Why Are Sailing Holidays Trending?

Sailing holidays are the newest vacation trend that people keep talking about. You have probably heard about it too and may even have somewhat of an idea of what it’s all about. And if you are not familiar with the concept, this article will help clear a few things out. Sailing holidays are basically holidays spent on a yacht and traveling to beautiful destinations. The sense of tranquility and comfort this brings is undeniable.

No matter how stimulating and interesting city life seems, it can never elicit the same tranquility and calmness elicited by the sea. There is no better way to unwind and replenish your batteries than going on a sailing vacation which is exactly why they are trending. Here are some reasons why sailing holidays are trending.


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When we hear about sailing trips or sailing vacations, our mind automatically associates it with luxury and it is true because choosing to go on an island traveling vacation is more luxurious than staying in a hotel room. When you are aboard a private yacht charter, you get to wake up in a new location every day throughout your sailing vacation. We are not suggesting that spending your vacation in the city isn’t interesting; however, going sailing on board a private luxury yacht, with a full crew, a captain, chef, and hostess to care for your vacation needs is far more thrilling and luxurious.

Discover incredible sites

Owning a yacht provides you with complete solitude and an adventure unlike any other resort or cruise liner. Some of nature’s most stunning sights (like sailing around the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia as seen at PlainSailing) may be seen from the porch of the yacht. These beautiful sites are only accessible through sailing trips. The idea of getting to experience breathtaking views and discovering incredible sites is exciting for people which is why more and more people are saving their money to take sailing trips. Enjoying these views with only your family or friends and no other people around is the image everyone has in their minds.

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Value for money

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Boats offer outstanding value for money, which is one of the main reasons people hired them. Since sailing is associated with luxury, people think that it is not affordable which is wrong as it is more affordable to rent a boat or a yacht now more than ever.
Hotels are incredibly expensive during peak seasons. Sailing proves to be substantially less expensive than hotels during peak seasons. It provides you with a unique experience and is worth every money you spend on it.

Tailored to meet specific needs

The best thing about sailing trips is that you are in charge of your vacation. Many sailing vacations can be customized to meet your specific needs. The majority of your needs, including lodging, food, beverages, entertainment, are met. And, since meals and activities are usually the most expensive aspects of a vacation, sailing provides the most comprehensive experience for families looking for a memorable vacation along with the crew of chartered yachts.

Complete Relaxation

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“Traditionally, summer holidays were spent on the beach, all day in the sun with a cold drink and a good book.” It’s still a great pleasure, of course, but we’ve found that more and more people are finding it just as relaxing to rent a bike and ride a bike through the mountains, kayak on the water, or take a long walk Hike to undertake beautiful scenery. Focusing on a more technical activity focuses the mind and allows people to completely separate themselves from everything.

Soulful Experience

The rise of the adventure economy is well documented and has a significant impact on people’s vacations. More and more people want spontaneous and immersive entertainment that expresses something unique about them and that they can share with their friends and followers. An active holiday offers many possibilities for this. It’s less about where you are and more about how you spend your time.

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Amazing Vacation

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In our recent survey, we asked people if they had a hard time committing to what to do while on vacation: Almost 40% of millennials said yes, while only 7% of baby boomers agreed. Not because millennials are naturally selfish, but more because of their perception of my time. When planning your vacation, you shouldn’t have to make any compromises. This is the time to look for the things that interest and excite you the most. An active holiday with varied activities at any time of the day offers a fantastic variety. So you can sunbathe in one minute and windsurf in the next.

Outdoor Sports

Every year, more than 8.5 million people go outside to exercise for good reason. Outdoor activities improve mental health significantly more than indoor activities. Outdoor exercise, especially ocean activities, can improve mood, self-esteem, and energy levels by making you feel more connected to nature, purifying the air, and providing a significant boost of vitamin D. A vacation on the beach. With a wide variety of activities at sea, this is the ideal setting for it!

Find your own thing

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There are both physical and mental benefits in learning a new skill or reviving a passion for an active hobby that you once loved. It takes us back to our childhood when we were constantly learning new things. A study we conducted in 2016 found that people who tried a new activity felt more excited, proud, and confident. An active vacation takes you away from your familiar surroundings while also providing the time and space to try something new, to exercise, to stimulate the brain, and learn new physical activities away from the daily pressures and obligations that can get in the way at home.

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To new heights

Vacation is and should not be a disconnection from everyday life, just as learning a new skill is not limited to work. New skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

Be Conscientious

Many people know that exercise produces “happiness hormones” known as endorphins that reduce stress and induce positive emotions. However, participation in physical activities for mental wellbeing has additional benefits. Ultimately, the brain is like a muscle that needs to be trained to stay fit. New experiences are essential for spiritual growth and the brain thrives on stimulation; it grows with use and dries up with inactivity.

So these are the things that make sailing holidays in trend these days. If you are planning to visit for sail holidays then you must definitely give it a try.