6 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Legit and Scam Crypto Poker Sites

Nowadays, many online casino sites have introduced cryptocurrencies for making payments. While playing poker online, you can deposit and withdraw money using virtual assets. You need to make all the transactions by using your digital wallet. But many crypto poker sites can scam you and get all the money from your wallet. You need to stay away from these websites to protect your money.

Many platforms like coinpoker.com are available for playing poker with digital coins. But before you create the account and start playing casino games, you need to differentiate between scams and legit websites. It is a complicated job for beginners but gathering enough information can help you. In the following write-up, we will discuss various ways to distinguish between legit and scam crypto poker sites.

1. Check the Website Thoroughly

Source: websta.me

Before you create an account, you need to check out the website thoroughly. You need to check all the mentioned details, rules, content, contact information, etc., on the site. If everything is mentioned on the site, you can rely on it. In case you do not believe in some terms, you must find another site.

There will be no transparency in the scam ones, and you may not get enough information about the site. You can also message or email using the given details and wait for a response. If you do not get any reply, then it may not be the trustworthy platform you are using.

2. Track Website Creators

You need to explore the details of the website creator. One needs to track their status and know they are dealing with the participants. You can become a member and start playing poker only when you give free bonuses. In the beginning, you should not invest a significant amount in any game, even if you are attracted to the site.

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If you are using a genuine platform, you will get all the creator’s details, and it will help you to believe that you are using a legit website. There is another method to keep in touch with the creators by sending them messages and emails. If you get replies from another end, then you can rely on it. Scam websites can have anonymous creators with no necessary information on the site.

3. Consider Reviews

Source: shoutaboutus.com

Before using any online crypto poker platform, you should read about the reviews. You should know what other people have to say about it. The reviews can help you differentiate between a scam and a legit website. If you find the most negative comments, you can also become a part of a scam when you play poker on that website.

In the case of positive comments, you can gain confidence and try the site for the first time. In the beginning, you should bet a small amount to check the genuineness of the website. If you play on a legit platform, you will get money in your digital wallet. It is okay if you do not care of small amount to try any website.

4. Check the Website URL

Source: angulare.com.br

You can easily differentiate between a scam and legit crypto poker platforms by checking the website URL. You should look for safe and unsafe sites. There is a high scope of scams on unsafe websites. You should always check the lock symbol in the address bar. If there is no lock symbol, then it can be an unsafe site.

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You should not browse them or create your account. After that, you have to check whether the URL has ‘http’ or ‘https’ in the beginning. Without these terms, you may be opening an unsafe website. ‘O’ and ‘0’ are interchangeably used in many phony websites. It is hard to tell the differentiate them.

5. Check the Content on the Website

Whenever you open any website to play poker and use crypto assets for the payment, make sure that you read the mentioned content. You need to check whether cheesy lines attract you to invest less and get more returns. Everyone knows that poker is a skill-based game, and you must know how to play it. You can easily win the game only if you have skills.

The winning amount details must be mentioned for transparency. If any website lacks such transparency, then it can be a scam website. Sometimes, the tricky language is used on various sites, which is completely hard to understand. You can easily ask another person to help you understand the website content.

6. Research Thoroughly

Source: uspokersites.us

Before investing your time and efforts in any poker website, you must research thoroughly. Incomplete research can let you use a scam website, which will let you lose all your money. Therefore, you have to be cautious while doing anything on any site. If you complete your research and gain knowledge about every website you use, there will be less risk of scams.

The thorough research is a time-consuming process. But once you do it, you will get the best platform to play poker and use your digital assets for the payments. The main aim while browsing these sites is to protect your bank account or digital wallets. It is because anyone can steal money from your wallet in an online network.

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The Bottom Line

There are plenty of ways to differentiate between a scam and legit crypto poker sites. You can follow all the mentioned tips and spend some time on research. One needs to know what other gamblers think about a specific platform. You have to make small investments when you are trying any platform for the first time.

It is necessary to read the entire content mentioned on the site and understand what is genuine or not. There are a lot of things that one can do to differentiate between the genuine and the unsafe site. The research process may take time, but it is worth it. Your efforts can protect you from becoming part of the scam and prevent money loss.