7 Reasons Why Elementor is the Best WordPress Page Builder

Creating a website from scratch has never been easier than it is now, especially after the introduction of several CMSs. Naturally, the most widespread one, and at the same time, the most efficient one you will find out there is WordPress. Today, practically everyone can create their website without investing too much effort because of that.

You can do it on your own, or you can hire a professional to do it instead of you. If you need these services, then look no further than stillupmarketing.com. As you probably know, there are a lot of different aspects of WordPress you need to learn before you can make your website and for it to be good enough.

One of the most important elements that require your attention is the page builder. When you reach this step, we would recommend you take a look at Elementor. In this article of ours, we want to elaborate on that and provide you with several reasons why we believe Elementor is the best option.

1. Fast Development

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The developers of WordPress wanted to create the fastest possible page builder, and they have certainly succeeded with Elementor. By using this one, you can drag-and-drop different elements and use them to create the perfect page you can use to market your business or conduct digital marketing.

Whatever is your desire, you shouldn’t look beside Elementor. You can create, add, remove, or edit certain elements within seconds, and you do not need to conduct any coding in the process. If you have some knowledge about coding, you can use it to make these a bit different until they fit your needs.

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2. No Coding Skills Required

Since most people out there do not have any experience when it comes to coding, using this page builder will help since it eliminates the need for it. Those who have a little bit of knowledge about these can use them to alter some of the codes and adapt the page to their liking, as we’ve said.

Therefore, the only thing you need to have is a clear vision of how you want your website to look and you’re good to go. Also, we would recommend you to watch a couple of tutorials online, where you can find the answers to the questions you potentially do not understand when it comes to using this one.

3. Easy Customization

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Customizing all the modules you have available out there when you choose this one is a possibility. So, you are not looking at the characteristics and designs that are set in stone. You can adjust them to your liking pretty fast, without investing too much effort into the process. So, satisfying your needs is pretty easy.

According to some studies on the topic, we can see that the biggest issue people have with WordPress websites is that they tend to look the same, especially when developers are using a template. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be like that, and you can conduct all the changes pretty easily.

4. Promotional Tools and Marketing

Creating an efficient website is a great thing for you. However, it will not matter much if no one else by you has a chance to see it. One you can enhance its visibility is by hiring a marketing expert to help you with its promotion. As you can presume, this is not a cheap option and you would need to find an experienced professional.

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Thankfully, Elementor is a tool that comes with a high number of features that can help you with this. Naturally, these features are not easy to use at first, and you would need to learn about there before you can put them to good use. For instance, it can help with integrating all the social media platforms you have.

Besides this one, you also can use different features that can help with boosting viewer engagements, share buttons, and design engaging articles and titles. For all these reasons, we truly believe that Elementor as a Page builder can be much more than that, and you can put it to good use for different things.

5. You Can Use it For Free

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The next reason we want to point out is that you can use this one completely for free. Sure, you can opt to use a pro edition, but when you scratch the surface, you will see that it is not essential. Even with the free edition, you will have around 90% of all the features, and there will be no limitations on using these.

When it comes down to the pro edition, you will see that it comes with more than 300 additional page templates and a theme builder. Both of these options are great choices, but we do not think they are necessary for you to create a perfect website.

6. Pre-Made Templates

We’ve mentioned templates several times before, and these can be put into two different categories, pre-made and customizable. Even if you decide to use pre-made ones, you will not be disappointed with them since they tend to be quite efficient and greatly designed.

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7. Multi-Platform Use

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Since you want to attract as many visitors to your website as possible, then you should make it responsive to all the devices and platforms out there. In this day and age, mobile-friendliness is the most important aspect you need to focus on. So, your website must look good on these devices.

By using this page builder, making your website respond to all the platforms doesn’t have to be as much of a challenge. If you follow the steps properly, then you will see that optimizing the pages can be automatic. For many people out there, this is the main reason for using Elementor.


Using Elementor has become a must for every WordPress page builder. Here, we’ve addressed all the most important reasons why this is the case, and why we think we think that the competition is not nearly as good as this one. We’re sure you will find this insight useful.