12 Famous Celebs Who Love Casinos And Gambling

Gambling and online casinos are thriving quickly as more individuals have started to take an interest in various casino games. Casinos have become a typical way for people to earn money by betting on casino game outcomes.

There are different types of casino games, such as poker, slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and many more. There are many people who entered the gambling and casino field after discovering that their favorite celebrities love playing them.

Popular Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling And Casino

Here we have listed some of the popular celebrities in different fields who have a great liking for casino games and gambling.

1. Brad Pitt

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There is no doubt that Brad Pitt is a megastar and made a place on the list of high-end celebrities. Truthfully, Pitt is a serious gambler. In order to get ready for his role in Ocean’s 11, he began gambling and soon found a new interest to spend his leisure time.

He typically favors playing games that call for specific skills and techniques, such as poker and blackjack. He also engages in playing both online and offline slot machines from time to time.

2. Matt Damon

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Aside from being famous, Matt Damon is a skilled blackjack and poker player. His performance in Rounders marked the beginning of everything related to gambling. Matt decided to train under Johnny Chan in order to perform the part as best as he possibly could. Johnny Chan was one of the top professional poker players. Chan taught Matt everything he knew about the game, which he still practices frequently. Matt prefers to gamble at casinos that have a good reputation for giving decent payouts.

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3. Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck, one of Hollywood’s best performers, has established himself as a multifaceted and highly talented performer. He is a skilled poker player as well as an actor, author, and director. Affleck is known for playing poker both casually and competitively. Over the years, his involvement in notable poker tournaments has brought in more than a million dollars.

4. Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is undoubtedly a great basketball player in history and was fiercely competitive both on the court and in the casino. Michael’s gambling activities were recorded, especially given that he made irrational wagers on whatever he could think of. There is a rumor that his gambling obsession was the cause of his initial NBA retirement, although this has not been proven.

5. Paris Hilton

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An internationally renowned celebrity socialite, Paris Hilton. She often visits the capital of casinos worldwide, which is Las Vegas. Hilton gained a victory of $30,000 when visiting Vegas on one of her holidays. She engages in online casino gaming as well. At the age of 19, Hilton began playing stakes underground poker games in New York, which sparked her passion for gambling. This interest grew over time as she began to wager on different games such as roulette wheel and blackjack.

6. Pamela Anderson

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In Baywatch, Pamela Anderson had a significant part, and she frequently appeared in Playboy magazines as well. She admitted outright that she had a gambling obsession. Poker is her favored casino game, and during a session against Rick Solomon, she suffered a loss of over $250,000.

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7. James Wood

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James Wood is another well-known actor who enjoys playing cards. He is a self-described gambler. James was one of the initial prominent persons to genuinely support celebrity poker at the beginning of online casinos. He takes great pride in his love of playing poker. James was also the foremost well-known individual to support Hollywood Poker. If you want to play various types of casino games, make sure to visit here, and you might have a celebrity as your opponent by chance.

8. Jennifer Tilly

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Poker playing is undoubtedly one of Jennifer Tilly’s many abilities. She rose to the top of the female celebrity poker players in the world thanks to her dedication to the game. Numerous competitions, even the World Series of Poker, have been won by Jennifer. She stopped playing poker in the years after those victories, but Jennifer soon resumed and finally gained a victory of approximately $1 million.

9. 50 Cent

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One of the well-known Hip Hop performers to have emerged in the 2000s is Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent. Because of his fame and fortune, he was able to place sizable wagers and indulge in his preferred style of gambling. Curtis James Jackson III is well known for his love of sports wagering. He had some fortunate wins, and his two victories are famous. He wagered $2 million on Floyd Mayweather, defeating Manny Pacquiao, and he won. He also bet on the San Francisco 49ers defeating the New York Giants.

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10. Charles Barkley

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Another basketball player can be found on this list. Charles Barkley has a propensity for diving into casino games. Charles now works as the host of a basketball program aired weekly, where he frequently mentions his gambling tendencies. After leaving basketball, he used up more than $10 million for gambling in casinos.

11. Tobey Maguire

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The primary actor in the movies Seabiscuit and Spiderman was Tobey Maguire. Since he was a teenager, he has spent a lot of time playing poker games. He also took part in a number of exclusive games held in Hollywood. Tobey suffered a loss of a hefty sum of money to Ben Affleck in 2004. However, he did not halt from playing poker ever since. Tobey has had victories at Texas Hold’em tables.

12. George Clooney

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The prominent celebrity of Oceans 11, 12, and 13 was George Clooney, and he performed with Brad Pitt. Clooney is well-known for playing at casinos around the world. He has spent his entire life playing casino games, and he frequently takes part in various gambling events. These games served as the primary motivation and source of inspiration for the hugely successful film Molly’s Game.

Bottom Line

There are many celebrities around the world who love gambling and casino games. Some of them have gained quite a lot of money, while other celebrities have lost significant amounts of money because of gambling and playing games.