What Are The Odds of Winning in Las Vegas Slots?

Las Vegas is the synonym for gambling, which suggests that, if you’re planning on visiting this city of lights, it’ll probably be impossible to avoid going to a casino for an entertaining night out. However, if you’re favorite game is slots, you may be wondering what probability you have of actually winning.

Your chances of being successful will totally rely on the establishment you decide to visit and, of course, the type of machine you opt for using. In most cases, loose slots will provide you with higher odds of success, and to assist you on how you could secure a win – or several of them – here is some information on loose slots, as well as some tips that can help you increase your chances of winning:

Loose Slots: Explained

Source: bestuscasinos.org

Before you take a look at some tips and tricks that can help you increase your chances of winning, you must first learn what loose slots are. To put it as simply as possible, loose slots provide players with a higher RTP than other machines that you can opt for. On average, most establishments in Las Vegas will have an RTP of 91% to 96%, however, others will have games that offer a really high RTP of 97%, which suggests that you could actually earn more money.

In establishments that are extremely popular, you’ll most likely see low RTPs of 85% – or lower. Now, it’s worth mentioning that loose slots won’t secure and guarantee a win for you. Instead, they’ll simply provide you with better odds of winning a round. Because of this, you may want to choose this particular type of machine, simply because, at the end of the night, it could provide you with several victories compared to other slots at famous casinos.

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What Casinos Offer Loose Slots?

Opting for a loose machine can be quite daunting and complicated, mostly because it’ll require more than going to a popular establishment in Las Vegas. To succeed, you’ll have to be both lucky and skillful and since there is no method for you to secure a win, you could at least receive some cash you’ve invested. To make things simpler and easier for you, here are the top three casinos in Las Vegas that all have loose slots:

1. “Luxor Casino & Hotel”
RTP: 91.91%

Source: planetofhotels.com

This is one of the largest establishments in the city and they do offer a wide array of slots that you could decide to play. Hence, if you don’t want to endlessly search for a satisfactory casino with a high RTP, look no further and head to Luxor! There are over a thousand machines in there with denominations going from $0.01, all the way to $100. Some of the machines that you could choose to use include Progressive, Video Poker, Keno, and Video Slots.

2. “Circus Circus”
RTP: 92.6%

Source: kayak.com

Although the RTP for the machines in this place is 92.6%, on average, there is a payout rate of 97.3% as well. Now, you must remember, you’ll require some skills and practice before heading to any casino, thus, it may be best if you first try your luck at online sites such as n1casino.gr. Nonetheless, you could visit three of their casinos, the Main, West, and Slots a Fun. In the main lobby, there are machines that are operated on coins, which could be extra fun to try.

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3. “New York, New York”
RTP: 90.98%

Source: visitlasvegas.com

Lastly, you can choose to visit this particular casino, mostly because it has a wide range – more than 900 – machines that you can enjoy! If you opt for visiting this establishment, rest assured that you’ll have a fun night out, mostly because there are various games that you can try, including Wizard of Oz, Top Dollar, and Megabucks, all of which are incredibly interesting and will provide you with a high RTP during the evening.

Is There Some Advice That Can Help me Win?

Before we conclude this article, there is some advice that we must share, mostly because it’ll assist you with increasing your odds of winning rounds. By following the advice and tricks we’ll mention, you won’t be capable of succeeding, but you’ll also be capable of preventing yourself from going above your funding for the night. Hence, here is our list of the top tips and tricks that you must remember while trying your luck in Las Vegas:

1. The Machines Should Offer a High RTP – this is something that is completely logical because of all the things we’ve written about above, but we still must mention it. You’ll gain better chances of winning if you opt for machines that have high RTPs. Of course, you’ll have to review the low house edge as well (the cash the casino earns from your wagers). The lower the house edge is, the better odds you have at winning.

2. Stick to The Funding You’ve Set – it’s always tempting to chase the cash you’ve lost, yet, this is something that could cause you to lose the money that you cannot afford to spend. Because of this, you must make sure that you set a budget for yourself, and more significantly, you must make sure that you don’t go above it. Naturally, the more you play, the higher odds you’ll get, but, be careful not to go overboard.

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3. Free Spins Are For You to Use – the last tip on our list is that you must take advantage of the free spins delivered by machines. In most cases, each machine will offer you from 7 to 10 free rounds, thus, you should use them! You must keep in mind, other games might offer 20 rounds, hence, when at the establishment, you may wish to check the available games and see how many free spins you’ll get for each of them so that you could boost your probabilities of winning.


If you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas, you must ensure that you head to one of the establishments that’ll provide you with endless hours of fun. However, if you’re also planning on playing slots, you must keep all of the tips we’ve mentioned in mind, mostly because you’ll be capable of improving your chances of succeeding! Since you now know what you must do, don’t lose time, instead, start researching the casinos so that you could learn which ones will provide you with high RTPs.