own. Needless to mention that the work productivity will be increasing exponentially.

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